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Keep The Sabbath (2)

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Keep the Sabbath | Healthy Habit or Holy Destination?

Chic-fila. I want you all to use your imagination with me. You are on a road trip. Your in the car maybe with some of your friends or your family. Everyone is really hungry. A sign comes up that says Chic-fila next exit. You pull off the highway. You roll up to the Chic-fila. Guess what it is your lucky day. There is no line! You come up to the drive through to make your order. and friends, this is ware I have to tell you so you can share in my embarassment. This is a true story. This actually happened to me. A girl pulls up next to me in her car and goes, “um there closed on Sundays...” OH! Not only was I sitting outside a closed restaurant. Not only did I have to the drive of shame. I had to get confronted about it. Friends if you ever see someone at the chicfila drive up on a Sunday just let them sit there a little longer. they will figure it out.
Before I dawg on chic-fila I love that they take Sundays off. Any company that wants to do that and encourage the worship of God I fully stand behind that decision. That is a really good thing. At the same time. If Chic-fila existed in OT Israel they would get the death penalty for working on the sabbath. Because the sabbath is Saturday and not Sunday.
Thesis: What purpose does the Sabbath have for Christians? It is a reminder that Christians must enter Christ’s rest (finished work) through faith.
My goal today is to get you all to stop working… entirely.

Point 1. God gives rest.

The Sabbath first appears in Exodus 16 (not 20 where the 10 commandments are given). It is called a gift. Interestingly enough when God created man and put him in the garden, man did not have to create nor build the garden. He simply had to “keep” it. God sanctified the 7th day (Saturday) and rested and refreshed himself. Man was made to enjoy God’s finished work.
But things didn’t go quite as planned. Man sinned.

Point 2. Rest is a sign of redemption.

Deut 5 is actually critical in or understanding of the Old Testament purpose of the Sabbath!
Old Testament Law.

Point 3. Christ is resting.

There is a work you must stop doing. Cease.
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