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Birthright - Deuteronomy 21:16-17 The law says a man should divide up all he has among all of his sons plus 1, the extra portion should be given to the first born son.
Blessing - not related to the material inheritance or the covenant, but part of the birth right to the oldest son. The patriarch would speak a blessing over the oldest son in faith that God would bless him.
Covenant - God’s promise to Abraham. Not transferable by man(Genesis 17:18-21.) Abraham tried to claim Eliezer as his heir but God rebuked him saying that his own son would be his heir (Genesis 15:2-4.) God had already chosen Jacob to cary on the promise but Issac was going to bless Esau, this doesn’t mean that Esau would have carried on the covenant, that is not up to man to decide that is up to God.
Rebekah intervened and caused the issues between her sons to increase. She was trying to do the right thing but she went about it the wrong way.
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