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What Destroys us is more of self (the selfishness)

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In life and death the thing that it most tells us is how much selfish we are. Whe my grandmother passed away I began to remmeber the many opportunitites I had to just sit and talk to her but i chose to spend doing the things that were more fun, or more interesting and I missed some great momemts to hear her voice and enjoy her presence.
The same happens when we get married. marriage has a way to expose our selfishness. We suddenly have to give up some our dreams and personal goal for the sake of hte welbeing of us as a couple.
Children is no different. I try to imagine. What if I lost my son, would I look back and just wish I had spent more time with him? Sometimes we don’t realize that sickness and hurting is the only thing that grounds us to one another and we wonder why it hurts when we are stuck in a house with our loved one who are sick and needs care. Be thankful becuase two things are happening, one you are getting to experience time with the ones you love, and two, God is working in you selfishness, which is the very thing that destroys you.
Selfishness is like a cancer.
Calamity, Darkness, and evil are the purifiers of our soul. It forces us to test the streght of that on which we lean on. Life has a gracious but sometimes rough way of reminding us that it is not about what we think it is. It’s more, much more.
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