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Isaiah’s Suffering Servant - Part 2

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Easter 2020  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  49:01
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In part two of this series, Pastor address the question of the identity of the Suffering Servant. We will see that the suffering servant is both God and man, and comes to save! But will be rejected by many.

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By way of introduction. We are in our our Easter sermon series looking at Isaiah's suffering servant last week. We did an introduction in this week. We're looking at the identity who is the servant but let me remind you of what went on last week and last week we had an introduction really to the book of Isaiah. We talked about the theme of Isaiah being that God is the Glorious figure at the center of all reality. We focused in and Isaiah 40 through 55 the section of Isaiah. We're all of the sermon songs.

Ochre and we see that in this section Isaiah 40 through 55 the glory of God shall be revealed. And so really the suffering servant pertains to the revelation of the glory of God, which is interesting. The service songs are four songs, which reveal that the servant will establish justice through salvation both for Israel and for the world and that this will be achieved through his own substitutionary sacrifice. And so last week we looked at Isaiah 52 verses 13 through 15 specific specifically and we consider the fact that we are to see the success of the servant through suffering to Salvation. Cancel this week. The main idea is that the suffering servant is both God and man and comes to save but he will be rejected by many again. Let me say that the main idea of these three versus The Suffering servant is God and man and comes to save but he will be rejected by many their form response to that. We must rightly perceive the servant for who he is and truly receive the servant and all that he has done and so let's read Isaiah 52 verses 13 through 5312 the entire servants song keeping in mind that is worse as 1 2 3 that we're going to look at today. Isaiah 52:13 through 53:12 Behold, my servant shall act wisely. He shall be high and lifted up and she'll be exalted as many were astonished that you his appearance was so marred beyond human semblance and is formed beyond that of the children of mankind. So shall he sprinkle many nations can shut their mouths because of him for that which has not been told them they seat and that which they have not heard they understand. Who has believed what he has heard from us and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed for he grew up before him like a young plant and like a root out of dry ground. He had no form or Majesty that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by Men A Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief and is one from whom men hide their faces. He was despised and we esteemed him. Not surely. He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. Yeah. We esteemed him stricken Smitten by God and Afflicted but he was pierced for our transgressions. He was crushed for our iniquities upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace and with his wounds. We are healed all we like sheep have gone astray. We have turned everyone to his own way and the lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and he was afflicted Yeti opened not his mouth like a land that is led to the slaughter and like sheep that before it's years is silent. So he opened not his mouth by oppression and judgment. He was taken away and asked for his generation who considered that he was cut off out of the land of the living stricken for the transgressions of my people and they made him his grave with the wicked and with a rich man in his death, although you done no violence, and there was no deceit in his mouth. Yet it was the will of the Lord to crush him. He is put into grief when its Soul makes an offering for guilty shall see his offspring he shall prolong his days the will of the Lord shall prosper in his hand over his soul. He shall see and be satisfied by his knowledge. Shall the righteous one my servant make many to be accounted righteous.

And he shall bear their iniquities. Therefore. I will divide him a portion with the many and he shall divide the spoil with the strong because he poured out his soul to death and was numbered with the transgressors yeti bore the sins of many and makes intercession for the transgressions. So let me repeat the three verses that were focusing on today, which is worse 1 through 3 and chapter 53 who has believed what he has heard from us and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed for he grew up before him like a young plant and like a root out of dry ground. He had no former Majesty that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by Men A Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief and is one from whom men hide their faces. He was despised and we esteemed him not Let's pray father God. We thank you for your word. We thank you Father God for this Servant Song that we find and Isaiah and what it teaches us about your son the suffering servant. I pray father God that you by your spirit would illuminate this word to us this morning as we consider it that we would understand it with our minds and embrace it with our hearts knowing that as we do so it will change us we will live differently as a result. I pray for your help Father God help me to communicate in a way that's faithful in a way that's accurate. No way that help I pray this in Christ name. Amen. So let's start this morning looking. At this tax by answering a question. What kind of servant is he were talking about the identity of the servant we need to learn about the servant the first two verse help us out here who has believed what he has heard from us and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed for he grew up before him like a young plant and like a root out of dry ground we can we can learn what kind of servant he is in these first couple of verses this phrase to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed is clearly referring to the servant and it indicates that the servant is connected to God in a unique way. Matter fact, I'm going to look at this more in-depth in a moment, but the phrase indicates that the servant has a measure of divinity. the dead that he is connected to God in a way that many aren't and so he is a serving if we're talking or what kind of a servant is he he is a servant that has the marks of divinity or deity. We also read that he that is the servant grew up before him. That is God like a young plant it so we see that he is distinct from God. We understand from these verses that he is a human and that he grows and matures as a human would this couldn't be said about God as the Israelites understood him at the time. He had human ancestor. That is he had routes to whom he was connected and so as we think about this question, what kind of servant is he? He is a human servant. One more word helps us maybe to wrestle with these ideas and that's the word revealed. You see he is not your Ordinary Servant. He is a human connected to Daddy in a way that is not entirely clear just yet or perhaps that's the way the reason why this servant and an understanding of his servant can only come by Revelation regular accumulation of facts will not make him understandable to people it has to be revealed. And so we're going to look at these three verses and understand this serving better. And I think we'll start with this first question. What does his divinity or what does his daddy look like I said did this phrase the arm of the Lord which refers to the servant is an indication that he is connected to Daddy. He is connected to Divinity and a special sort of way. Well, let's look at this idea of the arm of the Lord and now the idea of the the arm or a person's arm denoting strength is well known in our day my biological father. I remember when I was very young. I used to say to me and I got a backup to give this demonstration. He would say I want to introduce you to two people you would say this is thunder and this is lightning and then he'd move up closer and get right in their faces and he said you know what this is you say this is 6 weeks in the hospital. This is sudden death. And so he would use that to sort of describe and indicate that our arms represent our strength. Well, this is true in the case of the arm of the Lord the reference to the serve and being the arm of the Lord speaks to his strength, but it it speaks to more than that. It's Next to his connection to the Divine his connection to gaiety and how we're going to consider. This is by doing a quick biblical Theology of the idea of the arm of the Lord. This will help us understand how the servant is connected to God. If you remember back a couple Sundays ago and Andrew naselli preach the Sunday after kaporis. He did a Biblical theology on the serpent. He he looked through scripture to what it said about the serpent what we're going to do the same quickly this morning about the arm of the Lord so that we can better understand who the servant is it. So we're going to look at the arm of the Lord as it comes to us in the law to Penacook and in the wisdom writings and in the prophets, Other language of the Lord's arm begins with his deliverance from his people from Egypt as it's described in the lot in the pentateuch. We read an Exodus chapter 3 verses 19 through 19 through 20, but I know that the king of Egypt will not let you go unless compelled by a mighty hand. So I will stretch out my hand and we'll strike Egypt with all the Wonders that I will do it after that. He will let you go. So so referring and got talking about his hand, but then an exodus 6:6 speaking of the same thing. We read stay there for the people of Israel in the Lord and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians and I will deliver You From Slavery to them and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great acts of judgment from these two uses and exodus and there are more it seems right that we see God's hand working in coordination with his arm. I think that intuitively makes sense to us and that these things his hand in his arm affect salvation and judgment and Deuteronomy. We see that strength and power of God's arm and his hand are emphasized Deuteronomy 9 26 and 29 and I pray to the Lord O Lord God. Do not destroy your people in your heritage. We Live redeem through your greatness and you have brought out of Egypt with a mighty hand, but they're your people in your heritage. Jimmy were brought out by your great power. And by your outstretched arm or Deuteronomy 26 verse 8 and the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm with great Deeds of hair with signs and wonder now there are more references to God's arm in the law. But already we can see that the arm of the Lord indicates God's powerful working of Salvation and judgment. We see in the wisdom literature as we move out of the pentateuch specifically in the Psalms a continual reference to the arm and the Hand of the Lord as it works salvation and work judging judgment in regards to the Exodus. This happens in many different places in the songs, but let me just read from Psalm 44 verses 1 through 3. Oh God, we have heard with our ears. Our fathers have told us what deed you performed in their days in the days of old you with your own hand drove out the nation's but then you planted you Afflicted the people's but then you said free or Not by their own sore. Did they win the land nor did their own arm save them but your right hand and your arm and the light of your face for you to light it in them. So now we seeing the song again this talk about the arm of the Lord in the hand of the Lord and how it stays and delivers the Israelites from The Exodus now even moving into the promised land and their many more examples like this in the Psalms of the motif however continues on into the profits particularly in the Major Prophets. The prophets expand the idea of the arm of the Lord by including his Great and Powerful work of creation as well as focusing on salvation particularly end times salvation before we get to Isaiah. We can find the arm of the Lord and Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter 27 verse 5 where we read it is I who but my great power and my outstretched arm made the Earth with the men and animals that are on the earth and I give it to whomever it seems right to me. So we see the arm of the Lord working and Creation in a powerful way or Jeremiah 32 verse 17 and 21 all Lord God it is you who have made the heavens and the Earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. You bought your People Israel out of the land of Egypt with signs and wonders with a strong hand and an outstretched arm and with great Terror I said we see in the province and it happens in Ezekiel to the arm of the Lord again being his working of Salvation and judgment and creation and Powerful ways. And then we get to Isaiah and Isaiah really moves the idea of Salvation to the Forefront. And he speaks of the arm of the Lord and numerous places depending on how you count or at least 12 instances where the arm of the Lord is mentioned in Isaiah. Let me give them to you quickly. Chapter 30 verse 30 and 32 chapter 33 verse 2 chapter 40 verse 10 and 11 chapter 48th verse 14 chapter 51 verses 5 and 9 chapter 52 verse 10 chapter 53 verse 1 chapter 59 verse 16 chapter 63 verse 5 and chapter 63 verse 12 beginning and Isaiah 30 God's promise of redemption is affected by his strong arm. Let me read Isaiah 30 vs 29 through 32, or we can see this clearly. We read you shall have a song as in the night when a holy Feast is kept and gladness of heart is when one sets out to the sound of the flu to go to the mountain of the Lord to the rock of Israel and the Lord will cause his Majestic voice to be heard and the descending blow of his arm to be seen in Furious anger in a flame a devouring fire with a cloudburst in storm and hail storms storms. The Assyrians will be terrorists Rick and of the voice of the Lord when he strikes with his rod and every stroke of the appointed stop of the Lord lays on them will be to the sound of tambourines and Liars battling with brandished armed. He will fight with them until we see and Isaiah the arm of the Lord continues. It's a it's a motive. It's a theme it's a it's a metaphor. It's an image in a symbol of God working salvation and judgement. What was one of the interesting things about Isaiah we see that the arm of the Lord becomes more than a metaphor or a symbol or motif? The arm of the Lord has become a fixture and Israel's hope of redemption but it becomes more than just figurative language and we could say that we read and Isaiah 40 verse 10 these words Behold The Lord comes with might and his arm rules for him behold the Lord comes with Mike and his arms rule for him. The language seems to suggest that the arm of the Lord has its own personhood behold. The Lord comes with might and his arm rules for him. It seems to distinguish the Lord from his arm for his arm rules, but it's for him for God that is armed rules. Now. This sort of curious phrasing is interesting phrasing seems to create a personal space between the arm of the Lord and God. It's still God's arm and yet there's a distinction made here and it's the station that I think we're seeing is that indeed the servant Christ is the arm of the Lord Isaiah 53, which were in now for tells of the service whose body would be offered up as a sacrifice to pay the penalty of sin for his people and specifically Isaiah 53:1 tells us that the arm of the Lord is a person. Who can be revealed in that person is the one we're referring to as the suffering servant this servant has all of God's strength and all of God's power the servant judges. The servant will bring Salvation to God's people. So what then is the service connection to Divinity? How does he have the characteristics of daddy? There is no other explanation except that he is God and that he's also distinct from God because he is a man he is God's agent of Salvation and Redemption and judgment. He is the servant he is Jesus Christ the arm of the Lord. This continues not as strongly but it can continues into the New Testament. Let me just give you one place where the arm of the Lord is referred to that. We've looked at this before many months ago in the Gospel of Luke Luke chapter 1 verses 46 through 55:8 group of horse is known as The Magnificat. Mary has gone to be with her cousin Elizabeth and she sings this song and listen for the the reference to the arm of the Lord a song which she is singing about becoming pregnant with the Savior who got his son buried starting verse 46 and Mary said my soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my savior for his looked on the humble estate of his servant for behold from now on all generations will call me blessed for he who is mighty has done great things for me and holy is his name and his Mercy is for those who fear Him From generation to generation. He has shown strength with his arm is referencing the coming of the Messiah who she will give birth to and then we get that reference to God showing strength with his arm. And so I think we see here the continuation of this idea. So as we have followed the idea of the arm of the Lord through scripture through the law through the wisdom literature through the prophets and even in the New Testament, we see that the arm of the Lord is a person who accomplishes God's purpose of Salvation and judgment in a mighty way. We see that the arm of the Lord is Isaiah suffering servant who is a man but who also is God. This is a wonderful thing as we consider the identity of the suffering servant the suffering servant that Isaiah saw and and and and prophesied the songs about God and is man he's the arm of the Lord who will bring Salvation and judgement in a powerful way. That's an amazing thing to see in scripture in these prophecies that came so many years before the birth of Christ. But as we've said the servant wasn't just didn't just have a connection to Daddy or Divinity that we we I think clearly in the New Testament can say he was God himself. He was also human and so we asked a question. What does his Humanity look like? Well, we get a picture of this and these three verses as well. We read he had no form or Majesty that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him a Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief the prophet describes the servant in his humanity and now this description is certainly a physical description, but I think it's more than that. It's also metaphorical description of how the servant lived his life and how people would evaluate the living of his life. And so I think we can stay in appearance. He was unremarkable and unimpressive. And an approach his actions were unexpected and unappreciated unremarkable unimpressive unexpected and unappreciation and appreciated. This is what his Humanity look like to the people who he lived with now we read this phrase are young shoot from dry ground. It's not exactly the calling card of someone who is born to Greatness someone who would save the world. But there may have been some thoughts of greatness of this individual when it was considered his ancestry and his lineage was of the House of David or maybe even the impressive events of Jesus's birth would have some people thinking greatness and yet these thoughts were quashed as he grew up. There was nothing notable about him physically and we know in the Gospel of Luke his approach to life was certainly not well received by those around him.

I want to share a quote with you. I don't want to just remind people or or bring some people's attention why I I'm going in this direction we held the conference here a couple weeks ago called kaporis and and at that conference, we had a couple panels will get one panel with late people and it wasn't pastors. It was people from the churches and one particular panelist encouraged me and what he said particular in regards to start reading Matthew Henry. I'm not going to tell you that you this panelist was I won't give you his name, but let me give you a hint. He's not a young guy Furr. He's not a young guy for anyways, he encouraged everyone to read Matthew Henry and you know what I've read Matthew Henry and I thought I'm going to I'm going to start. Reading Matthew Henry and maybe even over the Easter. Pay more attention what Matthew Henry gives and turns a commentary about this passage in Isaiah. So want to give you a quote from Matthew Henry this morning in regards to the humanity of The servant Hears A Matthew Henry said it was expected that his extraction would be very great and Noble he was to be the son of David have a family that had a name like to the names of the Great men that were in the Earth, but he sprang out of his Royal and illustrious family when it was reduced and sunk and Joseph that son of David who was his supposed father was but a poor carpenter, perhaps a ship Carpenter for most of his relations were fishermen. This is here meant by his being a root out of a dry ground his being born of a mean and Despicable family in the north and Galilee of a family out of which like a dry and desert ground. Nothing green. Nothing great was expected in a country of smut such small repute. It was thought that no good thing to come out of it. And so there we get a bit of a picture of this idea of there being nothing impressive. How about this man physically and even unimpressed in terms of the life. He lived he wasn't well-received. This is a good moment to take a pause, even though the prophets word indicates that this was there was a little about this servant that someone could Delight in there was little that was desirable about who this man was and what this man did it would be nothing in him. Naturally that would be drawn to this is all because people looked at him with Earthly fleshly carnal eyes seeing Jesus that way is not seeing him with spiritual eyes. But rather with with Earthly eyes all there's nothing about him that's impressive. He's not very tall. He's not very big is not very good looking he comes from a family. That's not well-to-do. I'm not impressed. I don't find anything about him to Delight in or anything about him this desirable. Or do you think the drawers me to him this Easter season? Let's make sure that we are not looking at Christ with Colonel worldly fleshly eyes. That's so opposite. Then what the Bible describes him as it sits opposite than than what we praise him for how we consider him think of the songs that we sing all of those songs with extol the greatness of the Savior. This is how we want to look at Jesus. this Easter season I was I was bringing up Peru a couple times now we were we've been joining the team from Peru for their Worship in the evenings and sometimes in the morning by a live feed and that's just been a wonderful time that's been so great to connect with him in that way. But one of the songs they sang as I was working on this this week preparing the sermon and thinking about how we are not we don't see Jesus the way we should see him all the time. The song was what a beautiful name and it has that those that phrase you have no rival. You have no equal now and forever. Our god reigns. Yours is the kingdom yours is the glory yours is the name above all names and then it goes on to sing. What a powerful name it is. What a powerful name. It is the name of Jesus Christ my king that's the attitude we have to have is as our missions teen Donna Peru sang. You have no rival. You have no equal. My heart was stirred and I want your heart to be stirred this morning and during this Easter season. Let's not look at Jesus Through. Karna Worley fleshly eyes. 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 16 Pulses from now on therefore. We regard no one according to the flesh even though we once regarded Christ according to the flash we regard him. That's no longer. We don't look to Christ because he was attractive because he was tall because he dressed. Well, we don't look at him that way looking at him with fleshly. I was looking at him looking at him according to the flash is what led people to crucify him is what led Paul to persecute those who followed him. We don't want to look at him that way and we don't want to assume that we're always looking at him the way we should and so let's make a concerted effort. This Easter season to look like rice with spiritual eyes to see the Glorious work that he did and saving us from our sin. And what he looks like physically isn't relevant. That's not what's important. In fact, we don't know what he look like. We don't have a picture of him one day. We'll see him but what's glorious about him is as what he did spiritually as a man and that should impress us and that should have tracked us Ephesians chapter 1 verses 16 through 23 would be a good passage of scripture to meditate over the Easter season in regards to this Paul says, I do not cease to give thanks for you remembering you in my prayers that the god of our Lord Jesus Christ. The father of Glory made give you the spirit of wisdom and of Revelation and knowledge of him having the eyes of your hearts enlightened. Why that you may know what is the hope to which is called you? What are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the and what is the immeasurable greatness of his Power Tour. To believe according to the working of his great might. Anna Paul goes on to talk about this Jesus this Jesus who he used to see according to the Flash. But now he's had the eyes of his heart enlightened. That God worked in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated him at the right hand in the Heavenly places far above all Rule and authority and power and Dominion above every name that is named not only in this age, but also in the one to come and he put all things under his feet and gave him his head over all things to the church, which is his body of fullness of him who fills all in all let's look at Jesus with eyes that see that that see that he is has been raised from the dead see him seated at God's right hand in the Heavenly places. Let's see him far above all Rule and authority and power and opinion above every name that is named not only in this age, but also in the one to come who will have all things put under his feet who will be head over all things to the church. This is how we need to see Jesus. We need to remind ourselves over this Easter season. Let's move on. Another question to consider is how do people respond then there is the servant being prophesied about he is a man but he's also God he is the arm of the Lord you need to have him revealed to you to see him and understand him. There's nothing physically or but the way that he lives his life Nestle necessarily the that is attracted to the Natural man to someone who sees with with fleshly eyes and only considers people according to the Flash. So how do people respond? Well, we read about this and these verses to he was despised and rejected by Men A Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief and is one from whom men hide their faces. He was despised and we esteemed him not one of the commentaries that I've been using is called The Gospel According to Isaiah 2 commentary Justin, Isaiah 53 And the commentator says this when we think of Christ as being despised and rejected by men naturally our thoughts gravitate to Calvary Calvary being the ultimate in human despicability and rejection rejection of Christ though while culminating a Calvary was not confined to their John 1:11 tells us that Christ came to his own home and his own people received him not Luke 4:29 describes. How do the citizens of Nazareth Jesus's Hometown once rose up and put him out of the city and let him to the brow of a hill on which their city was built that they might throw him down headlong Isaiah's prediction came true. He was despised and rejected by men Christ new the scorn and contempt of the enemy and they are rational injection of those who humanly speaking should have been his friends. So the Saviour new The Peculiar or particular suffering, which is rejection. We read you was despised and rejected by men the word despised and Hebrew lacks the emotional content that we give the word. It means to dismiss something because it has no value to consider something Unworthy of your attention.

We also read he was despised and we esteemed him not that word esteemed is an accounting word. It means to Wrecking the value of something. And this will reiterate the first statement. The servant was evaluated and was not deemed worthy of anything. He was no more than a Man of Sorrows and he should be summarily dismissed. That was how people for the most part responded to him. So much different again from how we are called to look at Jesus that phrase Man of Sorrows was a phrase that in this prophecy was the reason that people dismissed him. They evaluated him and said this man is Soros and Soros he's not he's not worthy. He's not valuable. He's not worth anything. Let's just dismiss him. Now we sing about the man of Soros Man of Sorrows. What a name for the Son of God who came ruined Sinners to reclaim hallelujah. What a savior? That's what this brings us to two more points of application and really with these two points. I'll finish this morning. I first point is this is that even in our day and age people are dismissive of Jesus Even in our day and age people are dismissive of Jesus. Don't be Humans have ceased to have really any relations with the servant because they do not see him as having any significance for him. Let me remind you all this morning are particularly any who are watching my livestream who who aren't a Believer who haven't surrendered their lives to God through Christ who have been availed themselves of Christ's work on Calvary in the forgiveness of sin and adoption into God's family don't be dismissive of Jesus don't act like he's not significant. He is significant. That's the glory of the gospel because God does exist. A man has sinned against God every human being has sinned against God because of that sin. We are under God's judgment a judgment that will ultimately result in Eternal punishment. But this servant disarm of this the Lord this Messiah Jesus Christ has brought salvation and he brought salvation is we'll see next week through his own sacrifice through the paying of our debt by dying on the cross, even though he lived a perfect life, even though he had no sin in him. He paid the price that our sins deserve. And through faith in him we can have forgiveness of sins. We can be reconciled to God we can be brought into adopted into God's family. We are declared righteous before the judge of the universe and we have been promised eternal life. Jesus is significant. Don't be dismissive of Jesus. You know, it's not just for people who don't believe in who are followers of Christ. I have seen even my time here is Pastor people who have moved from professing a faith in Christ to being people who are dismissive of Christ. We need to not be that way if that's you this morning. Let me challenge you don't be dismissive of Christ. And what's interesting in those cases is that suffering is what has brought those people to that point. It's in seeing suffering that they've brought to the point. It's interesting that these people in the prophecy who are dismissing Christ do so because he's a man of storr. He's acquainted with grief. In his suffering they became dismissive of him. Don't let suffering lead you to a place where you take a dismissive posture with Christ.

Don't take offense at suffering don't be surprised by suffering don't be fearful of suffering suffering is part of our lives. And there is a direct correction connection between seeing suffering and taking on a a whirly fleshly posture and perspective that causes us to dismissed. The servant of God the arm of the Lord to dismiss Jesus Christ. Don't do that. Don't allow suffering do that. Don't allow the suffering that this Global pandemic may be causing you to lead you to a place. Where did your dismissive of Christ? We are not to take offense at suffering. We are not to be surprised by suffering. We are not to be fearful of suffering. If you are a Believer you have put your faith in the Man of Sorrows the one who's suffering led to your salvation.

The fact the New Testament even calls us to be thankful and to rejoice in suffering the New Testament tells us we are doing dissipate suffering. We should not be surprised that trials and tribulations they cause us to be courageous in the face of suffering. So if you are someone who has dismissed Jesus Christ, I mean once professed faith in him. Let me encourage you to repent of that it was in suffering that salvation was one for us. And to those of you who are fearful of the suffering that we face now and we may face in the future for tickle in regards to this pandemic or be someone who shocked and surprised that the suffering we are going through and that we may go through. Or you're fearful of what's to come? Don't be dismissive of Jesus. Look to Jesus look to the one who suffered for you and one your salvation because of that suffering. Second point of application my final point this morning. Comes from John Calvin and John Calvin's commentary on Isaiah T response to these words has any rights, let us therefore grown and complain along with the profit and let us be distressed with grief. When we see that our Labour that is our Labour of sharing the gospel of the suffering servant who brought salvation.

Let us be distressed with grief when we see that our labor is unprofitable and let us complain before God, you know, we eat we understand that we are being faithful when you share the gospel. It's God's job to save people but let's not be okay when people dismiss and ignore the sharing of the Gospel, you know, I make a concerted effort to explicitly preach the gospel every Sunday. And I've been preaching here for four or five years. I've never heard one person come to me and say I got saved when you preach the gospel. I trust someone Hines but I've never heard that specifically and directly. I'm not okay with that. I'm going to bring a Godly complaint before God in regards to people's rejection of the Gospel. I think we need to do that in a Godly way we've learned as we've gone to the songs in the summer. There is a a Godly and faith-filled way to complain to God and we need to do that in regards to people dismissing Jesus whether it's a loved one who you've been sharing the gospel with him praying for 4 years, whether it's the person who comes to our church on a Sunday and hears the gospel in and doesn't respond whether it's someone at work or at school who you have. Shared about this suffering servant and all that. He's done to save people and they've been dismissive. Let's not be okay with that. Let's go before God regularly in prayer and make a faith-filled. Godly complain to God about the lack of response of these people. That's why John Calvin encourages us to do he encourages me as a minister who preaches the gospel to take that complained to God and say God will you will you save these people will you do a work by your spirit so that they don't dismiss this suffering servant that we read about in Isaiah. Let me encourage you particular for you who are frustrated maybe with loved ones who keep dismissing the suffering servant to take those complaints to God in a faith-filled way not grumbling not with lack of faith, but with faith bring that complain to God and say God, will you save them? Will you stop them from dismissing? Jesus Christ The Suffering servant the savior of the world So we've had a picture this Sunday. Of a suffering servant where we've learned his identity through the words of the Prophet through this prophecy that the suffering servant is the arm of the Lord because he's the arm of the Lord. He must be God to work with all of God's power to work with all of God's strength to work with all of God's might and salvation and judgement one must be God. And yet he's a man. He's a man week. We look to Jesus who took on flesh and became a man. And dwelt Among Us. Only think about what they verses that are coming up speak to the great salvation that he works through suffering. And we remind ourselves and I remind you this morning about this suffering servant who he is both God and man God himself who became a man is one of the glory of the Gospel. It was the only way by which men could be safe. And our great savior left his home and glory to come and dwell amongst us Among Us who would reject him. It would be dismissive of him who would not esteem him and count him of any word. What a glorious savior we have. This is the savior. We need to focus our attention on Can I encourage you again? Don't be dismissive of Jesus receive salvation that he offers and people let's go to God with Godly faith-filled complaints about those who don't know him. Let's finish in prayer. Father God. We thank you for your word. We thank you for this Prophecy of the suffering servant and we thank you Father God that we learn about the identity of this servant that he was truly God. He was the arm of the Lord. He was the worker of all the power and strength of God for salvation and for judgement. We thank you Father God for that revelation. Play Revelation, which you have given each one who believes a revelation which couldn't have happened apart from your spirit raising us from spiritual death. We thank you for that. I pray that we would have eyes that aren't Worley and Colonel and flashes that we wouldn't see Jesus according to the flash but we see them him with spiritual eyes and All His glory because of who he is because of what he's done. I pray for each one who is hearing this and whatever way helping not to be dismissive of Jesus for those who don't know you father God don't let them to just don't allow them to dismiss the Saviour anymore. And to those who do know, you better struggling with suffering. They see you whether in the context of our lives right now or something. They've seen in their own lives father. God guard their hearts help them to guard their own hearts and not to dismiss Jesus because of the suffering they see it wasn't suffering that our Salvation was one for us. The far-right finished with our last point of application. We come to you father God knowing many people who have heard your gospel some of the many many times. And they still dismiss. the savior we come to you father God believing that you can do something about this. Would you father God save them. Would you open their eyes to your glory in the face of Jesus? Would you unstop your ears that they might hear the gospel and be safe.

If we are all of us in the name of Jesus, Amen. Well, thank you all for joining me this morning. Thank you for your patience as we worked out some of the technical details. I think maybe we solved it to part of the problem with my laptop and not the wife. I hear I pray you have a blessed Lord's day again. I want to encourage you get on our email list. Keep in touch with us. If you have any needs that we can help with please tell us we would love to be able to help you through this difficult time.

I want to encourage you keep in touch with the church, even though Ministries have been suspended. We're going to start them up and ways that we can in the coming weeks and keep praying for a team for Mission Peru. I noticed of the corner of my eye as I was going through my sermon that they had joined us at least Dave had let's keep praying for them that God would to expeditiously get them home. Love you all. Have a great Sunday the Lord be with you.

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