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Mark (32)

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Introduction: Today we have the joy of wrapping up this series through the gospel of Mark. As we begin I want to spend just a few minutes focusing on the peculiar ending we find in verses 9-20. How did it get here? Most likely a scribal addition to try to provide a more detailed ending to the abrupt ending of Mark, using other New testament Scriptures.
Transition: Read text and pray.

The Resurrection

Evidence that Jesus was truly the Son of God. The key motive of Mark to identify Jesus.
Women were concerned, encountered an angel, and commissioned.
Are we convinced? Do we understand the essential importance of the resurrection? (I Cor 15)

The Response

Amazed, astonished, afraid.
Summary of another major theme in Mark. Seeing the response of everyone who came in contact with Jesus the Son of God. They were amazed. (Walk through the book pointing out the passages.)
Where is the wonder of Christ in the Church? Are we amazed with the Son of God? It’s no wonder that our obedience is small when our amazement of Christ is small. Little Jesus, little love. We have small faith because the version of Christ we are trusting in is very small.
Illustration: There is a story about a man who visited the grand canyon. When his eyes first observed the expanse and beauty of the canyon his heart leaped with astonishment. Over the years he continued visiting the canyon at different places and during every season throughout the year. He became quite an expert in Canyon life and even published some books on navigating and enjoying the Canyon. However, as the years passed by and he grew more and more familiar with the Canyon his senses started to dull. The grandeur and expanse of the canyon started to fade from his heart. He was able to look at it and maintain his heart rate. He could look upon the vastness of the Canyon and not have his breath taken away.
Sadly, this is how it is with much of Christ’s church. Jesus isn’t amazing. We do not stand in awe and fear of our amazing King. The Son of God remains in His everlasting beauty, but our hearts have dulled with and become attached to other lesser beauties.
The Christ presented in the gospel of Mark is amazing. But don't just stand with awe, trust Him, worship Him, obey Him, make Him known. Remain in a constant uproar of faith that bubbles out like a wellspring of life and joy. He is the amazing Son of God, worthy of all our trust and devotion.

Am I full amazement concerning Jesus Christ, the Son of God? Trust Him.

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