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Are We Teachable?

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Sometimes pilots can become disoriented when flying upside down an when they think they are pulling up they crash the plan into the ground. Dallas Willard proposes that life outside the Kingdom is like flying a plane upside down, while we think we are flying rightside up. It's a dangerous distortion of reality. The world that we consider to be the "real world" actually disorients the life God intends us to have inside the Kingdom. Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount teaches us how to fly through this life rightside up instead of upside down. Do you want to live your life rightside up instead of Upside down?Jesus says we can go through this life rightside up and he will teach us how to do that. The question is: are we teachable?

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Now when Jesus saw the crowds he went up on a Mountainside and set down. His disciples came to him. And he began. To teach them. This is the question before us today. Jesus went up on the mountain. Set down and his disciples came to them came to him and he began to teach them.

Are we? as Jesus's disciples teachable

Dallas Willard says that when we are racing through life living according to these this world values. We're like zooming through life like a pilot that is flying upside down. Because the values of this world distort. The way God intended for us to live in this life and you noticed those Pilots were very skilled.

They were able to write themselves and then pull up and come out of danger. But that's not the case with everybody. There are some pilots who when they get upside down they get disoriented because they're not paying attention to the instruments and when they think they're going up there actually going down in that crash and Willard suggest that that's what can happen to us when we're moving through this life at rapid Pace living according to the values of this world. We're flying upside down and we may not even realize we're flying upside down. But when we come to Jesus when we come to Jesus and his teachings on The Sermon on the Mount and most first of all his teachings in the beatitude Jesus teaches us how to fly through this world right side up. Living according to God's values the way God designed us to live. So are we teachable in order to be teachable? We have to be ready to learn.

Some of you know that my undergraduate degree is in music education. when I was in college doing music education Back when we still had to carve our instruments out of wood.

Readiness was a big deal. We talked about it a lot. How do you create Readiness in your students to learn? And every lesson plan had to have a Readiness strategy at the beginning to prepare your students for what was coming in that lesson and it had to have a Readiness strategy at the end to prepare your students for what was coming.

This whole video that I just did in the commentary was an exercise in Reading trying to get us ready for this sermon ready to engage that question. Are we teachable? And in fact this whole sermon is an exercise in Readiness trying to get us ready? to engage with Jesus in his teachings on The Sermon on the Mount and first of all with the Beatitudes Matthew is a master teacher because he used his first four chapters to get us ready to hear. Jesus's teachings In chapters 1 & 2 Matthew shows us how Jesus fulfills all the Old Testament prophecies. concerning the Messiah and one who would come as a misfire from the lineage of King David and would stay there people save his people from their sins in chapter 3 John the Baptist the Royal Herald calls the people to repent to prepare themselves to give me for the Kingdom of Heaven is near A Godfather affirms that Jesus is no mere human Messiah. But that she is the very Son of God. Then in chapter for Jesus himself.

Defeat Satan's Temptations, turn them upside down and demonstrates his power over Satan and all the evil powers of this world and Jesus Takes up John the Baptist cry repeat prepare yourselves get ready for the kingdom is near it is near in the sense that it is. So close. You can reach out and touch it. It is here because Jesus is the embodiment of the Kingdom.

A Jesus calls his disciples to follow him and they drop everything. To go and be with Jesus. And Jesus demonstrates the liberating power of the Kingdom as he teaches and preaches and heals every kind of sickness. Now that we know the Jesus is the Messiah Jesus is the son of God Jesus is Lord over all the powers of darkness and Evil. Now that we know the Jesus called people to follow him and they are compelled to leave everything to do so. now that we know that Jesus has both power and compassion to heal his people in body and in

Now that we have received the witness of Matthew regarding all of these things. We should be ready. to learn ready to hear the teaching of Our Lord

Are we? teachable

my experience limited as it is in formal teaching is that No amount of skill. by teacher to create Readiness to learn can make a person. teachable

In order to be teachable. We must be ready to learn. We must be willing to learn. And we must be active. in acquiring knowledge and apply that knowledge. That's when we are teachable. As we approach the mountain to hear Jesus preach. antique are we teaching? Are we ready to learn from Jesus's specific teaching in the sermon of the mount are we willing to learn?

From Jesus's specific teaching on the sermon of the mount and are we willing to invest ourselves? in acquiring and apply

What we learn?

Would we for example be willing to commit ourselves to being present for worship in either in person or online through the end of August August 30th? So that we might let Jesus teach us about the life in the Kingdom that is available to us in the Here and Now.

since we're streaming we can gather together the congregation anywhere in the world even when you're on vacation. You continue to write in here and be a part of our worship together. Would we be willing to invest that?

In hearing what Jesus has to say to us? What hinders our From being excited to learn from Jesus from making that commitment to invest ourselves. learning about Jesus I'm just going to mention two things. This is certainly not exhaustive but two things.

But I deal with it maybe you didn't wish to the first is just a complete misunderstanding of the Beatitudes.

Just be honest with you that for most of my life. The Beatitudes were depressing to me.

Because I presented a standard I knew I could never achieve.

And they were taught the whole orange part as this is something you must achieve.

Kingdom Bob works

But I hope that we see as we move through this that that's the wrong perspective.

the Beatitudes or actually Kingdom by grace. It is what it is the life that is available to us in Christ Jesus.

His his child in the here and now so that we walked through this life as Jesus walked through this why. It changes everything becomes exciting.

The second thing and I'm going to spend some time on this because it's a huge issue. I think for all of us as Christians and for the church. Is that we just misunderstand Jesus?

specifically We don't. Believe that Jesus is competent. the deal with our real life issues I'm going to read you some passages from Dallas Willard book The Divine, Divine conspiracy highly recommended. I'm going to read them to you because he gets to the heart of the problem and I can't say it better. But please listen.

Willard sis

very few people today find Jesus interesting as a person. Or a Bible relevance to the course of their actual eyes. He is not generally regarded as a real life personality who deals with real life issues, but thought to be concerned with some three Realm. other than the one we must deal with and must deal with now. and frankly He's not taken. To be a person of much ability. The failure to understand Jesus and his words as reality and Vital Information Vital Information not optional information about life. that explains that explains why today we do not routinely teach those who profess allegiance to him how to do what he has said is best.

Whatever the ultimate explanation of it the most telling thing about the contemporary Christian is that he or she simply has no compelling sense? Text understanding of and Conformity with the clear teachings of Christ is of any vital importance to his or her life and certainly not that it is in any way essential.

More than any other single thing. In any case the Practical irrelevance of actual obedience to Christ accounts for the weekend effect of Christianity in the world today. And just increasing tendency to emphasize political and social action as the primary ways to serve God. It also accounts for the Practical erupt irrelevance of the Christian faith. Two individual character development and overall personal sanity. and well-being

and the final Passage

our commitment to Jesus can stand on no other Foundation than the recognition that Jesus is the one who knows the truth about our lives and our universe. It is not possible to trust Jesus or anyone else in matters where we do not believe him to be confident.

We cannot pray for his help and rely on his collaboration in dealing with real life matters. We suspect might defeat his knowledge or abilities.

And can we seriously imagine that Jesus could be Lord if he were not smart.

If he were to sign would he be dumb?

or onion

once you stop to think about it, how could Jesus be what we take him to be in all other respects and not be the best informed the most intelligent person of all the smartest person who ever lived. That's exactly how his earliest apprentices in Kingdom living thought of him. The biblical and continuing vision of Jesus was of one who made all of reality and kept it working. Literally holding it all together Colossians 1:17. And today we think people are smart. Who make light bulbs in computer chips and Rockets out of stuff already provided. Jesus made the Steiff If we're honest most of us including myself

find ourselves behaving from time to time as if Jesus is not competent. to deal with lice real issues That's why we eagerly turn to those this world deems as quote experts. For the quote real answers to our problems. Are we teachable? Are we willing to admit and repent of the fact that our misunderstanding about Jesus and his teachings keep us from being excited and eager to learn? from him

what was in Jesus's heart? When he saw the crowds Matthew 9:36 tells us. When he saw the crowds he had compassion on them. Because they were harassed and helpless. Like sheep without a shepherd.

When Jesus went up on the mountain, he said down his disciples came to him and he began to teach them. Where am I? in the story

am I willing to accept the Teaching Ministry of Jesus as a Ministry of compassion to me?

and to our church family

Can I see myself as one who needs the compassion of Jesus? Can I see our church family as a family that needs the compassion of Jesus?

In what ways would I describe myself? as harassed

in what ways would I describe myself as helpless?

How does it make me feel? Ted meant that I am helpless How might things change? If I come to Jesus.

And allow him to teach me.

Jesus wants to be our Good Shepherd. Jesus wants to use his ride to beat back every demonic play Titanic evil force that harasses us. Jesus wants to use his staff to guide us along safe and secure path so that we are no longer helpless, but that we are held by the compassion. Eldar Good Shepherd Would Jesus goes on the mountain and he sits down to teach does my heart burn to follow him there?

Owen the time of Miracles is over.

Do I lose interest?

Now I gather up my things. And start my journey back home.

Back to the way things have always been. back to the way

things will always be.

or to the contrary

when I do I make my way up the mountain. sensing that something miraculous something shilling is available to me. In the teaching of my Lord Jesus waited for his disciples to come to him before he began to teach Jesus did not teach the crowd. The crowd was blessed the over here. the teaching Jesus taught his disciples those who were committed to following him those who were eager to receive his teaching. Are we willing to assume our responsibility for being blessed by Jesus? The requirement is that we must come to him. Not just for salvation. But we certainly need to come to Jesus for salvation. But we need to come to Jesus to learn how to walk through this life right side up and not upside down.

If we will not come.

to be taught by Jesus

we will not be talked. If we will not huh?

We will not be healed. If we will we will not be born. As we approach the mountain. Where Jesus ways to teach what it means to be blessed in the Kingdom of God in the here and now yes in gone, but also here and now when we need it.

Where we come to Jesus where we think the eager to hang on his every word we teachable.

And now my brothers and sisters. I have the privilege of declaring to you the good news of the Kingdom the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ if we will come. Yes, we will be taught Jesus promises. Come to me all you who are weary and burdened Jesus give you rest.

Let the little children come to me. the Jesus Children do not hinder them for the kingdom of God Belongs to You Zachary. the kingdom of God Belongs to You Raleigh let the little children come.

Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will never pass away

as for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice. I will show you what they are like

They are like a man building a house who dug down deep and laid foundation on Rock when the flood came when the toilets truck that he could not shake it because it was well could not be shaken. something wrong about that sentence the Taurus truck that house but could not shake it. Yes, because it was well-built.

What is the flood is coming against you? What is the torrent The discovering against you? What is the flood is coming against our nation? If we the people of God would dig deep. Dig down deep layer foundation on the word of Jesus Christ on his teaching and on his life in US. It doesn't matter what happened. We don't need

where do I live?

Who is Stan on the phone Rock? We will not be shaken.

The spirit gives life. The flesh counts for nothing the words I have spoken to you. They are full of life of the spirit and life.

All those the father gives me will come to me and whoever comes to me. I will never drive them away.

No one can come to me unless the father who sent me draws them and I will raise them up. On the last day. This is the good news of the Kingdom. This is the gospel. This is what is available to us. All these precious promises are ours. When we come to Jesus. And allow him. To teaches how to walk through this world. right side

Let's pray.

Father we thank you. That you love us so much that you don't leave us wondering what we should do and how we should do it. But you teaches through your word and you give us your precious. Holy spirit that lives in us to lead us and guide us in the past and right past your name say Lord as we approach. The Sermon on the Mount in these Beatitudes Lord make a speech let us be willing to receive them as The Treasure of all wisdom everything we need. To walk rightly in this world.

That's what we asked for. In Jesus name amen.

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