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Do You See What I See? Part 2

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Interstate do you see what Jesus sees?

Now that might be a little more difficult to do on a regular basis of me right now. We've got covid-19. We've got protest maybe right now and snapshot of time. It's not so hard to see people who are harassed and helpless like sheep without a Shepherd, but during the normal course of events in our country and in our state it's very easy to be fooled. by success by the appearance of success what other word appearances by superficial relationships? We see each other when we say hey, how you doing fine? How are you? Fine. See you later. Goodbye. That is not a conversation.

That is not a relationship anyway. So I believe that when Jesus looks at our country. With all the outward appearance of success when Jesus looks at our state same thing with all the outward appearance of success when he looks at our community with all the outward appearance of success. He still sees All kinds of people who are harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.

They are confused. They don't know what to believe in terms of what is true. They say there is no such thing as truth. They are living their own lives their own way. They're going to be leaving lives lies. I'm sorry. They are beaten up or beaten down by powerful by Voices by control. They are fearful. They are anxious. They are uncertain. Jesus still see people today in our country and in our state and even in our neighborhoods that have no real leadership. And by that I don't mean president governor or mayor. I just simply mean in terms of their own so I can kind of internal guidance or wisdom. He sees people who are trusting in money. Do you see people who are trusting in politics or politicians? He sees people who are trusting and guns These are all Idols. These are all false gods. Any streets this because human beings have not changed because Human Nature has not changed. People today are no different than people were two thousand years ago 3000 miles away. They just kind of different way of showing it today. We have a different way of showing what's inside of us. That is Twisted in on itself.

That is in fact, the reason why Jesus came into this world in the first place, isn't it?

You came into this world to be The Shepherd of the coronavirus helpless people. It came into this world to lead to guide to defend and not only that but most especially came into this world to live for them to show them to die for them and to draw them to himself. I'm so excited about being able to say these words at the cross outside at 11 because the Bible tells us the Gospel of John tells us that Jesus said that when I am lifted up I will draw all men to myself and then he says this is what he said this to indicate what kind of death he was going to die. lacrosse that's why he came. To attract to draw people to himself and that is why because that was his mission. That was his purpose. That is why he could see the crowds and he could see how much of a mess they were and he's going to have compassion on them.

And that is why today when he sees the crowds in our country and our state and our community when he sees our neighbors and he sees what kind of mess they are a lot of them.

He can have compassion on them. Because that's who he is. And that's why he came. And that's why he still comes. To them. This is how he views people sees one thing to see someone it's something else to view them.

He sees them as harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd He views them with compassion.

And I believe at the end of Matthew chapter 9. This is what Jesus wanted his disciples to see.

And what do you want us to see? People all around us who are harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. Outwardly interference things could be great. Thanks to be better than our stuff. They're like any better than our life.

but inside in their homes in their marriage and their family and their souls in their minds and in their hearts, Okay, there is there room for improvement. So is there room for Redemption?

And then I believe that's why you also want his disciples to view them the same way. He view them with compassion.

You wanted to see them to see how he saw them. He wanted to view them as he view them and that is why I believe that he said. The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

Play earnestly if lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into his harvest in church circles. We have heard these words many many many times and usually has got to do something about sending missionaries are sore sending pastors. That's not the Harvest. The Harvest is not unbelievers somewhere else.

The Harvest is harassed helpless people who live like sheep without a Shepherd. They are our next door neighbors. We don't need a missionary or the pastor to go there.

somebody else so that is why I believe today Jesus wants us to see people around us in the same way same way. He sees them. Now say what he saw them back then back there harassed and helpless. Underneath the veneer of what we in New Jersey in the United States in 21st century call success. Affluence see what we see is affluence. Jesus sees is affluenza. Never heard that word. All right, and therefore I also believe that Jesus wants us to view people around us in the same way and that is with compassion. The people around us who are messed up or not. People who say oh they're messed up.

The people around us who are messed up we see that but then we view them. With compassion like like he did. That's why we say it every single week right at the end of every single service. Where are you going? I bring the compassion of Christ to people so they can live with open July week after week after week. We say why do we say it it comes from this Bible passage that comes from this passage in the gospel of Matthew. And that's why I also believe that Jesus wants us to pray earnestly.

For people who are going to reach out to other harassed and helpless people. Laborers workers pre-owned asleep in the lord of the Harvest. It's his Harvest. He just simply need someone to go there. wait Didn't we talked about this last week? If you are watching on Facebook, what do we say last week? We are the church. We talked about that those who are what those who are called out by God from a goddess called out the Christians to be what? to be the kingdom of priests and a holy nation that he told Moses about to do what? to make disciples

how member how we set it right before you send it by going? Not by sending but by go away and make disciples.

Going where? Going to our neighbors. Going to our colleagues. Going to our friends. Going to our family and what's fascinating that we don't have time to talk about today, but we're going to we're going to pick it up next week. What's fascinating is Matthew chapter 10 with what Jesus calls his disciples and Sentinel. See the Harvest ready for workers boys. Come here. You're going to go. It all flows sequentially.

I believe this is what Jesus. Would have a seat today if you would have us see people as he sees them. And I also believe that he was have us go to them. To bring his compassion that he had upon them two thousand years ago 3000 miles away and still has compassion. On that as he has on us and then when he says earnestly to the lord of the Harvest for workers for Laborers what what that really means is we need to pray for each other. Because where the workers where the laborers are the Reapers that are going into the Harvest of God. Right next door right close to us pray for workers doesn't necessarily mean pray for missionaries and pray for pastors. That's fine. That's good. We should but we supposed to be praying for each other because we are the sent ones we're the ones called out. And then we're the ones who are sent that's the rhythm of church member for talked about that a couple of weeks ago to the rhythm of church is to gather and to scatter to come together and to go and to go means to do. The work of God to bring the compassion of Christ of people so they can live with some sense of hope and joy. Amen. Amen. All right, let's continue as we pause for a few moments for the offering. I know we're not going to pass the offering plate. There's a place set up in the back on the right hand side. The left hand side is a traditional mission of the month offering plate on the right hand side is the offering plate that we could pass now. I will take a few moments and listen to this watch this next video.

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