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20200531 - Pentecost - Turn the World Upside Down

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Amen. Please you will not hurt my feelings. If you call me Deborah and pee dance, but if it just got to say Reverend Deborah, I understand, let's let's pray to the father father in Jesus name. I just give Glory To You Lord on this Pentecost Sunday Lord. There's so many things that are happening in the world today. There's so many things that Lord we can feel sad about there's so many things that we can borrow ahead of the lord. We can look up to you Lord. You are help I have comes from you got and you have given us the Holy Spirit To Tread upon scorpions To Tread upon those things that you're trying to defeat us in our spirit person. It's a long day. I pray God the Lord we will know who we are father. I pray that today God the Lord we will be able to say we're ready to turn the world upside down. Degas that we won't walk away with a missional director from you God that's in jail, or we will not feel bad when we are persecuted because that's what Jesus experienced in the name of Jesus that you will help us Lord understand that we are not the ones who were born in yesterday, but we won't be going against normal for a Greater Works than what the world has given us. Lord rafting for two Miracles today the miracle of speaking the word of God and a miracle of hearing the word of God just like you did on the day of Pentecost Lord empty me and then fill me a fresh so that those who didn't think it robbed rejected come into this for sure worship service would walk away being able to say they have been directed by you not buy pdubs not by Pastor Holland not by a reverend Walton, but by the Holy Spirit himself in the name of Jesus, Amen.

the scripture you occurred in your reading

I'm going to read yet another portion. Oh, that's scripture. Is coming from Acts chapter 17 verses 5 to 9. But the Jews who were not persuaded.

Be coming in Via.

Took some of the evil man from the marketplace and Gathering a mob set all the city in an uproar in attacked the house of Jason. Is salt to bring them out to the people.

But when they did not find them. They dragged Jason and some brother and to the rulers of the city crying out these who have turned the world upside down. How come here?

Jason has Harvest them and these are all acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar saying there is another king. cheese

and they trouble the crowd. and the rulers of the city when they heard these things so when they had taken security from Jason and the rest they let them go. Can we just meditate on that just for a second?

Are you all able to hear me? Okay?

Someone said that they are not even here at all. Are you able to hear now? Do you hear a loud sound?

Of course, of course, of course.

What happened to the audio? Okay. Alright. Let me let me go back and do that one more time. Is that okay? You guys cuz I want to make sure that you hear hear the scripture a man. hear the scripture properly

what did Jews who were not persuaded become an envious took some of the evil man from The Marketplace? And Gathering the Mob set all the city in an uproar and attacked the house of Jason and salt to bring them out to the people, but when they did not find them they dragged Jason and some brother and to the rulers of the city crying out. these who have turned the world upside down have come here to Jason has Harbor them and these are all acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar saying there is another king.

And they travel to crowd. and the rulers of the city when they heard these things so when they had taken security from Jason and the rest they let them go. This is the word of God for the people of God. Let us meditate and pause on what was just read.

The title of the sermon for those who keep track of such a thing as turn the world upside down.

What does it mean to turn the world upside down? What does it mean to go in a position of what the world expects?

What does it mean to have such Integrity within yourself that you will not allow a people to pull you in deceptive practices?

in menial conversation and behaviors that are not conducive of God himself.

I believe that in this season of Pentecost in the season where we celebrate the birth of the church that giving of the Holy Spirit. That we are still living in the Pentecost season. That we children of God after thousands of here. We are still living in the season of Pentecost works. The Holy Spirit has poured out his Spirit upon All Flesh so that we can talk aside we can dream dream. We can heal the sick.

I believe in God. Not only wants us to be in Jerusalem.

What he desires for us to go to the uttermost parts of the world and I believe that this covid-19 didn't take God by surprise and more taking us by surprise split hasn't taken by surprise because I wasn't able to speak to the other worlds part of the world and we haven't left our house. Yeah.

Here is Paul. Paul Mission no mythology about the Dollar Tree was to go to the Jews first then the Greeks.

He had a methodology to his ministry. He had a vision to his ministry and he would not. Move off the dime. Do we want to turn the world upside down for Christ Pastor? Do you want to turn the world upside down for Christ storage? Do you want to turn the world upside down for Christ Christian organizations don't you want to do do you want to turn the world upside down Coke right question because

Do we have spirits? And what are we doing about it? You see the Lord wants us to apply this application to our life if you're taking notes, and I encourage you to do so because you only remember 10% of what I say 25% of what I speak and 100% of what you allow yourself to do.

If we are wanting to turn the world upside down head for wanting to be a people who who people say, you're not a person you are peculiar person you seem to talk differently for what the world is the we need to develop a missional methodology and stick with it.

Call stuck to his missional methodology. We must be a missional minded Church setting of vision and sticking to it is the Kia building the kingdom of God. Polly went to cities that have Jews within its borders. He went to City Hall where they were people he can first relate to They were considered the low hanging fruit if you will.

Dan he went to other people. His missional mindset was no Jews in the city move on. What is the vision for your church? What is the vision for your evangelism team? What is the reason for the missionary society? When is the Visions were in the pillow top? What is it that God has us to do. Don't examine the first challenge of turning the world upside down after you gotten a missional methodology. You got a mission. You've got a vision. You've got a strategy. You got to meet with challenges say challenges familiar people. Dr. Challenges in it for people who look like us to talk like us behave like us can probably get on your last nerves. Amen. I think I cuss and they believe they know us a man, but God has already told us you're not from this place. Your citizens of the most high God you're going to be different from the people who look like you and talk like you and think they know you. They need to see a difference not the same.

Call Horizons decimal and who does he meet? he needs empty-minded uneducated envious Elite two people who were members of the House of Prayer? Not before you hit that leave vitamin and leave the meeting. I want you to understand that some of the more difficult people to deal with other people in the church. Amen, amen because we believe that we understand how church should go.

Something that does not move off of tradition will become stagnant and die.

We have to get to a place where we embrace. Not only our Traditions with your great. But also how how is the people the new people who have never heard of Christ moving and having them, you know the people who've never been in church.

It's an interesting thing how God works a thing in my life. There are people who are called nuns. Say it with me none.

Say dance in spirituals moms are people who say I don't want any of that people who said I've gone to church. I went to church with Grandma went to church with Auntie went to church with Mama and and Daddy and I'm done with that. Are people who are spiritual say yeah, I believe that there's someone great out there, but I can find God all by myself.

Halloween it's a integrate with such a people. Hope all he engaged to people.

Who believed that they knew God?

He Engage The People. Who had their traditions in head in and went to the houses of Prayer in and set up the House of Prayer in and they were good with their relationship with God, but they didn't want to hear about this new thing that God was doing didn't want to hear about this Messiah Fellowship. They didn't want to hear about healing and and Gifts up speaking in tongues and and and and and and and interpretation songs and prophecy. No no, no, no.

Which Where We Are?

But God had a mission for Paul. He was to turn the world upside down. He had a turn the world upside down my namesake set. He had an attitude. Don't fit in to get in type of attitude.

It is important that we hear that. Because sometimes we go and we are as ministers as Christians. We try to fit in and to get in but we don't realize is that we're still dealing with worldly ideology.

Let us look at our next application. Don't let the world turn you upside down. You are supposed to turn the world upside down just like Paul and his disciples in the house with Jason. We're supposed to turn the world upside down and it and and Paul reflects this and 1st Thessalonians 2 Thessalonians chapter 2. He says we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel. I want you to say to whoever is next to you. I've been approved approved and other words. You don't need somebody to approve you when you been approved by God. Have you been approved by God check your salvation? Because God says you've been approved and not only are you a little buggy has entrusted you with the Knoxville airport. Creek speak not pleasing men speak speak don't be afraid of the faces that you will see pink people turn their nose up people will roll their eyes up people want to look at you like you're crazy. But speak speak unapologetically, please come on. Come on, come on. In the church, we no longer talking about Sin why because we're pleasing God. We're dead. We're trying to please man instead of pleasing God.

God wants us to not please man, but then please help. It is God who is testing our hearts today off? Get rid of ringworms watch your toes right there because we got to sit in The Gideons that we got to give everybody all kinds of cool dolls and put things all over them to make them feel good what we're going to do. Flattery gets you nowhere.

Buttering up somebody get you nowhere.

The water this ain't OT. They stop using flattering words. Thanking God that's going to come get somebody to come into your church or come into salvation how to be a leader or be whoever no kissy plane. Already been approved by him. People who don't want to talk to you people who got to go to recognize you they don't need to be connected.

I'm sorry. Y'all probably would never invite me back to your church again, but if you know anything about you know that I'm going to tell you what the word saying a man. Check your hidden agenda. Uncorked in word covetousness Covington swings, just meet and greet by Witnesses everything we do. We don't call to check a hidden agenda. What are we grade? E4? What are we greedy for? Are we green for a paycheck or we greet are we greeting for somebody. Sign up for Prestige Towing greeting people get mad at me because I like to call myself. I'll be there for your reference.

Because as soon as I get it soon as I stop putting all these home title, hopefully, I'll get the big head. I'm just letting you know. I'm trying to be greedy for that ain't

stop seeking Glory from people. praise God the word of God to stop seeking Glory from people who Walmart because it's so dirty. Giving you going you're going to get them or to watch the people who do something in church. And you don't give them credit. Hey, you ready to leave church?

I'm just saying. What would everything we do? If we focus on God, if we do it to the glory of God if we move and have our being because we want God to be glorified and not me not to rev. Dr. Whoever not the daughter or whoever it is. Let me know and I will live do or don't you worry about people letting you what he said. Call Tina. customize your approved

Come on now already lifted.

He just your pools already.

Are you?

Are drawers for you?

He's listening.

The Lord would have be to say to you don't get duped by the hype.

Don't be dupe. By the height of this world your title your money your position your degrees whatever since I power you think you have God is not impressed.

Is dirt under his feet.

Because he owns and he was and he said let it be enough that you are approved by me what must I do to get you the hottest and the greatest role that you can play. Is that of a Christian.

He's entrusted us with the gospel.

And he saying to the Thessalonians. Don't get hyped up. Don't let everybody else hype you up. Stay humble.

Don't abuse your call or Lord over people as though you're God you're not. a manor house

call Ted. I made no demands as an apostle of Christ to you.

Just because you're a pastor does not mean that you Lord for your movers. Just because your daughter Chelsea doesn't mean that you think yourself is everybody's gravel for a position to his such a time as this to let people know that God puts on his way and you don't

everything that we do should have said I should just turn the world upside down. The world's way is an opposition of God's way. Look, what is happening in our world. Look what is happening in our communities moms are gathering moms are gathering. They have no sense of God, Amen and they and I bet you I bet you there's some people who is going to church in those miles. I'm just going to move on.

God is calling us to turn the world upside down and everything in our life.

To speak opposite of what the world would think? Jesus says if someone hits you offer the other cheek.

If someone takes your clothes give them your cloak your outerwear as well.

If someone wants to curse you out blessing.

If someone wants to look nasty and me treat you made me forgive them. They don't know what they're doing. They don't know that they're dealing with the anointed of God. Come on a man.

He says be gentle among those with whom you speak.

He says he pleased to impart the gospel of God. Isn't that interesting be gentle among the ones you speak to and then hate and part the gospel. How many people do we pass by and we don't tell about the gospel churches are empty if we were just to stop and say hello to someone not to say hello to shove the Bible down this road not to say hello to shove our card in their hand and sisters to say hello and just be friendly. How many people will follow you into the church? I'm just saying be ready to pour out your own lives. We've gotten really comfortable. In our Pentecostal season, we gotten comfortable.

But we need to pour out our own lies. We need to preach the gospel of God teach the gospel God be the living Bible that someone will read because they won't read the book. You're the book. Here's a Life Application evangelize Nations. Extend the gospel to people who do not look or act like you and tell them about Jesus. Can you do that today? Can you purpose in your heart to evangelize the nation's teaching them everything that Jesus is talk to you inviting them to be baptized in the name of the Lord because Jesus says I'm with you when you do I'm with you don't we want Jesus to be with us. You see Paul preached to God's ears pop preach the leading women Paul Kris the evening the envious juice the God fearing people were the people who were going to the Jewish synagogue, but not have not yet really connected to the Jewish synagogue in the leading women were people who worked out to either be Jewish synagogue leaders or leaders in their own right in some kind of form awake women. This is WMS Day, praise God. I want you to know that many of you have calls on your life to preach the gospel many of you have calls in your life to teach many of you all have caused in your life to leave congregation, but many of you or Sitting on your gifts. You can say Amen or I'll just say nothing, but I'm going to say it. I'm going to say it again. walk in your anointing Cami Walk in your anointing Dorothy Moore has not cut you off. Telogis girls calling you to a greater work in the body part is calling you to a great woman play that piano and then teach somebody else how to play it. I'll be your first student. Praise God.

See how the enemy trying to work trying to make that sound again. Amen. I've been letting you know not today and man.

Be prepared to invest time and teach people.

Paul state three Sabbath Days with them which is equivalent to 325 weeks. How much time are we willing to invest in people's lives?

Paul reason from reason with them from the scriptures too often. We're talkin off the top of her head open up your Bible reason with people from the scripture because then they ain't Fightin you define Gotham cells moving on Paul plans include and explaining and demonstrating that Christ has a suffix that cries have to ride her there. Do you know that people don't understand? Why cars have the suffix that people don't understand that what the significance of Christ resurrection that when Christ suffered eat supper for you he suffered for me. He's suffered for the world. So that people could be safe. All they have to do is confront the Lord Jesus Christ be such were some of you would not have to suffer Eternal separation from him. The father go to Summer's Day lyrics to let everyone know that this man was not a sinner this man was not treacherous. This man was not exist. This man was not a lunatic, but this man was wrong. And I approve of him did I tell you that you're approved of God? See Paul did not make it about himself. But Christ by saying the Jesus whom I preach to you is the Christ. Don't focus on the people you can't reach. Focus on the people that you can invest time and people and I promise you your church is not large enough to contain the people who will sit in the Pew because of you. Just make sure you have something to say.

I got moved off of that praise God. I'm your friend. I'm. I'm your friend. I just want to let you know just have something to say. The Paul preach to the Greeks Paul preach the leading women Paul preached to anyone who would hear them, but the people who wouldn't hear them were envious Jews. Does Envy means to striver to be zealous and actually Greek word is it mean zealot? MV Rosella Covington slip leads the hostility and passionate agitation was the typical Jewish forward. Do we find yourself having a a a a a passionate agitation?

Ambien a passionate commitment to a person of cars with negative consequences. Oh my goodness. We see this is in church churches all the time. They get Mom and they will get you up and telling a bishop or no will tear you down old man.

I will leave that alone does not try to help others, but rather to Hondas the harm them.

Inner Harbor trying to harm someone we're trying to diss someone we're trying to denigrate someone we're trying to dismiss them out of my life and we hold them it is not the person that will answer but it will be gone who will answer. Oh, yeah, M vs. Rays directly links to a reaction to another new attainment and Prestige let somebody be assigned to a bigger church. Let somebody be assigned as a presiding Elder even a bishop. Who did I think that And tell them what somebody be promoted to be a steward or trucks equal how she get that she going to be sleeping. Church with a Mercedes. What did you say?

I love you. I'm P. I'll be your friend a man understand that we've got to watch are envious raise because I envious rage doesn't like to see people tell us we called that the corgard me telling me we were poor people. Ashley Potter to Courtyard mentality that we don't like to see people raised up for Obama. He couldn't even be a person of the United States born in the United States to put him down. He couldn't be a Christian. He had a beer mug with people try to pull up the people try to make a mistake and what he wanted to let me tell you something. We can teach you. What do you mean? What do you need me to do? Because when they go up you will go up.

What in the world were they envious off what exactly were the Jews are said about? Let me tell you what there was said about February 6th at here told his people who follow Jesus, you know, the guy that hung on the cross, you know, the guy that the Romans kill, you know, who is doing those Miracles, you know some of those Dark Times lyrics

the Lakers today

tell that became envious. They became envious and their Envy look ugly before the Lord.

Your understanding of God was turned upside down you see. And if we're going to be powerful people of God, we need to have our religion turned upside down and then be filled with the Holy Ghost because we got too many religions religious spirits in the church. We got too many rules and regulations in the church. We got two men. I'm going I'm in I'm in the wrong house. Amen.

You see when religion gets in the way of ministry then it glorifies man and doesn't glorify God and soak year was the Jews who were only given Ten Commandments talked it up to 619 Commandments because they didn't know how to fulfill her first ten commandments. So they thought they had to build all these different rules to be holy and to be Sanctified every filled with the Holy Ghost will let me tell you something. God wants you to know you don't have to have a bunch of rules to be filled with the Holy Ghost. You don't have to have all these things that you do to make yourself glow up.

And he's entrusted you with a Gospel of Jesus Christ. And God has turned upside down. When is the last time that you're whatever worship has has been turned upside down from God when to change your worship. Are you looking to you?

We got to get to a place where he'll charge and I'm not talking about I'm not talking about, something that makes makes people look crazy out on so much that the Lord gives us all kinds of manifestations of his power manifestations of His presence manifestations of his person hard and rough side of it. helicopters all about the Holy Spirit is coming towards the Saints are coming to give her given us gifts catify the church and edify the community and a gift of the spirits because we're playing What's up, what you to know, if you have ears to hear today that God desires to store his and pull out his holy spirit upon all of us. We are all receive the Holy Spirit. There's nothing more that needs to happen to you, but now walking talking.

Do you want to change your way of life he wants to change your way of thinking he wasn't sure what would happen. If everybody on this call. We all left together. Come on. Come on, Sacramento. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on with the Holy Ghost in the machine and people come out in the dark. Just want to know what in the world is going on Castle Rock.

Well. We going to the tent cities next to no more people go into the highways and the byways. It's going to these ten City Select people know just because you don't have a home just because you don't have a job just because you don't want to go to close because Jesus is already approved of you and he will entrust you with the Gospel of Jesus Christ that you are somebody. You're not a nobody. It's okay. You're welcome on my church. It's okay. You may not want a good but you know what, they're going to clean you up whenever you really suppose you are embracing your love you a little bit about your car stuff me and that she was Yes, come on pastor.

UC instead they allowed they're Envy to erode race relationships. They allowed their Envy to quench the Holy Spirit and as a result, they took evil men from the marketplace as a result of gathered a mob gathered thinking that they were going to come against Paul and his disciples thinking that they were going to come come and get us a very anointed people of God. And do you know that Paul Hayden Paul in his disciples had already moved on a mess. We move towards Berea a place where God was going to get them accepted. But let me tell you something. Do you know that when God touches your life and that when you allow the anointing to come upon your life that God himself what will cover around you and people will people say well I can't get to Paul and I and I can't get to his disciples for Jason. I'm coming after you don't be so shy don't be shocked when people come up to you because you caulk Edition Apostle Hollis. Don't be shocked went where when people come out to you because you you you caught the vision Apostle who went when people talk to you when you call.

Don't you mean when you call someone and then it will take to the calendar today? Today's Vision you don't be persecuted. Don't be shy.

Because we got to get this vicious together. We got to get this mission and vision together right now and when we get this Mission or Vision together God God will pour out even more than we can possibly understand. Here's a here's the last application be like Christ. Jesus asked don't be shocked.

You're going to suffer like I do. If you're doing what I'm telling you to do, if you're living a holy life, if you're turning your world upside down you are going to be persecuted like I was persecuted but here's was here. So here's the good news. You're already approved from God and you're already living a eternal life. You're just on this side of Heaven A man supposed to be persecuted in Christ's name is expected Hallelujah. There's someone on this call. Dad is looking the same. ha

I don't know that power. I don't know about that relationship with God. I don't I don't I don't know.

This this this this person this Holy Spirit, but I know you have a good night to Jews and kind of stuck in my ways and you might be saying to yourself. I want that.

I want that relationship.

I want to know. God in the new way

Got in the way that turns my life upside down turns. My family's life upside down turn my community's life upside down turn my people inside down turn my turn so so that you may be saying that right now. It's okay. See the great thing about Zoom is no one knows what's going on. You're not even really able to look at you. But listen here in your chat room. You can send me a personal note. And I will pray for with you. I won't pray out loud about you, but I will pray with you if you would like. Want to give yourself to the Lord maybe you say man. I don't know if even if I'm saying that I don't know if I really receive the power of the Holy Spirit. I want to know I want to know. I want I want to know God for myself. I've been playing church. I've been like the envious Jews. I've been more of a disruption in the church rather than a blessing if that's you put it in putting in putting in the chat room to me. Don't put it to everybody else put it to me. And then you might you might be on this call, but you might be saying. I know I'm saved but Man, I've been like those nuns guns and spiritual is all right. I don't have a church home. I I don't I don't have claim to a pastor or no one really knows my wife. No one really knows I am not held accountable to anybody. I just been out here without a church.

And maybe you want to join Carter memorial under the pastor Dominic Holland. Maybe you want to go over to St. James Modesto like and be with Reverend Taylor off. Maybe you were in Sacramento on your culture Allen Chapel Sacramento and you want to be under Reverend hood or maybe you're in the Bay Area in the Tri-City. Are you say Happy Tails? Can I be a part of your church still has enough characters on this call? Who would be glad to take it you who I say, I live in Berkeley. I would like to go to st. Paul Barkley net the week. We can hook you up wherever you want to be you might even so I don't really want to be and I can come back and do some I want to just go to a Christian Bible teaching church. We will hook you up. It's not a bug is in my relationship to Jesus.

And then you might say well, I'm good with my church home. I'm good with my salvation, but I want to know. The power of God in my life. I got some repenting and I need to do I've had a poor attitude. I've been sitting on my calling and I just didn't want to get off, but I've said I've used the excuse that I'm too old up. I've used the excuse that I'm too young. I use the excuse that I'm sick. I use the excuse that I'm broke and talk to somebody that he's approved of you.

If I'm talking to you. No, it's not me talking but the Holy Spirit self another heart. Would you use the chat room and send me a personal note? I see three. No send there already. Would you would you let your prayer request be known?

What you allow the Holy Spirit to move differently if you say in your heart, I am tired of sitting in an empty church.

Gillette let the Lord touch you right now. And move you. And allow you to walk in the anointing of God what you do that? I'm going to turn the service over to Dominic Pastor Dominic.

Somers public services from Taco Bell

Dashie Dominic

dip your car

How much time is left?

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ma'am I would like to invite.

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