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A Wise Walk

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You and I have a limited amount of time and opportunity in this life and it is time that we made the most of it to impact this world for Christ!

You and I have witnessed events and circumstances develop in the last two months that we never imagined we would see. We have seen fear grip the hearts of our nation, we have seen churches close their doors and some have yet to be given the liberty to reopen.
We have seen pastors and congregations threatened and in some cases given citations for exercising their first amendment rights. This only serves to allow us to see more clearly the state that our nation and our world is in.
This should stand as strong motivation for us to seize the opportunities that we have been given to further the gospel and to take advantage of the time that God has given to each of us to pursue His will for our lives.
Paul here gives some instructions that we can follow so that we can make our life count for Christ. We must:

Live Deliberately

So many professed Christians are simply drifting through life on the path of least resistance.

Live Punctually

We can ill afford to waste any of the time that we have been given.


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