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Heart Faith

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Is your faith a heart faith?


Confidence in faith

“Let us cross over…”;
He knew that they would make it to the other side;
The disciples had no fears, at that moment – they had trust in Jesus.

Confidence in trust

He had such faith and trust in God that He went to sleep;
However, even with His trust a storm still came to the lake;
Storms will come and go – the issue is our action during a storm.

Faith Shaken

The storm had shaken their faith in Jesus;
Storms like this would have been common on the sea in Galilee;
The water was pounding the sides and filling the boat;
They lost their trust and faith in the One that was win the boat with them;
However, Jesus never lost sight of who He was and Who He trusted – He revealed it to them;
He calmed the sea with His words;
He can calm your storm today.

Faith Questioned

Look at verse (25) But He said to them, “Where is your faith?”;
Do we allow our faith to waiver;
Do we allow our belief to shake;
Do we allow our trust to weaken?
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