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Longing in Exile

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I want to let you know that beginning next week. We're going to start a new series and title in troubled times certainly the times that we are in our last call for a lot of people anxiety talk about how the gospel struggles in these troubled times and we hope that you will join us we're going to finish up as we look at a law by there such a longing in the Exile of Israel. Who serves as a historical picture of an exile that we are in and I don't mean the quarantine that were inner the stay-at-home deeper in more powerful that we need to be brought home from so let me go ahead and read from Jeremiah chapter 31. I'm beginning at first 1000 Nation to declare as far away as a Shepherd Lord has Ransom Jacob in his room.

I will turn your mourning into Joy. I will Comfort them and give them flat for sorrow. I will Feast the soul of the priests with abundance in my people shall be satisfied with my goodness to Clarissa Ward. Afraid you were over spiritualizing. Are we in this moment? Our hearts would be transformed.

No matter what we achieve no matter what we attain it never seems to play satisfy. The desire that we really hacked is often short-lived, but never really measure stop film ask her the satisfaction. We were hoping to get from it or anything like me. Sometimes you said yourself, you know what it's amazing and is it is satisfying but you know, there's all kinds of things that we often times. It's as we get something It's just the way that we are sharks really desire. Why is that we can all relate to that all of us can look at things and say as much as this was fulfilling to me in a way that is that will scripture find the true real satisfaction Network in this world is because and because we are X-Files we are living A world cannot fulfill the deepest needs and desires of our hearts. That's where we are expensive satisfaction. Is never really know what it's like to be a place where I'm at.

You're in this place when you're not at home, I found a place of instability in a place that is unsustainable. It's not comfortable there in a foreign land and right there in in captivity. What scripture is of something deeper than greater story of humanity of The Human Condition? What do you mean by that God created us for him?

relational separated from each other physically emotionally spiritually

Many ways to die every aspect in Genesis when they're banished from the garden what happens they have been exiled Jeremiah? What it what is it? What happens in Genesis by chapter 11 pieces that they created the city to make a name for themselves directly trying to get home there their own after their own rights for themselves for their own Glory. Call Jeremiah is a historical things for you to be brought home from because Israel Sunday years later, right? They Jeremiah I'm talking about they're still living the same throughout the ways that their ancestors had lived in got them movie. See is it Jeremiah is actually thinking about something deeper deeper.

We are exiled and therefore we continue to repeat this pattern of corruption. I didn't leave. Place of captivity because we are separated from God.

With God in this world everything that we search for to spill us into a babbling about to go back and look at it. Every time you look in his weight.

You go back to that. You know I am going back to your child is actually a longing in our hearts with God. Things in this world besides God to satisfy us ultimately lead to captivity Magic.

Trying to measure up in this long wraps you in that thing wrapped up in that thing that we built. I mean, this is what it's like to speak to seek approval and in all of our comfort and all the things that of this world. Actually we finish school or are we getting married or what?

Nothing came up. I think the thing is that some of the people with the biggest homes in the in the biggest bank accounts seek therapy more than anybody else right like actually gotten a lot of them.

And we can put ourselves to ourselves like at the end of the day. We work work work my satisfaction work and work in order to get satisfaction for Blues.

Where we find ourselves, we actually undermine ourselves. We actually find ourselves in captivity. Stop trying to paint. Something is in Jesus verses in our house. We just seeing our ourselves miserable is unsustainable.

stainable she starts to disintegrate psychologically relationally emotional breakdown because he's in a place that isn't sustainable built for relationships with other relationships are built and when we build our homes and other things can sustain us we find ourselves. How do we get back home? How do I get to this place of being fulfilled and satisfied exiled from the garden? Remember you can claim whatever you want about something, right?

Separated, why would I send him to his room because I want him to learn now that like if you don't respect the people around you if you live in a way that is respectful to others.

Free a distance in a separation from relationship because that's what if you lie to somebody has to create emotionally psychologically all of our relationship marriages and so on. You begin to overwork you from your family. So how did they get back into a substitute relationship into their first level?

Write a member one. So God ranson's town. And what does that mean to Ransom somebody is it somebody has to pay somebody on your behalf set you free and the people of Israel New Egypt if it wasn't for pain for camping.

Get to work before the Altar and and Wendy and the head of this is go and then it says I just mean that go and take it take it to a place that can never be found again in that represented house because of the substitutionary that their sins were never to be found again, of course, that was just a symbol for that and it was a reminder with how kind of drai's without. Plays coming to the world the Exile historically.

In order for them to be in order for them to get back home. They something needs to be substitute. There had to be a way to pay for Ministry. Jesus comes home and he leaves home and have him to come down here. He's outside and then even even when he comes back,

I thought you wherever you go, and she just says Jesus was a Wanderer. He was alienated.

Why is that what his family thought he was crazy. He was alienated from them so I can actually parties for people who were not accepted. Jesus ministry was one of Exile Exile a few hours before Jesus is crucified. What does he say? He says let not your heart be troubled listening John chapter. 14 says let not your heart be troubled or in my father's house are many routes to prepare a place for you. So that where I go. I will come back to you that you can be also He said the truth and the life, no man gets to the father but through me. Several years ago. I had an opportunity with a friend to two or through the state of the federal Capitol Washington DC and escorted in in the reason why we were able to get into all these different places in the Capitol Building wasn't because of something ironed.

actually she was Relationship we were able to go into otherwise would have never been able to get into is not it's not trying to treat Fame for yourself. It's not trying to

Jesus is the way back home. That's what she said.

Why is it that Jesus came and get us home because he lives.

She was crucified with cast out. He Jesus is the ultimate scapegoat so that we can be brought in.

Your parents favor just for most of their life in order to send you off the couch somewhere before you go off to college yourself down there and they give you some money for your schooling and so on and you go down south. If you don't go to school, you actually party way all the money that they work so hard right there trying to talk to you. They want to figure things out money into imagine just one day. You finally come to eat a man. You know what like this wasn't the right thing to do your kind of the end of your rope when you come home on the living room table and just what I did so I'm just not even going to talk about how do you think that your parents are going to respond to that whether you want to admit it or not? There's a separation in just because you don't want to talk about it just because you're sorry about it doesn't mean the money is gone in this the time.

just because your mom doesn't doesn't mean

Is it so a lot of times we we like to stay to ourselves? I don't like the idea of you know Christianity.

Just because we're not even in the case of the kid coming home. We don't have the equity. Life working in earning in giving tax can't pay for our debt to God. It can't pay for our sins. Things that I've done I don't even understand what I've done to other people and I don't understand the impact that that had on other people. There are things that people have done to me. I don't have the equity that off on the cross when he was the ultimate Escape when he was taken outside the camp and crucify. He paid your debt paid for my sin. As far as the East is from the West. Gary drowning in the sea of forgetfulness so that we could be expected so that week he brought home so that we should be brought food places is brought to a place where we can be comfortable at the same time. We believe if I if I love me. Should we hide things from people?

Sheep. Jesus said that the son of man came not to be served but to serve to give his life and he gave his life a ransom to set the captives person in my life to send you free. The Jesus was given as a guilt offering that actually could be given as a as a guilt offering the travail of his soul.

When Jesus died on the cross for you, that means that and I'm forgiven and I am set free.

Freed from my panel odds. I can be freed from seeking dip to try to find my satisfaction all these things. I can come home to my heart. So desperately needs in God. But in order to is something that we have to plug our hearts into on a daily basis. I have to be constantly looking for things in this world.

Who he is and what he has done for me how he is not because of what I've done or not because of what I have because of what Jesus has done for me to be able to find your satisfaction in him. You'll be able to do on a daily basis to my heart. So desperately needs I'm really looking for and all these Babylon and all these hoes.

Only in God alone or force that begins leaving the first of all it says it I will make a New Covenant relationship. It isn't based anymore assistant that my relationship with my relationship is no longer working harder and harder on in order for him to be favorable to me instead.

In the morning, my heart is cultivated worship. The more I begin to be with you forever is satisfaction is going to come from we're never going to find the satisfaction that we really want. I am able to turn that graveyard into a garden. The only one that can is the only one that our hearts are we staying with you just renew our hearts and cultivate our hearts the reality that we are accepted.

Leaving you in your journey with him. Today is the first step in getting your life to Christ. You save the and today's the day. I'm going to surrender my life to God. Do you want to learn more about how and how we can help you do that? Any change the first step towards community in that way. Do you go to we are hosting a relationship with God in a way that thing that God created you to be

Developing that relationship with him and beginning to see how far we are not steps.

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