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Sunday June 7,2020 Stop sinning

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Stop Sinning

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1st Peter chapter 4 I'll be today.

1st Peter chapter 4 we wanted 1st Peter down the next few weeks.

Very excited that what God has taught me in this. Stuff already knew right? We already knew this stuff.


hard you might think the Christian Life is easy isn't really got on board for the Christian Life obviously because it's hard.

I want us to I don't have my glasses on just here, right? What is the Stanley regas word?

Are we will attempt it about that?

Tyler you in here you're doing the office and get my glasses out of my bag.

Holy Spirit Let's read the first chapter 4 verse 1.

Live for the rest of the time to play human passion before the will of God.

For the time that is past devices for doing with the Gentiles want to do living and they are surprised when they do not join when you didn't and I'm alone you but they will give a dead even those who are dead that they the way people are they might live in the spirit the way God does the end of all things for the sake of your prayers. Above all keep loving one another show Hospitality to one another without grumbling as each has received the gift to serve one another as good stewards of God's very great. Whoever speaks as one who speaks Oracles of God, whoever serves as one who serves by the glory and Dominion forever and ever. Amen. Let's pray. That was so grateful today. And today we ask that you just said we talked about this book suffering and what it is in our lives and what it means to us Lord. That's Christian. God make a man happy say that that's a little clearer. I see y'all. Good to be here today. I'm hoping and thankful every Sunday that y'all are all ready to be here. I know you are you all excited about coming to church this morning? I know you aren't God ready to move in your lives and ready to hear from God this morning. We had a rough week and we're struggling with something. This is only real thing we have in our life is truth and God's word and speaking over the seat. I know you sent that feel that as much as I do and people are you shaking and and moving around and fidgety and what's he going to say today? And I want to tell you this. If you are studying the word of God and I pray you are I encourage you every one of you to have a time of devotion with God or your reading your word. You don't feel guilty. If you don't read it every day should we should have read it every second that I pray that you all eat God's word.

I mean really study it. Read a book book Bible all all through from front to back. I mean you need to read the Bible, but I always trust people in the Bible pray over that situation. Can you put on a different place in life sometimes?

At least wear you out last week. What are they?

Right now but it's always that God speak to you when you go home and get on your knees and pray and ask God to reveal himself to you. If you trust me as a man of God study guide word. And I told you I'm praying. I'm reading listen to God if you really have a lot more knowledge than me in this for Discerning spirit of God look at the scripture. Bible on Grace and I'm going back through some things that I had preached on on North 8th II. Sunday that we were in here actually had already on never listen to myself never You might hurt yourself when you when you were recorded by the like to hear that.

I was preaching on God's grace. And it was an hour loan.

And it was so good and I will tear up listen to my believe it or not because it was just really speaking to me by a good God is to us even in the cuz when it's good to know that and we talked about that these people are struggling.

They are struggling hard. And they're God's children. They are Christians. And I love you, and you're going to be blessed last week.

Really? sometimes does it feel?

Well being persecuted I'm going to end.

I want to say to you today. Maybe looked at years from now and that it's only going to get worse for us. As we become more strong in our faith in the enemy gets louder and louder in the world get stronger stronger poster Christianity because Christianity really hit the heart.

In the Bible says in Romans that we suppress the truth.

I don't really like to hear the truth. Anybody here like that, you know, so I hear the truth. Saying that you get to hear it or you don't want to hear it or he do you desire?

but the truth truth of the matter is your Christian you pick up your cross and you carry it.

That's coming. Okay, that's good news today. No, that's all I had for you. I wouldn't even want to get up here.

You're struggling.

Do you know sign up for some suffering because now all of a sudden you got to Nature's living inside of you? The Flash You got the spirit. And they're not getting along very well. Can I say that you feel like it's something going on with your own board?

Because I don't know but I do know about you because the flesh the flesh is hungry.

It's going to feed on the things of the world.

Sometimes it's the least resistant a resistance is the way we'll go because we're just not really thrilled. About how Christian life is going.

Simon says what if it's not true.

You know, I believe it's true. I'm not saying Jesus really seen him. I didn't get to see. I know he's real to me.


what if it is?

I'm not saying it and I'm saying it is but I'm staying in a route to the Mind thinking what if I do all that wonderful live like that one for what if I do this what if I live that way what if I what if I I do feed my enemies with what if I do give water to my enemies when they're hungry. What if I do evil with good what if I do all that?

It's not real.

What if it is?

In the Bible teaches that it is.

And every one of you in here see you a lot you're here you're in you're engaged rental division, but the gospels true. That's what we preach and teach you the truth about who we are the truth about why we do what we do in the truth about the fact that we need a savior and a truth about that live forever live forever. I don't like it you talk about it. Don't kill me. I'm going to do whatever I have to do not get it, right. Think about it that's in you. purses in your heart today

but he is it just might be working some things out in your life because you're stubborn not doing.

How we live our lives? everybody

and I want to say that in the context of what we're talking about here is that we're suffering we're struggling.

Cuz if you're going to Simply do what God calls you to do and live like God calls you to live. There's going to be some suffering in that cuz you're going to miss out a little bit and you're not going to be accepted and you going to be weird. And you flash is not going to be fed. Very good. It's going to get hungrier and hungrier and when you fall and do something repeat movie.

daily sometimes But a greater, is he to send me than he that is in the world. Let me tell you today. You just say the name of Jesus. That has power to forgive got a friend you against Jesus. Please help him. He made a mistake. Not as hard for him to do better. So you decided to follow Jesus the truth is?

It's your being persecuted and a pole and put Pitch on you burn you up. It's happening.

Here we can meet in a church today and we're not worried about anybody walking in the door. They maybe somebody walking and don't we don't know that we live in a world is full of sin. But we don't have to worry about getting.

We are free to be here. State of the suffering in this Christian Life that we're going to walk through. And basically what he says he's got two things. He talks about these Verses first.

stop sending

What people say? I can't do it as hard as she can. You can stop.

You can think something you just send.

You know you feel that room up with I just don't tell you the truth about what I heard. It's just truth.


We send. But deliberate saying our lives because we don't we're having a hard time following Jesus In the Flesh want something so we struggle.

That's why Apple gives us this here in this verse because he says in inverse 1.

since therefore Christ suffered in the flesh

He's going to read one through. Look at 7 and then we'll go back. Just air Fort craft stuff in the flesh arm yourselves with the same way of thinking ever suffered in the flesh is ceased from sin. So as to live for the rest of the time the flash note for him, but for the will of God for the time is past devices for doing what the Gentiles want to do. When you do not listen to the white people white people are they might live in the spirit the way God does. Saying That's what I want you to say is if we go through this that's what the Bible saying it was. That's what Peter saying to us. We're struggling.

When was situation the way God tells you not the hell it is a sin. That's if you don't love your enemies your spinning. I'm not saying it's easy. That's why I have told you and told you and told you and reminded you.

Because he has already done. This is this we were his enemy and he died for us. So this is not anything about your what you going to do submitting your life to Jesus Christ.

Anybody on board? It's hard.

Hebrews they said run the race come on.

You made the right decision. You trusted God. You did not send deliberately because you didn't trust God.

So we just was the first number one and that's what he says in that verse craft stuff in the flash arm yourselves with the same way of thinking.

Let me ask you a question.

I was thinking about that.

throwing a bell I mean

Then I'm like, you know, let me put this in perspective because Jesus I can't even imagine what you went through.

The Bible says in John Wick is in the John at there's not even enough books to fill out the life of Jesus, Jesus Jesus. People hate you for the suppress the truth. The Bible says don't want to be around him cuz there's so much going on with him being around with us being around him. Can you imagine not living right Jesus coming around?

Well, he knows exactly what you thinking.

Well, hey that's supposed to be going on right now. Your life is living in you. What can you get mad?

What he went through. In the Flesh I just can't do it. I do this don't make any sense.

What are you going through right now? I have been through it. Just what he didn't do the Holy Spirit. He was God.

So what do you say that her? Yes. I have suffered to the point of crucifixion 46.

I was walking on Earth. Jesus walking on Earth and guess what he knew.

The new Friday was coming.

Anybody ever have something coming up you dread? I'm going shopping with you.

I'm going to the doctor for having some kind of surgery.

As a key to drag get shots dreads going to the dentist in my like that.

Let me tell you something. Jesus knew Friday was coming.

I hope all y'all know what Friday is our know by now, right? There's a little Cruise if not a little lives crucifixion will happen. Hey arm yourself with that way of thinking you hear me. Listen, it's going to be tough. It's going to be hard. Give me a give me to help you with your stroller when you'll suffer be hard.

Tyrone save a Jesus suffering the flesh. He knew that Sunday was coming. He knew his son. He was coming.

Say no to the flesh because it is on fire.

Play yesterday. I don't know about you, but that's the only hope I have.


What a friend I have in Jesus Christ.

Who says we want to get our thoughts?

I know I'm going to suffer. And I know there's a funny cat Friday. I want to tell you something.

And it's old flash is going to be gone away and you're going to have to battle anymore. And I told you before I'm excited. About being in heaven with Jesus Christ. Guess what I won't do anymore. I won't send.

Cuz this is what happens in our lives and become a child of God and I told you before it, right. Sing me fun.

You come a child of God. That's why I said when you were in the flash when you choose Jesus as your savior when you say I'm on board and I'm going to have to be my master in the Lord. When you see that God changes your heart your nature nothing you did Supernatural. the Dodgers changed everything glasses aesthetic

Then you don't want to.

The changes everything it's not fun anymore. Even though when you're suffering you feel like I'm going to turn to that cuz I don't have any feel bad or no turn to Jesus.

For the person who believes in it. If you believe in this amazing gospel story, that is amazing. It's somebody rose from the dead.

It for now. You look at these Apostles their lives. They believed it. They see any they want with him. They saw how he lived his wife. It made a difference in their life to make a difference in your life.

Oh, yeah.

Live is Christ to die is gain. Kill me. We going to Beach and Beach and Patron. The suffers in this world or nothing to be compared to the glory is going to be revealed one day what he said. Beach and beat your friends and we go

we don't kill him. We don't murderer. How you doing? That the Jesus had that work out for you, right? Are we going to put you in jail? Don't put me in jail. No put me in jail.

an attitude sleep and wake up. I'm with Jesus know it was more it was beheading people that that flesh and I'm so powerful.

Let me ask you something. What are you living for today?

Is it your passions? What I want.

the feed my flesh

You know, what's in that misery? Unfulfillment hurting others hurting the people. We love the most that watch our lives and see what we're doing and it just affects them or we living for the wheel of God. Which is to follow him. He keeps give us women told me over and over to get here what God expects of us. How would a live sober lives? Not get involved in the things is going to draw us down. We're going to turn to other than him everything to give you that in your life everything.

He says turn to he says in here for the will of God for the time.

With respect to this they are surprised. He said don't do this anymore. Okay. So this happened in your heart. Don't turn to that when you're struggling don't turn back to the things that you were miserable in.

Cuz what God truly showed me.

It was fun, right we had a good time. No judgement it cuz this is the only problem.

Is so much better than it was even Australia.

Cuz the reward for his greater. Give me trying to fill my flesh right now. Who says Don't Turn back there, since you're going to struggle you can handle it that way you can turn to send are you going to be obedient to God, please talk about this verse don't turn those things with respect to this their surprise when you do not join them in the same, Florida to buy tree. They might want you.

When I turn my life over to Jesus Christ. 2004 turn my life over to Jesus. something happened How about Paul? That was my time converter swim you have a different one. Everybody has a conversion as a little more extreme. He knocked me off at the pew.

Come on. Now. He knocked me out DePue house in the floor. I said I got to get up. idiot, I felt like a Man, what am I doing?

I told you this before I I lost all my friends.

The World Isn't the world is totally different than what we're trying to do is bring it all together and kind of be in and out of it on a bill. I want to be a Christian but I also want to make sure I'm accepted in the world cuz I don't want to lose all their acceptance. So I'm on ride it.

The reason I say that because I know that I've been there I know how that works.

But when we turn up your lord and savior get my get out of hell free card and I can just do what I want to and I'm Christian how you Jesus died in my place. But but what's going to happen is he's going to now be Lord of our lives and he's going to give us because he's going to tell you how to live your free you're free to live how he tells you to live. Now, you're free when you live like that you're so free. Cuz you had the approval of God and you have a good conscience.

And it really doesn't matter anymore. How many people like you? Because the love of God is the greatest thing that ever receive.

so when that happens.

inner fire.

I'm here living testimony. If you suppress the truth.

The truth is that Jesus Christ is Lord, and he calls the shots. He's going to judge one day everybody. So what happens if you walk with me and you frustrated and disappointed that you're not going your way, but I'm working it out. I got to play.

People look at us and we start walking as we used to do and while we're talking about he's great great great great great company. Please look in your focus in it and paper like they only want to be around you.

Don't take me to church.

What happens in our lives and people don't understand why you don't do what you used to do with Jesus images to help them understand that.

laugh at the testimony

Look what he's saying here.

People don't want me around you anymore. It's not you it's them hear me. I want anything mean about that cuz we all been there. What guess what God is working some things out in their heart is shaking them up a little bit.

Everybody knows God suppresses the truth. Live a certain way and people are going to think you're weird and I'm going to talk about you. They're going to put you down. Bliss what the Bible said Jesus you know what Jesus said in Red Letters. He said they hated me and they will hate you.

I guess who they hate Jesus. They don't hate me. They hate conviction truth. You need to live for Jesus you need to do this you need to do that. You're miserable.

Spell fish and you forgave me Jesus, but I don't want to give them.

What are you trying to do?

Friendly, I can forgive you if you hurt me I can. The cross is already do it, please. Don't do it through me. Thank you Jesus.

People that are bothering me and struggling me and talking about me and I want to see them come to Christ Christ.

What did Jesus when he wanted people to come to him?

They were busy putting up a how bad it is.

We don't want slavery.

This is why even those who are dead that those in the flesh. does

The Bible says Earth is coming then the Judgment or just like we will but now they're living with me.

People have ideas.

The time is at hand.

This is my creation. Abraham Covenant the Old Testament sacrificial system Jesus came alone any cavities church together. That's what you are living in Grace age.

Guess what guess what's left to happen? This is no return. Turn the last act two thousand years ago. Peter said that it didn't happen. So probably going to happen. That's what people say.

Okay. It's about to happen.

What if Jesus came back tonight?

Would you be ready?

Nobody says that he says live sober minded.

live sober minded

for the sake of your prayers

and here

Did the Bible says it? What priest? If I remember you saying that with priest.

I got 12 minutes left.

the priest

hey, you can look.

no preacher

what do priests do? Old Testament I stood in the gap for people they pray for people they would go into the holy of holies. He will answer. I guess what you are. You're a priest. Guess what? You got to be sober-minded.

Pray for me.

Listen, we can't be sober-minded stream think it's okay. I'm struggling to go into this.

Be sober-minded.

I believe.

I got people against me and against me please open her eyes and see what I see.

I'm a Child of God in my life. Right here. It could happen tonight.

I want to pray for my family. I will be to chill a blessing. It tastes just connects it together with my family and my friends and the people.

Didn't know you had that much power outage. Putting it all together with priest. What you make Dodge Power real quickly.

We good.

Above all keep loving one another earnestly.

Don't you love everybody? Come on now. Like everybody say that.

I said love everybody. That's something you can't do it on your own. God doesn't through you got to keep reminding you.

I pray for you.

I know you're living in friend, and I probably right.

love one another

Just love me. I love you.

Do something.

Did you got some on your life? When we love them right, come on.

Jesus said the love is what changed us when we love them and love them. Guess what happened? He said he would take away.

Oh my goodness shop.

opportunity start serving because what happened?

When is backwards?

Hey, I got to get with it.

This is so different than what we Travis love your neighbor. Love your enemy.

Y'all do something nice.

It is it is hard to know what God knows that guess what he wants us to do. It's all right in the church. God wants us to show Hospitality to each other. Is it raining in real quick on that one and asked about coming out how they they was founded they took nobody had a need nobody cuz that's powerful they care for one another.

It was all taken care of.

This is what it this is what strikes me as this is what this church this church right here and care for one another like it's blowing away the world and all that. I want to be willing to give it to you cuz I have all I need in Christ. I got to keep enough but not I'm not going to hold on to him with my hands up to hear you. Look at the church live extravagantly. It says it they had their numbers were growing daily.

Not know because I knew now.

Show Hospitality. They care for one another and also he was giving them favor with all people.

TV show with all people the greatest thing we can do with the church where I committed to see the light of God is for us to be hospitable to one another and care for one another like you ain't never seen. And God will add to our number and God will make us have favor with people around us.

Simply because we're hospitable to others. I think his receipt to give use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's very Grace. You have a gift set up before.

What is your gift? Do you know?

Don't let it snow.

Is a reaction to What God did for me? And God gives you a gift and wants you to use it for the church.

My elbow is right. Have I ever ate? Bible compared to a body

That's working together, right? Listen, we're body. We serve each other. I don't need to serve myself. You'll serve me right you ain't got a service.

And we doing in love and Hospitality one other symptoms and not because you like me. Preacher sermon about today, right? No, because I stood up for something I believed in a would have just like you did.

You serve me because of what Christ did for you meant. Anything else is not going to make it from where we have another does it say the pastor.

Euro, whoever whoever whoever out here to God that you speak the Oracles of God of War's over other people's wives truth, not your opinions truth or truth over each other when we can pray for one another.

where to put ideas together

And what how we do it? By the strength that God supplies and order everything God through Jesus Christ.

I think one of the hardest things to grill.

It's human beings that say that to cover the page.

It's not about you.

It's not about me.

Start about getting pat on the back for what you do anyting.

It's about Christ. The church is about the glory of God. And what are you doing for us? And our servant attitude comes from his servant attitude toward us. And we live for him to glorify his name. We will not send. Because we know what it does to the heart of God and we know how to disconnect our fellowship with God where it needs to be and how it affects others around us when they walk and see cuz Bible says we are not to be a stumbling block for anybody. That means we living in Sin calling Jesus Lord and walking on a path that makes people stumble. Let's pray together God we thank you. So.

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