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6-21-20 Who Is God

1 Kings  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  31:11
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1 Kings 18 – “Who is God?”

Can’t Mix

The people were trying to mix worshipping the Lord and Baal.

Our culture today does this same mixing by self-defining truth.

If you are mixing God and an idol, then God isn’t your God.

Choose Between Two Options

Elijah was telling them to choose between the two because they could not have both.

The name Baal means Lord and that is not a shared position.

Following Jesus is always exclusive.

If you choose to add anything else, you have chosen an idol.

Jesus is the Way

Elijah issued a challenge to show what the choice should be.

The contest shows that Baal was a complete failure (vs25-29)

God proved in this challenge (vs36-38) and ultimately through Jesus’ resurrection that He alone is God.

God has made it clear that the only real choice is to follow Him.

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