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Response to Pandemics

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How do we respond to pandemics and disaster

What have we learned so far about pandemics and disease from the Bible?
Disease is everywhere because of sin (this is not God’s ideal creation आदर्श सृष्टि होइन)
God sometimes judges a group or person because they stand in the way of his plan
We cannot judge individuals based on disease but all things point us to the glory of God and his power over all things (the darker the night the brighter the light
So we now ask the question, what should our response to these things be?
let us look at the person in the bible who endured the most grief and greatest lost- Job

Keep God on the throne

We must realize that no matter what happens God is still in charge
Hebrews 4:16, Hebrews 8:1

Remember Man’s start and end

We had nothing when we came to be and were graciously given life and all that we have received since
No matter if we live 1, 10 or 100 years we all will come to an end and stand before God
We are not promised a certain amount of time
No such thing as an untimely death
Phil 1:20-22

Trust in the wisdom and plan of God

Just as the Lord gives he also takes away
He is a father that know what is best for his children and will always work wisely on our behalf
Do not use disaster as an opportunity to sin or speak against God
Trust is only shown in uncertainty
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