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Romans 5:1-11 (Part 6)

Pastor Scott Hedge
Romans   •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  52:23
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§ The inventory of grace--5:1-5

§ The exhibition of grace--5:6-8

§ The implications of grace--5:9-11

The love of God--5:5

§ Shed abroad--poured out

§ Perfect tense--completed action with abiding results

§ Passive voice--you were acted upon (you didn’t do anything)

The Holy Spirit given--5:5b

§ Something about His presence

§ Something about His absence

The exhibition of grace--5:6-8

§ The purpose of 5:6-8--to cause us to focus on God’s love

§ Our qualities--vv. 6, 8, 10

o Without strength

o Ungodly

o Sinners

o Enemies


§ Christ died for enemies.

§ The demonstration of God’s love is a NOW reality.

§ The love spoken of in Romans 5:5 is beyond comprehension.

§ The most profound truth is found in the simple word “for.”

§ What is required in light of this?--utter devotion to the Lord.

Implications of grace--5:9-11

§ The perspective

§ The logic

§ The words

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