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Teaching Faithful Men

2 Timothy: Passing on an Entrusted Faith, 2 Timothy 2:2  •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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Teaching faithful men is the responsiblitiy of those entrusted with the Faith.



As we have already observed in 2 Timothy, God has given us a sacred trust, the gospel, and we are to use it, preserve it, and pass it on. We saw last week that there are those who live courageously for the gospel, and those who fall away. Those who are part of God’s hall of fame, and those who are part of God’s hall of shame. It has always been God’s intention that as each generation of His people come on to the scene, they are to be faithful in God’s calling and then past the baton onto the next generation before they are called away. In this passage for this evening, we hear the urgency of the apostle as he is about to pass off the scene, to Teach Faithful Men, and challenge them in the realities of life in the world as a faithful man of God.

Text: 2 Timothy 2:1-7

Main Idea: Since we have been a sacred trust, we must pass that trust on to faithful men who are capable of doing the same.

1. Teach Faithful Men (vv. 1-2)

a) Faithful Men are entrusted with the sacred Word

b) Faithful Men are able to teach others the sacred Word

2. Prepare Faithful Men (3-6)

a) Suffer and live to please Christ as good soldier

b) Complete according to the rules to be a crowned athlete

c) Work hard as farmer in order to share first in the harvest

3. Resource Faithful Men (vv. 1a, 7)

a) Resource of Christ’s strengthening grace (1a)

b) Resource of the Lord’s understanding (v. 7)

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