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We said to you that the ‘secret place of the Most High’ is Christ. Moreover, we know that we are in Christ (and enjoying God’s divine protection) is if we’ve been born again (1John 4:15), AND if we’ve been filled with the Spirit (1John 4:13).
Today, I want to talk to you about other ways we can know that we are abiding in Christ (believing on Him). We know we’re abiding in Christ (believing on Him) IF...


James 5:16
There are conditions for healing, and repentance is one of them. We cannot be healed unless we confess our sin because we cannot believe unless we confess our sin (Matthew 21:32). Repentance is necessary before one can believe and experience the benefits of salvation.
If being born again ENTITLES you to be healed, and if being filled with Holy Spirit EMPOWERS you to be healed, then repentance EMBOLDENS you (your faith) to be healed. Nothing robs you of confidence (faith) more than unconfessed sin.
Sin brings the curse and we deal with sin through repentance and confession (1John 1:9). Many do not confess their sin because they have talked themselves into believing that they do not have any sin (1John 1:8).
Countless Christians have convinced themselves that certain things are not a sin. For instance, they have convinced themselves that they have forgiven a person when, in fact, they have not.
1John 3:20
If unconfessed sin robs us of confidence, then confessing our sin (repentance) emboldens us and gives us confidence (1John 3:21).
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