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Good Teaching and Learning

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Intro: The relationship between teacher and student is a subject that isn't stressed enough. This passage deals with this subject, especially with the student’s responsibility to the teacher.

I. How to do good to a Teacher. vs.6

A. Exposition
The student needs to share the ministry of the teacher
The student needs to be under a teacher that teaches the truth.
B. Application
When we listen to the teaching are we doing or sitting?
Are we making sure that its the true word of God being taught.

II. Why do to good to a Teacher vs. 7-9

A. Exposition
By rejecting the teaching of a called minister, rejecting God
Men cannot mock God because they can deceive themselves.
Be strong don't be weary
B. Application
He will judge according to works, which are seeds sown for eternity of either joy or sorrow.
When we listen to our flesh its not good for our soul.
When we do Good , God will reward us in his time.
III. When to Serve with a teacher vs.10
A. Exposition
Serve with them every opportunity
Do good to all with all opportunity available
B. Application
We need to keep our eyes open to the opportunity that God gives us and allows.
The First obligation we have to our house which includes our Church family and our own household.
Conclusion: we can see how important teacher and student or to the process of spreading the Gospel. If the teacher isn't teaching the truth, or the student isn't tuned into the teachers teachings, we fall short and that’s not acceptable in God kingdom work.
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