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God's Personal Work in Pandemics

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God works individually with all people to heal and to draw

So far we have seen that pandemics teach us about...
The universality of Sin (पाप विश्वव्यपी छ)
Romans 3:9-10
God is at work to deliver us from this destruction (Joseph)
The judgment of God on the hardhearted and rebellious
Romans 2:5
God will bring judgment on all non-believers (Pharaoh)
Individuals and Pandemics

We can not judge based on disease

This is where Christianity stands out from religion
God is working in all people’s lives
Christ is revealed in the lives of believers
In sickness and in health
Lazarus had to die but God was still glorified
John 11:14-15
We simply look to him for salvation John 11:25

We can see the light in the work of Christ

In this we must rely on Christ
2 Cor 1:8-9 just as the blind man had noone else to help
2 Cor 12:9 i will boast in my weakness
We are reminded of the coming darkness when no work can be done
just as we are all stuck in our homes there is coming a day that no more work can be done
Today we must trust in him and do his work to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ
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