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Good Old Days or Gods Way Luke 5;33-39 070807

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Good Old Days or God’s Way (Luke 5:33-39)


Intro:  Wilbur and Orville Wright forever changed the world on December 17, 1903 as they flew their plane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

1st aircraft – 750lbs; 15 horsepower; wingspan of 20ft x 4ft; traveled 120 feet.

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet - 800,000 lb capacity; 600 mph; 211 ft wingspan; 63 ft tall; 230 ft long; travels 7200 miles.

   What would happen if you put the engine of the Boeing 747 with 60,000 lbs of fuel on wooden frame of the Wright Brothers plane?

   Obviously it would be disastrous. The new engine is incompatible with the old wooden plane. They are still intimately related because without the plane at Kitty Hawk, there would be no Boeing 747.

    Give Background. IN the passage today we see a similar situation as Jesus is  asked a question by certain onlookers. We do not know who they are, but their question gets an answer from Jesus. The focus of the interchange is the arrival of the Kingdom of God that Jesus embodies and its incompatibility with the Old   Testament system of worship.  Read Luke 5:33-39  Three parables and three principles.

Three Parables - At first, glance we may perceive that Jesus answer, which is a parable, and the two following parables are not related, but they are pointing to the same truth.

1.       The Parable of the Wedding Party (34-35)

a.        Feasting does not go with fasting. Incompatible.

b.       The wedding party usually lasted a week past the actual ceremony. Each day was filled with feasting and fun. Wedding attendants were excused from certain religious obligations.

c.        Bridegroom is Christ. The disciples are pictured as part of the wedding party.

d.       A wedding is a time of joy. It is not like a funeral where there is great sadness and mourning. The point is that since Jesus has come to usher in the Kingdom of God, it is not a time for mourning and fasting, but for great Joy.

e.        It is a new Kingdom. It is a new covenant. The Pharisees and the disciples of John who did not follow Jesus were missing out on the Joy because they were too focused on religious ritual to see who Jesus was.

2.       The parable of the New Patch and the Old Garment (36)

a.        A new(unshrunk) patch does not go with and old garment.

b.       Worn and torn clothes like today. Explain.

c.        The point is that the new Kingdom of God that is revealed in Jesus Christ is incompatible with the Old Testament. Jesus is not condemning or dismissing the Old Testament. Jesus said that He came to fulfill the Law, not abolish or destroy. The Old Testament is incompatible with the New Testament and yet they are intimately related. Christ comes out of the Old Covenant. The Old Testament is the Foundation for the New Testament.


3.       The parable of the New Wine and the Old Wine skins (37-39)

a.        New wine does not go with old wine skins.

b.        No glass in Jesus’ day. Instead, they used goatskins. The neck of the hide was shaped naturally like a spout. The wine was poured in and the skin sealed up until time for consumption.


Three Principles

1.       God wants us to know the Joy of have a relationship with Him

a.        Not religion, but a relationship with Jesus Christ.

ILL: “Erma Bombeck tells how she was sitting in church one Sunday when a small child turned around and began to smile at the people behind her. She was just smiling,    not making a sound. When her mother noticed, she said in a whisper, “Stop grinning – you’re in church,” gave her a swat, and said, “That’s better!” Erma concluded that some people come to church looking like they had just read the will of their rich aunt and learned that she had given everything to her pet hamster.”

b.       The Kingdom of God is about the King – Jesus. Jesus came to bring about the Kingdom through offering forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

c.        Share the Gospel.

d.       Religion brings with it emptiness. It has rituals that must be done again and again and there is not peace with God, only a fearful wondering if you have done enough.

e.        Jesus offers Joy unspeakable.

Religions are man’s search for God; the gospel is God’s search for man.

There are many religions, but one gospel. E. Stanley Jones (1884–1973)

                Christ is not one of many ways to approach God, nor is he the best of several ways; he is the only way. A. W. Tozer (1897–1963)

App: Do you know Jesus? Do you know the Joy of the Lord? Have you experienced forgiveness through the cross of Jesus? Have you turned from your sin and trusted in Jesus, alone, to save.

2.       God wants us to Look forward, not backward

a.        There are some things God will not allow to happen if we cling to the past.

places we want to go in life, dreams fulfilled, and breakthroughs desired

b.       The good old days are long gone.

c.        The Pharisees wanted to go back to Mt. Sinai and Moses.

d.        Hindsight may be 20/20, but we often exaggerate things.  We usually interpret the past as to our present need.

ILL: New baby things- the old things are broken. Remodeling the bathroom-the old starts looking better when we see the cost of the new. We are comfortable with the old things.

App: Don’t get stuck in the past. Stop looking back to the good old days and start looking forward to God’s way.


3.       God’s way is always a new way

a.        Why is it always a new way? Because it is not our way.

b.        God wants us to grow spiritually.

c.        We get used to religious rituals. We have a comfort zone that goes against God’s way.

d.        Our old selves are old wineskins - Our previous experiences, our prejudices, the familiar, the comfortable, our present level of growth, our cherished customs.

ILL:  Some times it is hard to get used to the new. Once you have gone forward into God’s way the old just doesn’t work. New gadgets in the bathroom. You can’t get paper towels by waving your hand in front of the old.

App: Set aside your old way, and Go with God’s way.


Invitation:  Salvation; Baptism; Church Membership; The call.


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