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The Letters to the Seven Churches, (Part 11) Revelation 2-3: the Letter to Philadelphia 3:6-13

Pastor Scott Hedge
The Letters to the Seven Churches, Revelation 2-3  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  43:24
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 The head v. 7

o Holy--Linked to YHWH

o Reality

o Authority

o Sovereign

 The opportunity, v. 8

o The fact

o The meaning

o The appropriateness of the figure “open door”

o The place of the open door

o Preparation for an open door

o How do they qualify?

• Personal weakness

• Personal obedience

• Did not deny His name

 The future vv. 9-11

o Relative to their present, v. 9

o Relative to the tribulation, v. 10

 A promise vv. 12-13

Open door (opportunity)

 Does not mean absence of opposition

 Not necessarily mean permanent opportunity

 Existence of need is not necessarily an open door

The Lord’s imminent return is used two ways in the New Testament

 To warn

 To comfort

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