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Scriptural Background for Reconciliation

Dr. Jeff Lunn
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Scriptural Background for Reconciliation

1 Samuel 16:7

Samuel was a man of God, plain and simple. No question of his devotion to God. However, when God had him anoint a king over Israel, Samuel revealed his personal bias for what a king should look like. You and I have our preferences and bias for what we think godly people whom God uses must look like. Admit it. You may even want to write down those qualities, if you can be that honest with yourself. God then gives Samuel the revelation recorded in the above verse. Do not look on the outside, but on the inside of a person to see what God sees. Genesis established that all people are created as image-bearers of God. That is enough to give every singe human great value. However, now we must train ourselves to look at the inside of a person to see what God sees. Those insides do not need to agree with you on every point, but certainly you must agree on the Gospel and the ultimate authority of God over our lives. "God looks on the heart."

Acts 14:2

We jump to the New Testament book of Acts to watch the first century church reconcile Jewish and Gentile believers. People on both sides tried to "stir up" their audience to stereotype and reject the other party. God was nowhere in that! The early believers had to be on constant guard against being sucked into this kind of rhetoric.

Romans 3:29

Let's apply this verse to our day, rather than a debate between Jew and Gentile. What if we replaced the word, "Whites" for Jews, and "Blacks" for Gentiles, or vice versa? What would be Paul's/God's appeal to us?

Galatians 3:28

What was Paul/God saying? Obviously, there were Jews, Greeks, slaves, freemen, males, and females existing at the time of writing. The point is that in God's kingdom, there is unity; there is union; there is oneness IN CHRIST. When we begin to think about and deal with reconciliation and unifying black and white Christians, we MUST view each other through Jesus-glasses. We must see JESUS in each other, and love Him!

John 13:34-35

You cannot be a Jesus-follower and NOT love people; fellow believers. Period. Many have tried it. They only fool themselves and their endorsers. Our Lord Jesus sees right through it, and does not receive such tainted followship. We are "commanded" to love one another "just as" Jesus loves us. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

2 Corinthians 5:16-20

Not only did Jesus bring us (reconcile us) to God, but we are to engage in trying to bring people to God by telling them the Gospel. We must never lose sight of our "command" to bring folks to Christ. Not only did Jesus bring us to God, but He brings His followers, Jews and Gentiles, together as one in Him.

How to Use These Truths:

Regularly review them, lest you forget and slide back to "your old ways/thoughts".

Share these verses/truths with people around you and share how you are going to be allowing Jesus to transform your vision, attitudes, and actions.

Pray for God to help you be a part of reconciling with people of another ethic group.

Schedule regular time getting to know people of another ethnic group.

Allow yourself to love people from another ethnic group.

That will be a good start.

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