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Awake You Sleepy Christian

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What’s happening in our world today? Who can you trust? Can you trust the media right now? Can you trust politicians? Can you trust political parties? Can you trust the medical establishment? Who CAN we trust?
We are now finding out that the previous presidential administration was full of radical elements that did all they could to overthrow a duly elected president.
We are finding out Republicans, who ran both houses of Congress during the first two years of Trump’s administration, did nothing to stop the circus of accusations against the president…accusations which could have quickly been proven false.
So this isn’t a democrat/republican issue. We are to the point right now where we cannot trust politicians on either sides of the aisle…they are both working for the same goal…aggrandizement and advancement of self.
The media lies constantly. They do all they can to sway the public to their particular viewpoint. Ninety percent of media in this country is owned by 6 major corporations…who believes ABC News, a subsidiary of Disney, is going to report anything honest about China…a country in which they hope to release movies? Each of the corporations have economic and political agendas and it is obvious in their “coverage” of world events.
The Corona virus epidemic has made all of this completely obvious. One day we are told the virus isn’t a big deal, the next we are told it is the plague. One day we are told it is a bad flu and the next that it will kill millions. One day we are told the models were wrong and it is safe to go out and about…the next we are told to brace for another wave of the virus in the fall along with another disruption of life.
One doctor tells us Hydroxichloraquin cures the virus and the next tells you it is no better than a placebo. One doctor tells us a vaccine is coming and the next tells us the vaccine itself might kill, maim or otherwise harm us all. One day they tell us all that masks do no good at all and the next that everyone should wear a mask at all times when out in public.
Who or what can we trust?
You know what God seems to be about the business of doing right now? Removing all of our trust in imperfect things, institutions and people.
The people of this country have been fat, happy and content for too long. The church in the US has been comfortable and satisfied for too long. We thought we had it all figured out…thought we had all the boxes checked…were in complete control. God is showing us otherwise.
God is taking away all sense of assurance and confidence which might come from medicine (science), government or wealth…and may I even dare to say it…any assurance or confidence which might have been had from the modern structure of the western church. God is breaking us and bringing us to the end of self.
Our institutions aren’t just under attack right now…they are literally being removed. They are being exposed and torn asunder. Maybe it is time to ask the question why and seek God diligently instead.

“I Will”

Satan stated his intents quite literally when he took his fall from heaven. We see a record or summary of such in Isaiah 14:13-14
Isaiah 14:13–14 CSB
You said to yourself, “I will ascend to the heavens; I will set up my throne above the stars of God. I will sit on the mount of the gods’ assembly, in the remotest parts of the North. I will ascend above the highest clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”
Satan has been doing all he can to bring men into full participation of his sin. He wants nothing more than to entice men and women with temptation to power, prestige and physical delights by illicit means.
He tempted us with comfort and we readily sinned by exchanging the cross for an easy believe-ism and easy chair. They left us alone because we left them alone. We walled ourselves in and fell asleep.
We were lulled to sleep while politicians and the culture became increasingly anti-christ…the world became more lost and we didn’t seem to to care. The church more worldly and it never bothered us.
We chose to be like the world…chose to garner their affections. We brought the world into the church and allowed them to change us rather than going out into the world and changing them.
As long as we played by the world’s rules we had a place of power, prestige and delight…never-mind it was only in our minds…never-mind they were simply patronizing us. The church is largely sleeping now…and now the world sees its chance…
They are doing all they can to undermine any sense of truth…make us completely dependent upon the state…and close us out of existence in the process.
We have been playing games…in competition with each other…more interested in coffee bars than prayer…light shows than evidence of the Spirit…smoke and mirrors than a move of God…gathering great crowds and social fun than making converts and the fellowship of the Spirit.
This is a spiritual war and we have, collectively, been POW’s. Asleep and unaware of the bondage in which the enemy has placed us.
The world of young people are screaming at the top of their lungs…looking for something genuine, real and authentic…while we become less and less of any of these.
It is time we wake up…Awake you sleepy Christian…

Chapter 52

Awake, Awake you sleepy Christian!
Satan and the demons of hell come against us…by the singing of lullabies! Causing us to forget who we are and the purpose for our life as we dream. They want us dreaming of a power to come rather than enjoying and living in the power that is right here, right now.
Hell has no fury like seen when the church is awake, clothed in power and dressed in righteousness…but hell’s tactics need not be so obvious and loud when the strategy of sweet dreams works so well.
Even in modern preaching we see this…where is the preaching which awakes the souls of men? Where is there talk of repentance? Where is there talk of Holy Spirit power? Where is there preaching of taking up the cross, mortification of the flesh and sacrificial living? Where is there preaching of a life lived for Jesus?
The soft platitudes of modern preaching aren’t all bad but they speak to the head not the heart of men…it keeps the church asleep.
We are in a spiritual war. Satan and the demons of hell along with a lot of human beings who follow satan are all working against us. They will hate us, persecute us and sometimes even kill us. This is what happens to followers of Christ. We didn’t sign up for an all inclusive vacation…we signed up to be a part of the Lord’s army and participation in a war.
It is time to wake up. God has saved us. We are His children… created for His glory. We are no riffraff to be dismissed and ignored. We are trophies of grace…instruments of God’s divine power…and meant to be a demonstration of that power as well as His character to a lost world.
Clothe yourselves in your strength! — Our strength is the Lord’s strength. Our strength is the Lord! It is time we put on the strength that is ours…a strength hidden from those with closed eyes.
God is all powerful…we are His children! We are not some pathetic, weakling that the devil and demons can slap around with no consequence. We are servants of the Most High God! We are meant to, in the name of Jesus, put demons to flight, change the eternal destiny of the lost and affect the course of entire nations.
We are the hand of God…we are the Body of Christ…His strength rests within us and operates through us.
The testimony of our lips are the arrows of our Lord into the hearts of men and women for their salvation. The prayers from our mouth reach the ears of the God who created the universe…our Daddy…He loves us. When we call to Him things change!
Clothe Yourselves with Beautiful garments — Our garment is the righteousness of Christ. We are the holy, set apart, people of God…without spot or blemish because we have been washed in the blood of Christ and clothed in His righteousness.
It is time for us to live like the people of God we are and not simply talk a good talk…we are God’s people who do things God’s way…it is time to embrace our birthright and be holy unto the Lord!
When one sleeps he forgets who He is. We have forgotten we are holy…that is our identity in Christ. We have forgotten that we were bought with a price. We are the bride of Christ and should see our value in being such. We should believe we are holy and act like it…live in holiness unto the Lord!
Uncircumcised no longer come in — They no longer come to take us hostage…no longer permitted to confuse…no longer permitted to darken our mind and lull us to sleep.
Shake off the dust — Shake off the dust church…remember who and whose you are! Put on the right mind and Loose the chains around your neck!
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