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Wait for the Lord

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Good morning show him into this special says we're having a 11th of July. The Lord has helped us and we know that he was taking him to do. So as we come we going to worship him here and you're hungry today. Let's pray right now. I would just want to read from the Somme found 2018. The Lord is the strength of his people. He is the saving Refuge of his anointed or save your people and bless your heritage be that Shepherd and carry them forever.

The guy had our gracious Lord this week to come together to Worship in this particular away on your day that you would present yourself with us at watch this procast. Whether it's now or later. He'll be pleased to speak to us through your word Lord to encourage this week today week. I'll remind you to see coming of your spirit on the iPhone SE cost on those disciples size many years ago. When we thank you Lord for the strength of the power that he gave to them and they might know that kind of strength. That's the Lord's truth is trying to feel superior to the direction of yours. We will be able to truly reclining Millwood. Frightfully fearlessly are the Lord you wouldn't date blessed by Ministry of your way to speak to each one of us, you know, the needs that we have helped us we do. I'll stay in Jesus dying. Owlman

are we come down to the children stoic and continue to look at the various events in Peter's life to apologize and down the stairs from the one from last week with pizza acknowledge that Jesus is the son of Siam Sunset John the Baptist and Elijah said some Jeremiah out of a prophet that my little child. Who would you say that? I am Peter answers. You are the Christ the son of the Living God and Jesus at knowledge that that when is the Pizza Hut in working out himself? Not sure you somehow someone else telling him about it is time for a direct Revelation from God because none of us can really know who Christ is. So unless God himself. Awaken us to that in the end. Oso, Jesus gave that glorious promise that on the truth that Jesus is the son of God his church is going to be built and the Gates of Hell will never filed against in the devil will not be successful because the Church of Jesus Christ cannot be destroyed and it was a wonderful experience for pizza and the others on that occasion we come today to another very interesting for a significant occurrence in the ministry of Our Lord Church disciples and picked a guy named Pizza is figuring in this and it's the time of Jesus is transfigure not nice in a bit strange, but it was a guy in a very special time in that experience. What happened whilst it to Jesus. Just a pizza James and John in. Take advice you and Choppa amounted wisdom on evening and I were to be there. The night and they had something very special to revealed to the Jesus on that mountain and he is seeking the Lord his prying to him. He's speaking to a guy in the commune with his father in not special why but said we find the time for the three disciples Peter James and John watch Jesus was doing this they old fell asleep, but then it's not really changed cuz this is his glory which is his father on it. But this is what is meant by transfigured. It's very difficult for the gospel. Nike cleats what this look like it was something that I was saying before ever heard of before I never been demonstrated. Anyway, I told on Jesus Sean is how close is whole being shown in the amazing wonderful a glorious way which was reflecting his glory for his truly glorious, but then she was a people appeared with him in that the Transfiguration and the two piece of which are the two people we told who did appear to them was Moses and Elijah and the contact with a Metro no photographs. None of this sort of thing. But I recognized that it was Moses and Elijah that will with Jesus that I'm not actually a man. They were never expecting anything like this like oversleep never known and if it was wondering exactly what was happening. What did this mean? What was the meaning? What was the significance of this particular event voice speaking from the cloud where we read a God himself is speaking same. This is my son whom I love listen to I'm having heard this voice. We try to find that the crow Cloud the cloud dissipated and the weather. On that phone with Chase and as I do this in Pisa receive for a pencil or a place where Moses and Elijah and actually stay White Road safe what he said. He said this is my beloved Son listen to him and things other than Jesus to know what God is saying to us know what he is revealing to it. But Jesus is the Living Word of God Alone knows it's very important. He was the one whom God used to bring the Lord God to his people gave him those Ten Commandments called out by called himself on those tablets of stone and a launcher is one of the night she's not The profit and the news of the mighty wife. But Jesus is the most significant one at all. Elijah said all the Moses tour or plenty to Jesus Christ as the one who should be followed who we should listen to who we should seek to Nauvoo and Mike and I wipe back the street with him. I had a bit of a query eyesight. Why do the teachers of the law cited Elijah must come before the Savior the Messiah thought you were expected to come back in some particular why you not just in the wife that I just said because it's what people teaching and Jesus replies to them. He said Elijah. Come first, then the son of man must suffer and be rejected, but when I tell you Elijah has come already the disciples understood father's the Jesus meant John Baptist John the Baptist find a lost Prophet before Jesus was revealed before he began his ministry. He was coming to do a line along as you prepare the white for Jesus to come at the doctor's Ministry and it was supposed to carry out his work if you're in himself full sentence for salvation, and it was a wondrous thing. You think it meant so much to know. When are we going to see until we get to heaven Jesus in his glory? We will see it then bow before him and worship him in that Glory, but we can still know the saying Jesus because he'll know the same palette we can still know the same strength, then we can trust in him and I'll eyes and I

Received the truly trust in the Lord Jesus Christ the true Son of God. The one whom God himself said he is his beloved Son forgotten please to complete the leaflets and I haven't had any back yet. Please do something about that would be good to be able to see time to do the Ice coming out this week. But initially, I need to make an apology for some reason. I had jedediah's but down is being the 27th of August Solomon the wisest man ever and I actually means beloved by God.

To think you should have to bust a slight the queen dies, but that's not the case if I was on last Wednesday, so I'm very sorry and I'm very thankful for you to get out. Don't mention his birthday last week. So that was good. So we will probably have to take lie for him today, but there are also two other birthdays this week and I'm pretty sure I got the dice right off of these two days one is me my birthday is on Saturday the 6th of June and Oates on Saturday. The 6th of June is Eve's birthday Steven. I always felt hard done-by because we have one milk for both of us. I could have the same day. That's not quite right is it we should do something about that but Help us. Potentially this time when we are facing difficult challenges on usual situations and the Lord will continue to help and bless us in the event. So I would wish I could remember as we probably Miami for today.

gracious God and Father We do assigned kin price you that we can gain come together in prayer in this particular and special. Why is another Manolo that has a fight and Trust reaches out to you. So you are present with us and then to Mitch's together in that experience and not knowledge are not awareness of the Lord being the one who is our savior. Who is our Lord. What about how we praise you for this? I know what a game we do Rejoice antelope we end these last few weeks have been dealing with situations that side of a normal experience is not outside of yours. What is reminded in the ocean or was it, you know, everything that there's nothing for you to learn. There's nothing too hard for you to find out about there's nothing too hard for you to investigate, you know, everything and you have always known everything and you always will know everything, you know about us, you know, I sleep in a tree

Even before you were born in the very beginning of all things How We Praise You Lord that you are The God Who is Trudy on this since The God Who Trudy is all nine. Nothing load is outside of your control the Lord these events that have come to the Saint Francis. Bryan Anderson travel to consider this Lord. You are fully aware that he's long before that guy for a little while. He's not into you at the same time and we know that you are fulfilling and what's in your pelvis is out in these things that we praise you Lord that this is the case the Lord you are not out of control as many prints might think that you would show and manifest Your Glory show in manifest your power Lord may we truly be able to see you in to know you? Did not experience the Peter James and John hide when our Lord was transfigured before them for the word that you gave yourself to them. This is my beloved Son listen to him in every situation where we ever and always listen to him. He is giving Nazi to make fools interpretation, but Lord to open the humbly really listen to and understand then to know your word. We praise your little god-like word is so powerful. So effective the Lord you are the true in the living room. You are the true word of God the word that was from the beginning.

God yes, so gloriously so amazingly my same word became flesh and dwelt Among Us that we might try it might be opened our hearts may be opened the Lord. We may know your palette Your Grace. Oh Lord help us we do please show us if you're working your grace of God in your Mighty power Lord Frontier and come down upon us. We do, please Lord make yourself not make your presence known, you know little Danny's the each and every one of us has and we pray it'll God you would meet those needs the Lord. We thank you that because you know, I need you know exactly what is the right way to meet those needs. We often little prep think that we need more that we need something else that we need some special experience. We need some particular a special way of doing things. Help with the truly trust and help a tribute to wait on you the Lord. We become so impatient. So often Lord forgive us and truly white for your night is Whitefield Direction way to know your will your purpose is your cries? Oh Lord to help us we plead this we do 6 or so few concerns rightly because all these things with the 19 crisis Sweet Lord, we pray for our government. They might do the right thing. You do. Thank you Lord for all those in the and I cherish and Care houses and other situations or if we need to deal with those who are suffering from this deal or the things seem to be getting better. But we're not pay for some of God. We pray that you'll give much wisdom much grace to all who are involved in seeking to do. Where's Des matchs Lord might be limited white soon be able to meet together. We know all the game that's going to go to sweet. I will be various restrictions that we need to observe. We pray Lord. Give us wisdom in the Lord continue and I worship in this way save monthly Lord of nice as it may be a listening to you would speak to them that you would challenge them the Lord but now that you truly God Jedediah and the name of the highest paid locked while I go hard on me right now. He celebrated his birthday lost Wednesday you continue to be with him and bless him and help him Lord. We pray that he might know you and make sure. Trust in you go before him and all he seeks to do we do cry, LOL be with Steve and myself will be celebrate. Happy birthday on Saturday. We do thank you Lord for all the strength of the blessings that you have given to us. You've reached out to us unload sweet but no presumption that played Lloyd in your grace you continue. So to do Lord, you have given us very very SKU sweet little girl you and I will as soon as we seek to use those and Lord be used for your glory for your for your Lord bless you mightily we do Cry-Baby meiomi continue with him Lord God him concerning your strengths. And how old is he speaks to do? We do cry. LOL the game we played that you would be pleased this diet to speak to us through your word that it is the Living Word of God come into the woods of man. You don't come into the find sorts of those who are wise in the world. We are coming Lord to the very word that you have decreed that you have set down improve your various Southern Tioga many centuries the prophase the teaches the priests describe this type of the Apostles word of God that we have crazy. I able to look to that we're free I able to see hit to search it and we pray to God that you would open up that would sue us today the Lord you would speak from it. You would challenge us if necessary go to review cuz if necessary if we are down cost.

To be those that a diligent student followers of every day you be with us in all that we think too. Sorry. I know God may be pleased to hear our prayers now continually bless us richly of yourself. We do our Lord come down. We do pride and the mazes with that blessing that you give us now in Jesus name.

Go to switch my phone off. I got to do that now. Sorry.

I like to get me into each other guy into the scriptures now unto Psalm 130 Psalm 130, and I read the whole of that song. Out of the depths. I Cry To You O Lord. Oh Lord, hear my voice let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleas for mercy. If you are Lord should Mark and Nick. What is a lord? Who was that? But with you that is forgiveness that you may be feared. I wait for the Lord my soul waits in Hit and in his word I have. Watch always so Lord more than Watchmen for the morning more than Watchmen for the morning. Oh Israel. Hope in the Lord. Where's the Lord arrested for? With him is plentiful Redemption. He will redeem Israel from all his iniquities. I'm at every probably that the Lord will truly be pleased to bless us this week considered this song together. Wait for the Lord. I want to add a bit more later. But what important vital exultation that is rice, we live as we seek to serve him everyday Lyons white for the Lord. It's a good is the 11 of the Psalms of the songs of ascents and it is one in which there is a very real personal need Inn Express last week if we looked at some 99, we saw the problem of Affliction the attacks of the enemy. Now it's very true to say that sometimes those aren't necessarily always those. Of Affliction can be a result of sin. I mean a child in that but whatever the reason might be expressing deep concern, but Jesus saw. On Seguin do not know who wrote it. We don't know when he wrote it. We don't know what's a lead what experience led to that at least sometimes that can be a little frustrated. But as I said many times that can be quite helpful because if it was one particular situation, we were trying to decide what I don't really apply to me because I'm not in that situation. It is a very important very important truth is being presented to us here shortly. The Roman Catholics and indeed others see this solely as a song for the dead de profundis and that teaching is that if we recite this song on behalf of those who are dead, they will get some time out of a tree. It's very sad, but all those who do believe such thing.

Is that it doesn't think it doesn't speak of a particular sin. If you think of sound 51 for instance is Chief Beacon of his own particular set of adultery embraced in here and it's just the whole consequence of say And it speaks about those consequences of how tragic how painful are binders very real encouragement. They were distinct gospel emphasis in the Psalms that speak of forgiveness. Sami says out of the depths. I Cry To You O Lord O Lord hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my please for

I got you don't know what these debts the picture of kush that it comes out for us. Is that here is someone called in very deep and Dangerous Waters in the first where she cries out of the depths I cry to loyal to you. And he finds himself in that very desperate physical mental spiritual state. And it is traveling it very clearly that is a drill Jack of concern to death. The conviction that is coming over here on commentator makes this very is a statement when he says if we cry we should cry ourselves out of that. I just wanted some. He drew me up from the pit of Destruction out of the Miry bog. I set my feet upon a rock making my steps. Psalm 69 of this to I seen can the Deep my weather is no foothold, into deep Waters and the flood sweeps over.

It is a very trying. Is a very painful situation that he finds himself to be for the encouragement a time of great conviction that time is not paying that conviction. Bring that time at all seems to be lost because onto side. Yeah my voice. Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my please for.

I thought you said Vine. when we find ourselves under conviction Let me know that we have when we know that we disobey buy me this please.

We need to cry it out. 2 a.m. That we might know the must see that he brings at this point in the song Perhaps. The song This is not totally convinced that he receive that message saying I'm done Union Pilgrim's Progress pictures Christian and interpret this house and talk to his the symbolic of the Holy Spirit In the Shadows News man in the cage. Who's in shrimp stay at? Are the reason he signed try is that he's being cool. I did not see it. the white out that is so tragic. The piece reminds this one PJ masks reinvest 12 for the eyes.

face of the Lord is against those who do

Yeah, my voice says this Thomas voice is all that we need to.

And if one commentators say if the Lord was about to hear us, we will leave it to his superior wisdom to decide whether he will answer or not. It is better for a prayer to be HUD then answer. If the Lord wasn't making that Sloop promise to answer all I request it might be rather curse than a blessing for because in the responsibility of Our Lives upon us out. We should be placed in the reaction position. But now the Lord hears I just don't eyes and not is in. Grand equation to Grand then if in His Infinite Wisdom, we see each other every day for our good and His glory. expression speaking on this song we cry. I can't get an answer. We know the Lord he is and the Lord will answer. It is infinite lists. a good and for his glory white for the Lord The next time you see investors free and for the day is confession. He says if you oh Lord, oh Lord.

But with you that is forgiveness that you may be feared.

That's around in orbit routes. Did it for the Lord should Mark our iniquities? Who could Stein? facts about David in Psalm 51 in his confession of sin that and as I said on many occasions previously he sounded out so well when he said against you and you only have I sinned

Mount Everest

the truth that should God only look at those that worship the stop over the ocean.

None of us could possibly stand. Now I can't be don't know what it is that he can fix it.

Because in the science of God, all Sin is Sin there is a shoes been around many many years that there are degrees of sin.

As far as our relationship to God is concerned Orson is since it was true the David sinned against by sheebah. David sinned against a husband is in the Army and selling information to make sure that's her that you're all got killed. What is potential? Houston was against God. Solomon Robaxin Proverbs 21 verse 9. I have made my heart pure. I am clean from my c NFL this week on there is no way in which we can do as soon there is no way in which we can have time for that. So there's no way in which we can do it give any recompense Opanas so that scene. We cost us elves totally. the song Stars on the mercy of God Oh, there's no other way.

I saw that says 64 of us 6 we will become like one who is unclean like a polluted again. The old fade like a leaf. Adair iniquities like the wind take us, Hawaii

You should knock adequate e if we don't confess I said.

Reminds us in Romans 3 and verse 12 even one. John in this first letter in the last years of his life. Besides he says if we say we have no sin. We just need myself and the truth is not in us if we confess I stood he is faithful and just to forgive us acid cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have nots. We make him a liar and his word is not Anna. That's the essential nature. If we have sinned and we try to call you out to that sin. I wish I know we haven't it was this person, you know, you're no idea what this person like what he did to me and why I did what I did.

We say we have not sit. We say God. It's a lot.

But I see things of that she has an insurance in Trussville. Well with you. that is forgiveness that you Babyface

Gaetano Josiah 2017 Behold it was in my welfare. So I had great business by conviction. I could be but in love you delivered me the lyrics sorry my life from the pit of Destruction. But you have cost all my sit behind your back.

I just want forgiveness it is. It's costing us it. It's not making excuses swollen. It's not sign that was important. No sign that was significant or not sign that it really hurt our Lord.

But he is forgiveness. Is that he cost them behind his back?

Psalm 103

That's 11. We read first High.

the heavens are about the so great is his steadfast love to wild world of those who fear he as far as the East is from the West so far. Does he remove transgression from?

showers the east Is from the West?

I'm facing East. If I went to start walking. Are they genuine that direction? And come back to this point have been going around the whole of the world. I would always be facing piece. East and West dog meat on the North and the South dude at the equation I seen its cost to buy. Import Ephesians 1 verse 7 in him, we have Redemption through his blood the Forgiveness of a stress PSI sentence according to the riches of his crimes around so many times surely. There's no way now that sin can be forgiven. when a match all forgiveness Is the riches of God's grace? And I should measurable.

That is always Grace made it out to the

nice that confession comes as he makes that true convection. So it must lead to a real commitment.

And this is something that people don't always take on board. He says verses 5 and 6. I wait for the Lord my soul Waits and in his word. I hope my soul waits for the Lord more than Watchmen for the morning more than Watchmen for the morning.

I wait for the Lord. We don't carry around trying to deal with a homesick. We don't try and do some particular work. So I'm good saying whatever it might the Wii White. And the Lord response in his time.

Anna waited Islamic Adam knowledge has the power and the veracity of his word that he gives that was good and we can fully trust any.

We wait for that. But he also may not come immediately.

But it will come. the right time and the right way as the Lord brings that answer. the dude wait for him because if you guys want to stay. My soul waits for the Lord more than Watchmen for the morning more than Watchmen. for the morning The Watchmen with all those who each night at the tank that posts on the city walls and watch out for any rotors any attack from the enemy Edison's of might bring problems for that City.

I want to go to some music. I would not sit inside my house. I will. local boys Ramon table I was working night. Just waiting. So you keep an eye on call someone. Should that be any problems RI?

First part of the night was okay. Last night went to Onondaga retired. always longing for the morning to come

and the song is here shows that same commitment that same waiting for the Lord.

3 even Sinners content the wait on the Lord for whatever he has planned for that died. This is not the Whiting of hopeless recognition of hopeful anticipation for each New Day brings you blessing from his

he waits in. Hub. Three things the lost two of us 7 tonight. Oh Israel. Hope in the Lord with the Lord. There is steadfast love I'm with him is plentiful Redemption. And he will redeem Israel. from all his iniquities

Hope in the Lord. I hope it on many occasions. It's not the hope that many people speak off at the not too sure. What's going to happen. I want something to happen. They hope will be the case. This is an absolute Sebastian to eat because his hope in God. Assign songs on Fortune about being taken out from that pit. The third verse in Psalm 42. Tommy said he put a new song in my mouth a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put that trust in the Lord. This is our Sutton house. Rashad hope is in God I hope is in Christ. I hope it's not in the system. I hope mine no cussing. Is that that glorious God man, Lord Jesus Christ? I'm a good night. I think of you forgetting we going to know that we would be blessed by him. The guy in John in his first letter says in chapter two wonderful children. I'm writing these things to you so that you may not see it. But it ain't one. We have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ. Garage. Hope that we have is a hope in the one who does redeem Israel of us and you order a team Israel from all his iniquities.

Lord and savior Is the one who is 3 to email? Letter in one s'mores done. So often + glorious was as much moving was Enjoy covid-19. What job says? Oh that my words. AutoZone Ridge Drive in a book other than on pan and Ladder engraved in the rock forever. lineup My Redeemer Lives the Lost he was stand up on the Earth. And also my skin if we going to destroyed yet in my flesh, I shall see God. Who am I receive a Meister? My eyes shut the whole. and not another my heart fights with in May.

we say

we grieve the Lord. We got our own why. Aurora Beach Outlet Justified if you rejected us to old kitten.

But he doesn't. We're going to try. We know that forgiveness. We know that glorious Redemption. You know. deny flesh We shall see him. I was with those words game. of John and 1 John 2 and restaurant my little children Are writing these things to you so that you may not see it.

Raymond Johnson C We have an advocate with the father. Jesus Christ the righteous Best Buy father we thank you. the Glorious testing me this song

mining, NewsCenter, sweetie It was so new.

gracious forgiveness steadfast law do you do show to oil? your penis Lord forgive on fasting unfaithfulness. Why are you? Lord give us patience. Trash required out to you. We might White. You to answer. And your time? And your way? That is the best time. I'm the Best Buy. Iowa to We do. Jesus name

now let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me. All his wondrous and passion and purity. Oh, that's Spirit divine. All my neck Sharif, I to the beauty of Jesus be seen in me. omad

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