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God Answers Prayer In Different Ways

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Prayer is at the heart of the Christian faith. And God does answer prayer. However, He answers prayer in different ways and it might not always be as we expect or want. Brother Paul brings a message on Pentecost Sunday about God answering prayer in many different ways.

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Let's Stay Together for the reading God's word found over and 2nd Corinthians chapter 1 beginning with verse 10 beginning with God is good all the time. God says he has delivered us from such a deadly Pearl and he will deliver us again on him. We have set our hope that we will continue to deliver us as your ass as you hope Us by your prayers you help us by your prayers. The mini will give thanks on behalf of the gracious favor granted us an answer to our prayers of many. Now, this is our most our conscience testifies that we are being conducted ourselves in the world and especially in the relationship with you with integrity and God security we have done so relying on only a worldly wisdom, but I'm God. Grace the time like to go to God In Prayer Brother David Julius in the war prayer, please. Stanley father we just thank you for this day Lord. We thank you for just this time. We can come to worship God. We just pray for brother Paolo as he brings a message to Lord in Jesus name so rely only on wehrle God's grace. I believe there's a lot of different things that has to do with our Christian walk with God as we think about today being Pentecost Sunday and how the Holy Spirit dwells within each and every one of us and I as I said before I thank God for the father and the son and what else for the holy spirit that three-in-one the godhead that we as Christians are able to have as a part of our lives in the driving force in our Lives Many Ways To Worship. That Holy Spirit helps us to be able to feel the presence of God no matter where we are. I think God today. I know all of you that are listing wherever you are and all of you here today at church. I thank God for being with me everyday. Amen. No matter where I am. And no matter what I'm facing and no matter what I'm going through. I think God to know that not only did God send his son to die upon an Old Rugged Cross and Jesus went to be with God up in heaven, but I thank God that Holy Spirit is with us every day to direct our paths.

Where the holy spirit is something that you need to call on every day. Don't you the holy spirit gives you the strength to be able to face things that you did say you could ever face that holy spirit gives you the drive to be able to go on even when you think it's about time to give up different ways of knowing how to talk to God and allowing God to be in our hearts and in our lives, I believe there's a lot of different ways to worship with the Holy Spirit. Hopefully when you're at church here or wherever you may be today that you feel the spirit around you. Amen you feel God's presence there that Holy Spirit is what gives you a lot of folks Road Paul. I don't know about testifying I believe that the best testimonies that you can ever have is not testimonies that you just say, right? It's testimonies of his give Do you buy God testimonies that God leads you in Direction Brother David would say the same as I would hear this morning the best sermons I've ever preached in. My whole entire life is not a thought that I had but I thought that the holy spirit gives us and gives us what we need to be able to preach but the Holy Spirit also if somebody that we can call on I believe the holy spirit is just not a name that we say but I believe that Holy Spirit is someone that we can call upon in our hour of need and what else even when things are going to Google it would call up on that Holy Spirit and thank God for him and thank God for that spirit that leaves us and guide us and direct snap rare is a very interesting part of Christianity. I believe today that prayer is still very important. Amen. I believe having prayer in your life is sort of what the basis of your Christianity should be in that Father Son and the Holy Spirit in having that ability to feel that prayer and having that time of talking to God. I told you all many times before with my mom after my dad passed away and she was living by herself and Sheila was really good and I think some of you hear the church can tell you she's pretty good about calling and checking on you and I try to do that from time to time, but my mom wanted me to call and talk to her, you know how often every day. Every day that I'd be certain times that I would. Be pretty good and do that for three or four days, but let me tell you what when I miss one day. My mom will let me know when I called her the next day. You know what you would say to me you forgot about your mama, didn't you? And I say no mama. I haven't forgot about you. Just been busy. I guess what you say then. Oh, so you've been too busy to talk to your mama, huh? You been too busy to talk to you know, mama. I wasn't I wasn't too busy to talk to you at it just slipped my mind. Oh. So you forgot about your mama. Sometimes I would just keep digging that deep dish and I can finally say mama. I'm sorry, but I love you and your mom would always say that's okay son. I still love you. That's sort of sounds like our relationship with God sometimes dead and the Holy Spirit we call upon him a lot when we really need him. I know this past 10 weeks 11 weeks have a lot going on. I've been praying a whole lot more than I ever have before God help us to be able to reach everybody God help us to be able to make sure that our family is safe and I don't have a family but what else our church family are people that we love and we pray to God and we forgot it and I've heard a lot of people say I'm praying for the church stores to be open and I'm praying for God's spirit and praying for all of those type of things. I truly believe that God here. And answered those prayers didn't he he found a way for us, but God not only wants to hear from us when things are not going good. God wants to hear from you when things are going good in your life when things are going through and you've heard me say it's many many many many times to you you calling you say you have a situation is going on in your life different things that are happening in your life. And one of the things that I believe that we all need to agree say a big amen to this today. We don't know the answers to everything right? Hey, man, we don't we're not even getting close to knowing the answers to everything. I think every day I learn something new and praise God for that. That means we're still growing and learning in God's image, but I believe one of the most important things that we can do no matter whatever is going on in our life. And you probably heard me say this no many how many times you're at church. And also when I talk to you on the phone or wherever it may be and you say there's a situation in your life. I say these words. Let's pray about it. What's pray about it or what? I'll be praying for you. What does that mean when I say let's pray about it. Let's turn it over to God and ask for God's direction. We all know that God works in wonderful. What else mysterious ways. I can explain you can explain God has that ability to decipher those prayers in our lives and God hears each and every one of those prayers. God knows you by name God knows what is going on in your life, but we have to understand the importance of knowing what prayer is all about. Prayers are not always answered the same way every time amen. Got answers them in different ways in your life. Now one of the problems that we have with prayer and I know none of the rest of your life is so just blame this on your preacher a lot of times when we go to prayer. We've already decided what we want God to do, right? God this is what I want you to do. God this is what else you ever had a plan when you tell God how you want things done. I want not only to be answered God, but I want it to be figured out like this in my time frame and God. I thank you for doing it what my way God. I thank you for listening to what I want. Instead of what God's will is well one of the things that I want you to know when I truly believe this God knows better for you than you know for yourself. right God knows what's best for you and when you're praying to God and you've already got all the answers and saying God, this is how I wanted to be God. This is how I wanted to look like God. This is how I hope the outcomes going to be and God I thank you for that. Sometimes. God says no. Don't think so. No, I don't think that's the way that that prayer needs to be. And that's not the answer that I think that this prayer should be given over the scriptures. We find that God may change the situation about what you are praying about over and Acts chapter 12 verse think about work. Peter was appears in prison. I don't know about you, but I hope I'm never there. What's going on there? You're worth it. You have no Freedom, right Peter was even to a point where he was Shackled with some soldiers. They wanted to make sure that he was going to stay over and ask 12 5 if you see this morning, it says so. Was kept in prison. But the church listen to these words, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him. The night before Harold was about to bring him to trial here was sleeping Between Two Soldiers bam with 2 Chainz stood guard over him at the entrance suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared in the light Shone in the cell. He struck Peter on the side and woke him up get quick get up. He said it is change fell off of Peters wrist. Then the angel said to him put on your clothes and your sandals and Peter did so wrap your cloak around you and follow me the angel told him Peter followed him out of the prison. They had no idea what the angel was was doing was really helping. He thought he was seeing a vision they passed the first and second guards and it came to the Iron Gate leading to the city it open by it open for them by itself and they went When they had walked the length of one street suddenly the angel left him then Peter came to him and said now I know without a doubt that the Lord has sent his Angel and rescued me from Harrods clutch and from every Everything the Jewish people were hoping would happen scripture and I like it when it first starts out there, but the church what was earnestly praying what does things I believe in your prayer life and you know God's every changing direction in your life is sometimes it takes hope I get an amen on this sometime. Sometimes it takes more than just your prayers to get a solution. Sometimes sometimes it's just me praying but one of the things that I think is so good to hear the church and many other churches do this as well. It's good to tell others what's going on in your life in what need that you have. It's wonderful to know today and I want everybody here at this church to know this and everyone that's listening in this morning every day. We as a church family should be praying for each other shouldn't lie. Maybe calling each other by name or call him for your church family, but praying whatever that may be yours Peter. In such a bad situation haired wanted the worst for him. He wanted Peter not to be a thorn in his side any longer anyone Peter's demise to show the others what would happen to them? If they did is Peter did but the church never gave up even though Peter may have been very weak and very lonely than that sell Shackled to Two Soldiers it definitely I believe this it took a miracle for Peter to be rescued. I believe today that Miracles comes from prayers, don't they? Miracles still happen God knows your need and you pray earnestly what I like it. Very important word. Why do when we say earnestly what that means just not out of words, right? It's just not some more a prayer that we wrote and prayer that we share. It's a word earnestly that we say what comes from my heart and we're praying and we're honestly praying and saying God help these folks help the ones that I need. We also know that over and ask for 23 through 39 when I go to read all that to you this morning the church was in great distress. I think a lot of our churches in the last few weeks. We can say Amen of had a little stress on his heavenly. Wondering about what to do and how to go on and all of those type of things in the church is praying and the church was praying God send somebody. To do what helps? Godson somebody to give us the direction that we need God's in somebody that's going to build us up and give us the strength that we need in the comfort that we need and somebody that will lead us through and I'm sure many of those people when they were praying they already decided we'd like for that person to come. Really? That's the person that needs to lead us. But we all know that God has. A direction that he wants to lead all of our churches in and not only are churches that lead our lives and what are the things that we have to realize is sometimes God's ways is not always always is it? God has a different path God has a different place and he wants you to be God has a different way of leading you over in Acts 9 26. It says when he came to Jerusalem, he tried to join the disciples, but they were all afraid of him not believing that he really was a decide who we talked about their well, all of you Bible scholars know and you've heard me preach many times upon remember that guy by the name of Saul That God had to leave God and directing to save his heart and his mind and God changed him so much. That his name became what Paul that's pretty good name. The Paul. Lot of these people that we're praying you have to realize this a lot of these people that we're praying saying God do what save our church God help our church to have what it needs to keep going on and God help our church to be able to do your will a lot of those folks. what else all was persecuting Christians may have felt some of that persecution and his disciples that was praying saying I don't know about this. In what he did and what his past looks like and now he is being sent to lead us. How can this be? Folks I want you to know I believe that God can use anybody anytime, right? No matter who you are. No matter what you've done and God can take you and use you in mysterious ways. I can be honest with you and I think Sheila amen me over here from the amen Pew on the left hand side. 17 years ago. We had no idea where in the world Bethlehem United Methodist Church was We didn't have no idea where Mount Hermon was. I sort of knew where Monroe County was. Yes, I sort of knew that but I know that's 16 years ago. She and I were praying I do you want to stay where you wanted to be guided you want us to do all the churches here, we're praying and who would have ever thought. The guy would put us over here, but God had a plan. God has a plan in your life. God knows where you need to be God knows who needs to help you with that plan. And God will give you what you need in your heart and in your life you look at you've heard this scripture. Many times before of an act 16:19 Paul and Silas are in the prison in Philippine. Now I don't know about you. But if I was in a prison. I think your own agree with me on this if I was in a prison, I will be praying for what now be honest. Is it a prison you probably praying Lord get me out of here. Amen. Lord I don't want to be here Lord I want you to be able to take me to where I need to be out of this place. I want to meet these shackles anymore. So often our prayers can become so selfish can't they? What's best for who? Not best for everybody or not what's best for the lost? But what's best for me me me me.

I have anything against Paul and Silas were praying y'all get me out of this mess. I've been in some of those message before haven't you maybe not into sale? No go out and tell her by your purchase been in jail is not been there. But I've been in some message before I ain't been in places that you wonder how you're going to be able to get out of those in and so often I'll pray that prayer and you pray that prayer God bring me out of this. But sometimes God has a way of saying. I want you to learn something from this situation, right? I want you to learn how good can come from a bad situation God. I want you to I want God I want to talk to us and says I want you to learn how that what you do. And this is a big thing in the world today. I believe not only what you do has an effect on yourself, but it also has an effect on who else on the people around you and your family Chris Paul and Silas are in the jail cell and their wondering about what to do and how the world ever going to get out of here and and instead of I think if I was in a jail cell, would you be happy? I don't think so. Would you want to stay? I don't think so. The number one saying it will be on my mind as I want to get out of this place so I could be happy again. I want to be out of this place so I can have freedom again Paul and Silas says no matter where we are. This is big on Pentecost Sunday. Right is the same to you no matter where you are the holy spirit's there. Amen. All you had to do is what call upon it. Call avani Paul and Silas. State of feeling down and out like we do so often and saying auto buys hear my prayers. I'm not out of here yet and nobody's ever going to nobody's listening to me and not going my way Paul and Silas says instead of having my own little pity party ever done that before. Is there a say nobody's here in my prayers are the cares anything about me Paul and Silas says we're going to do our very best to glorify God. I'm going to worship God and because of what Paul and Silas did. Not only were they sit free, right? But others were saved because of what they did to that first point this morning. God may change the situation about which you are friend. Next. God may show you how to change the situation while one is praying things about the Old Devil is his he don't like to leave us alone. Does it? He doesn't say. Okay now Paul at your prayer time. For the next 10 to 15 minutes. I'm going to leave you alone and I'm not going to put any thought in your mind and I'm not going to put anything there that distracts you. I must go now you you and the Holy Spirit to be together the devil when you're praying. He's working double Time, Indy. What is you doing? Now, I don't know if you all will be honest with me this morning. But if your mind ever wonder say, amen, amen. Does your mind did you ever want to be constant just thinking about one thing or this is what I want. This is I want to have this on my mind. I don't want to have anything else in there because when you're earnestly in that special place with God wonderful things start happening in it. Why is that cuz it's always fair, but the Old Devil says I'm going to try my best what some of the greatest things that the devil uses on you when you're trying to pray I can tell you what he does for me. Start putting a lot of Doubt, didn't he? All God doesn't hear that. There's no way that God can do that for you. There's no way that you're going to be able to overcome that. You're just wasting your breath. Books that happens to us even a great man by the name of Moses you remember him? Who got it given so much. And Moses, I'm sure it's right a whole lot of prayers didn't you wear what we going to do? I'm going to eat have a good to drink we're going to stay. How are we going to win this battle or how we're going to make it through this, you know over and exodus 14:15. It says then the Lord said to Moses. Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on? Tell the Israelites what was that all about crossing the Red Sea I'm about you. But if I had to cross the Red Sea, I'll be praying a whole lot right with the soldiers behind coming after us know where to go or de back to slavery in and he's praying to he's praying to God and Moses the saying God what I need to do and God says Moses cross the Red Sea. What's Moses say? Now none of you've ever said this before one God I think that's impossible. How are we going to cross the Red Sea how we going to move across there? There's no no way to go across there on dry land and God said to Moses what scripture say

In other words do what? Do what I tell you. Just do what I tell you and you're going to be alright, praise be to God Moses dead. And what happened? Miracle took place and everything was all right, and they were saved even though the Old Devil tried to put some doubts. In Moses why? Folks it happens to us. Sometimes it's one of those things and you we've said it I said it you said I believe all things are possible with God Amen. all things are possible with God and you say that and and I believe that's a good motto for us to have as Christians, but sometimes I think we forget that don't we? Sometimes we say if it's possible with me and must be possible with God. Was that you had to realize is we're not on an equal playing field with God. Are we? God knows a whole lot more than you do and a whole lot more than I do and I still believe that God can do miracles.

Are Miracles has to come from work from God but sometimes it takes you doing what God tells you to do. For what for that Miracle to take place so often we have that doubt in frustration in her mind. We say impossible and I believe sometimes God says this to me. And if they ever said this to you as well, you might want to say Amen to this Paul. Just move on Amen. I'll just do what I tell you to do. You prayed about it. If you pray about it, you must believe it can happen, right? You bright about it. I'm telling you what you must do for this to take place. Last point this morning God may leave you in the situation as it is and the chat and change the one that sprang. God may leave you understand what that word says. God may leave you in the situation that you are in but change the one that is praying. What does that say to you anime? it says sometimes we have to realize that where we are is where God wants us to be. And God may just be changing how you perceive. What is going on? I pray to God many times. God get me out of here. And God says what no, stay, right? Stay where you are learn from where you are if we can all pray to God everyday and say God. I've got a list of 50 problems.

And you knew that God would wipe all of them clean. I guarantee you something that you might not agree, but I think you will think about it off of hard if God answered 50 of your problems danian have anymore by the next day. I guarantee you have some more problems, right? And you say what God I want all these answer today and got it that it worked and got the next day. You come back and over and over again Troubles of this world then go away. What we have to realize is where we are. Sometimes it's where God wants us to be and God is going to train you and give you what you need over in Philippians Philippians. 1 beginning where verse 12 Pause word says now. I want you to know brothers and sisters that what has happened to me is actually serve to advance the gospel as a results. It has become clear throughout the whole Palace guard and everyone else that I am in Chains chains for what for Christ and the cause of my chain most of my brothers and sisters have become confident the Lord and they're all the more to proclaim the gospel without fear. What does that say? Paul says I may not like where I am. I might not like the situation that I am in. But no matter where I am. God is going to get the glory and God is going to help me to grow sure. the tall want to stay we was DePaul enjoy where he was no The God's grace and God's helping others was moving forward because of his prayer today folks. I guarantee you beyond any shadow of a doubt. We all face things. We all have struggles. We've had things in our life that I just wanted to get over. I don't have to go with you and I first started dating we went up to up to Cincinnati and she got me on a roller coaster. And I remember sitting in that roller coaster for the very first moment that I got on it to the end of a saying. The world am I doing on this thing? I'm scared.

What's great about a roller coaster? It comes to an end. And you can walk away. Sometimes folks I want you to know that sometimes those situations that you were in his lot longer than a rollercoaster ride in it. And you're saying God get me out of this ride Lord. I don't I want to want to stay on this any longer. Got to get me get me through this. The guy says while you're here.

learn something while you're here help somebody. While you're here learn more about my Grace today on Pentecost Sunday. I believe it's great to say you ready for the biggest name in of the day that God answers prayers. Amen. Would you know why the answers prayers in a lot of different ways. Today, whatever you're facing. as a young preacher I thought I had the answers to everything. And I thought that I could just talk to people and say now this is what God is going to do for you. And this is how God is going to deliver you and this is how God is going to bring you through but the older I get guess what the more I figure out the less I know.

Today, I don't know the answers to all of your questions and I don't know how certain wounds would ever be healed and I don't know how broken situations and families will be brought back together again and mended back together again. But I know a man who does. So today whatever is going on in your life big small. Turn it over to him and know some things may be happening then. Okay, was that first point know this is not only you praying but what? It's your church praying for you. and God is hearing that prayer and answering that prayer but also know this he may not answer exactly like you want him to Know that it's God's will to be done and not our will and he might say just going to stay here a little longer. You going to have to give me some glory and you're going to have to grow on your grace. So today as we said last Sunday and we'll be saying this for a while. We're going to be I believe the leadership of the church has told me they can say Amen to this. We're going to do our very best to continue sharing God's word in different ways and one of those ways of sending it out. So we're going to be doing this for a while. Wherever you are, and I'm going to say this every Sunday. I believe God can save you right here at the church. Say Amen. But I also believe God can save you wherever you are. And God can give you peace wherever you are. So today if salvation needs to come into your heart and your life. All you had to do is accept believe him and confess it and what we've been preaching on for the last few minutes. Pray to me. Tell me what needs to be changed and whatever else is going on in your life today. Whatever that situation is today, please turn those over to God. And let God bless you this time. We'll have our closing song if there's anyone here that would like to have a prayer we invite you to do. So as we say every Sunday I said this before the virus hit I'm going to say it during while the virus is going on and I pray about we invite you to do so for the day.

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