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Thank You Jesus

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Thank You Jesus

Luke 17: 17

The phrase thank you is one of the most common phrases today.  Society has suggested that correct etiquette, good etiquette is to say thank you in response to any gesture of kindness towards us.  As my mama would say its just good home training.  In some cases we say thank you and in others we don’t.

   I have found that the least common phrase though it contains these same two (2) words is Thank You Jesus.  Somehow we lose our home training when it comes to Jesus.

 It seems like we are always dwelling on what we don’t have.  We never stop to think about what we do have.  It seems (Bro. Curvey) that we can always find something that God has not blessed us with, or what we could have, and what bro. so and so has opposed to what we don’t have.  When all we have to do is take a look in the mirror and wiggle our fingers and shake our legs and we will find that we have more than enough to be thankful for.

Thankfulness, is an expression of gratitude.  It is the sincere exhalation of God through praise and witness. Today I want to touch on just a little bit of how, why, and when we should be thankful. 

When we look at the scripture we find that there were ten (10) men who were  lepers and they were all praying to be healed. Now, Jesus healed them but he did it in a peculiar way.  He just said, “Go and let the priest see you.”  Now the bible says, “....that as they went....”  Key part, as they went, see they had not made it there yet but as they went they were cleansed.  Then it goes on to say that one of them saw he was healed , turned back and glorified Jesus.

Now, before I go on I got one question, what was wrong with the other nine? Why didn’t these other busters turn around?  Why didn’t they notice that they were healed. Well, I’m glad you asked. It could be one of two reasons, either they were blind or they were just ungrateful.  Well, we know that they weren’t blind because the bible would have said that they were blind lepers.  We could certainly see that they were just blatantly ungrateful. Maybe they felt as though they had just arrived.

Never the less, it seems that we as people today have that same problem.  The Lord just can’t do enough for us.  We ask for a car he blesses us with a ford, but we want a BMW.  We ask him for a house he gives us a nice house for the family, we want a mansion.  When does it stop? We ought to be thankful and say thank you Jesus for what we have.  

But here is one, that noticed (saw) he was cleansed.  We can learn something today,  when you ask the lord for something look for it, claim it. It could be happening right under your nose, but if you don’t believe and have faith you’ll never see it.  Oh, it’ll happen, but, you might not see it.  And then you’ll keep walking and pouting and being ungrateful, because you think the lord didn’t answer your prayer when you thought he should have.  When all the time he has already delivered you, He has rescued you, brought you out , healed you, saved you, picked you up, THANK YOU JESUS!!! 

And then, (boy I just love old Luke).  Luke identified him as a Samaritan.  See, for those of you who don’t know the deal. There was a fierce national antipathy of the Jews and the Samaritans.  They were enemies they didn’t get alone with each others. The Jews called them outsiders and they treated them like outsiders. 

No, not Jesus this shows us that there are no big I’s and little U’s with Jesus.  That’s why we ought to say thank you.  It does not matter what walk of life you are from he will still save you.  You are still his child he loves us all.  All we have to do is praise him serve him and say thank you Jesus.


 We are all obligated to be thankful to the lord, Because we are all under his divine care.  I thought I would tell that you ought to always have Jesus on your mind.  He will deliver you from all danger.  When you’re down and out you can call on Jesus and he will answer.  When you’re feeling good you should call on Jesus.

There was a boy named Jimmy, who all the time when people saw him they would here him saying Thank you Jesus.  And sometimes all he would say is Jesus.  And when folk would see him they would ask him why he said it all the time and he said

because I’m grateful for what he has done for me.  As he grew older he continued to do the same thing.  One day while he was an old man he fell sick and everybody said he wasn’t going to make it, but they heard Jimmy say real low Jesus.   And as he laid there they heard another voice say Jimmy this is Jesus.  I just want to let you know that if you remember Jesus while you doing well he’ll remember you when you doing bad..... THANK YOU JESUS     ain’t he all right, hasn’t he been good to you.  Way back on calvary .....

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