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5/24/2020 Sunday Service

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“Persistence Pays Off” Mark 2:1-12 Pastor Erik J. Ferguson Sermon Idea: The end result of bringing someone to Jesus is well worth any hurdles faced along the way. Body: I. The men were deeply concerned about their friend’s well-being. A. Our actions frequently denote how much we really care. --James 2:17. B. The men put their faith to work. C. The men were convinced Jesus could completely heal their friend. II. The men were persistent and innovative in getting their friend to Jesus. A. The men refused to be discouraged. B. Digging through another’s roof is risky business--John 18:10. III. As a result of the men’s persistence, their friend was made completely whole. A. Jesus spoke to the heart of the paralytic’s problem, sin. --Romans 6:23. B. By offering the paralytic forgiveness, Jesus was claiming to be God. C. In the end, God received the glory. Take Home Thought: Persistence pays off.
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