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Heart in Exile

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Is the Exile of Israel a particularly in the Old Testament in the book of Jeremiah and how that was soaked in such a difficult time as the exile for Israel how they were still able to find how I think they were able to apply it to our in our packs. I'll know to be exiled is to be banned from your native land right to be dispersed to be scattered and displaced from from your home. So I do recognize that we are actually in our home. There is some reality to us being banned scattered from being home together and Are like home to us? And so I hope is that we can learn some things from the Exile in the book of Jeremiah Jeremiah. Is it really centers around Israel exile to Babylon? Essentially Israel. I was told they were to be God's Representatives on Earth is it they were to to be the image bears in in to demonstrate God's love and grace and goodness to Israel at this time is no different than all the surrounding Nations anybody else. And Jeremiah is ultimately called to go to the people of Israel. Basically tell them that you're not living in different than anybody else. If you don't change your ways upon you a call from God write Jeremiah chapter 1 P. I have sent you this day over the nation into breakdown in Jeremiah's Ministry in Mission. I said people of Israel was to tell them what things were to be torn down.

Thrown out in order to build and plant right there heart towards God and so the Exile is actually used as a way for God's your heart towards me and I really believe that that's part of what God is teaching us in this situation in our Exile. Is it from our hearts from our lives in order to turn our hearts toward God and so I wanted to break this down for I can pull some things on it. So I think we'll really apply to us in our situation. Let me go ahead and read Jeremiah chapter 10 beginning a first one. It says here the word that the Lord speak to you o House of Israel because the nations are dismayed at them for the customs of the peoples are they decorated with their Idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field and they cannot speak they have to be before they can do not be afraid of them for they there is none like you Lord you are there is none like you They are both stupid and foolish construction of Idols is Brookwood beaten silver is brought from tarshish and gold from clothing is violet and purple. They're all the work of skilled men, but the Lord by his power who established the World by his wisdom and understanding stretched out the heavens and he makes the Mist ride from the ends of the Earth. He makes lightning for the rain you bring forth the wind from his store houses every man is stupid in college.

Images are false and there is no breath in them. They are worthless a work of delusion and the time of their punishment. They Shall Perish not like these is he who is the portion of Jacob for he is the one who formed all things and Israel is the tribe of his inheritance the Lord of hosts in his name, Thank you for this time. I'll demand you open our spiritual ears and spiritualize God in our hearts would be uprooted out of those things God that we're looking to besides you and that you would fill up in our hearts heart that loves you and phrases you that worships you and I'm done speak to us in this time. We need to hear from and got a few that were here to see the Christ name that we pray. Do a friend was actually telling me this story this last week true stories for him. He said that he remembers many times. I've been down. There is a storm would come I want you to sit down and be quiet boy. I want you to sit there because he wants to stay. And we were laughing about we're seeing herself. My goodness is God ever bringing allowing us to be in this situation that maybe he's trying to get our attention in order to say something. John is getting our attention to something that he wants to say. And so each of us need our attention right now. I am God, there is none like me there is no other than me is ultimately this is what he is telling the people of Israel. See they got his the loudest Exile in order to uproot the false gods the false Idols that they have in their lives that they're worshiping in order that they were their hearts Idols, they're worshipping false gods, right and essentially the people of Israel write their relationship to God is like the relationship the most in order for us to understand why and you know what they were doing when they're worshipping false Idols were like these little wooden statues or clay statues right similar to like like this right there just like a wooden figurine or what have you and Clay figurines and it's all that just sounds What is it that made it so attractive when we look at why Israel was so attracted to worship false Idols, which is Babylon just made the signs of the heavens because the nations are the reason why they are to worship. These Idols is because everybody around them is is doing it bad ones doing this is a Babylon is looking notice.

There's like just a fraction because everybody around them is doing it too much of our idol worship is the same thing because others are doing at Pier pressure isn't something it's just you know, when the last few decades right? It's been going on for thousands of years. So fruitful, everybody's doing it these false Idols because they were purchased Harper's would have been for like the ends of the Earth right area rich with gold has crashed into the hands of the Goldsmith.

Everybody was doing it. I don't care how many people are worshipping the wood figurine. There's no way that I'm going to be doing that rifle. We've got a sort of check our hearts because while we may not be worshiping Idols that are little would we have a whole we are giving you watch this a dish disproportionate amount of time energy importance and value bitter hearts in our time.

Concern importance on the sink in my life right time for me and I can't bring up food without sharing with you. You know, my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, which this one is the Big Top is like a double dose of my next meal is going to be your Forever would I be right when we when we have us you know, things are going our way. I'm going to look to food in order to make me feel better write another one for me information. You view is is like I'll wait right like in so I went and grabbed my false idol.

Set a timer.

Joy ecstatic about 3 man always depressed right on your attitude is in the gutter and I'm out of time focusrite importance. Maybe it's is money important for you is is it's not those things. Maybe it's just it's definitely the food in the weights image right over concern of what people think about us what we look like we can share all the right picture on our social media and so on and so forth, right what we drive what are houses and where are houses are in and so on the titles we have the degrees 6th. That we want out of life that were working so hard for right or maybe it's even just like our phone right just proportionate amount of times an important energy poured into something that is taking us from the hordes got right for some of us has people approval approval-seeking on what other people think it's worth.

Can you maybe send yourself to people actually sacrifice on the altar in order to worship these Idols now if we're honest? A lot of things that were worshipping are lot of our Idols whether it's TV our phones social media think we need we actually jeopardizes sacrifice our kids. For those things we we sacrifice up. Our marriage has the sacrifice relationships on the altar of work on the altar of money on the altar of success. Right? Our kids may be suffering emotionally or relationally because you were worshipping our little device idolatry is something that we are doing today is just out of wooden figurine. Problem with is attracted as they are in his eyes are so worthless is because they're man-made.

I know they're like this in them to even good. how old is It is ultimately worthless because I can't even do anything. First of all you make it right? You have to carry it out there a scarecrow out in the field looks like it doesn't really have any power to do anything at all. So in idle is worthless because it's Man-made. It's a user-friendly. It's a guy that can't speak to us. I know is like an echo chamber right? It's just you speaking back to yourself because it's good leadership outside of idolaters. When we worship idols. We've become foolish like the idols 3 Worship in fact verse 14 Who says every man is stupid and with Jerry Goldsmith is pretty Shame by his idols for his images are false, and there is no breath. Are false Idols make us foolish because it can impart wisdom to us. They are lifeless. In fact, they cut us off from the very source of life that we need a cut us off from the very source of wisdom that we need from the source of guidance that we truly need. They are such a horrible. And so, how can I in this situation? Maybe listen to God if God movie has our attention in this like alright the world like that little boy's grandmother sound like

You look the food. I I do look at that scale. Right? I do it to my image. I am my social media way too much. I'm too irritated by what people say or what they don't say or whatever it is. And I'm just so caught up and takes me from my kids hate me for my marriage to not be like God is doing to the Israelites to use this exile. To show them their Idols in order to turn their hearts to God. How can we do that in this situation? And there's a few things that Jeremiah tells us that I went out quickly identify identify humility to say I have these right if you were here today, and I don't really think I I having those then you know, what your own wisdom you're looking too much to your own wisdom right to not have too much pride because we need to have the humility to say I know in the way of me being built up stronger stronger to my relationship with God and so be real with yourself keep it real. I know I have idle and what are they identify then? That's the first thing. Identify significant in this world, right? What is it this time and energy angry angry because you know when a false god is knocked over on the Shelf to make you angry. Alright star like we're strolling down our new needs to be from your heart being towards us identify where your Idols are in by asking yourself some of those questions. You know, where do I find my

next thing is I think it's a call out in in verse 11 Jeremiah supposed to do my actually right there identified and then he calls them out those ridiculous and this is something that profits do through the old taxes if it is, when I About in order to call out. Why can't you show up? Why is he is he in the bathroom? He actually ridiculous of bail is right in Jeremiah says to identify your are Idols right between out those things that we really are looking too and maybe is proportionately trusting in putting too much time into a relationship and Chester were either angry or whatever it is is it is When you're scrolling on that news feed. Who's other pictures of other people's houses look like and so on and stuff like that only putting out there there, right? I mean this is a news feed. Or more right isn't even real. It's not even real prophesy how ridiculous it is, right if if money is something that we put a ton of importance in insecurity into right and we get it we get all freaked out because of of money right now to do just a few years ago that the bank needed to be bailed out. Like how is it how ridiculous is it that I'm trusting in that right? How is it that the government the government actually looking towards the government to save us from The Human Condition. Did you I mean did you think that we were going to be able to elect some people to save us? I mean think about that right? There is some of these Ozark identify for what it is ridiculous in some of these things is the true guy, right? Turn off your praise to God you see Jeremiah wherever he stares down his idols whenever he's ready to in his I know she talks and Praises God directly that he Praises got in the way that directly correlates to the very thing that he tore down about these items. So he tears down the aisle and then builds up God Nike prophesize and poured out his praise to God. I'm so she talks about how God is great in might. It is worthy of worship idols are powerless. But God is great even his name is power. It has to be moved around.

career all-time bright a little idle have to be carried into the

Carrie's R Us Who is Sinead makes you foolish makes us wise?

He is true. He is good. Are are dead. God is alive. Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead. Jesus is Alive because of that right like she is here with us and we can have a relationship with Jesus.

God can hear us when we see.

Forgive us when we're sick chinchilla right to bring us back to life is great. God is mighty. God is powerful God is the one true God that deserves our worship. He is the guy that deserves worship. Maybe testing for us. Powerful right is far from us that he's he's Out Of Reach for Jeremiah Ashley says in verse 16. It says in Israel is the tribe of his inheritance what it says when it says bit of portion of your portion is inheritance right in the second half is the tribe of his inheritance. That means that God's people are God's inheritance that.

Ashley isn't that surprising right if you got it.

See the gospel teaches us that through Christ because Jesus fulfilled the Covenant wherever we failed Jesus fulfilled for us cuz it be this week in mutual relationship with God. Did we are friends with God and he is our portion. Do you know what is God is our portion? You don't need anything else, we recognize and believe I guess our attention to recognize that we need to turn our hearts. He is our portion. We won't have to turn to these other significant Lamentations chapter 3 + 24r Lord is my portion says my soul therefore I will hope in him. You see when God is your portion. You always have all knowing that when God is my portion. He is all I need everything else can be taken. You know what she is the very thing that I need. He is the very thing that deserves My Worship You the very thing that deserves the importance the value of my time in my energy in my Focus key is my portion. No one Amber and I first began to talk and stuff. We were friends in the friend zone, right because we began to hang out a lot and we were until I knew how I felt about the computer stuff like that and like how I felt about him, but I would erase it and then I wouldn't do it with the fear of rejection and you know all that stuff.

So I went over there and that was like kind of our first date together, right and when I realized not just how I felt about her. In fact when I went over there, I believe that I wait. However, this is my point about how she felt about me. I realized I don't need anything else. I don't need to date anymore. I don't need to do anything because you know, what is she's my portion then you know what I have everything that I need and you know what that's what we recognized in this that God gets our attention enough for us to hear from him to open my ears in for us to hear about how God has given his life on the tree to cross how he really feels about us. You may have already known and I need God. I want God I can't do this alone and so on and so forth, but if you heard about how God cares for you He has offered himself up on the tree of the cross in love and grace that because of the Forgiveness that Jesus offers on the tree the cross that he's forgiven by grace through faith. We have this Mutual relationship and that he is all that we need that love is the very thing that you are still our hearts to every aspect of everything that we could possibly need it enough to detach from these things in this moment. I see him Let me finish by Rina. John chapter 15 where Jesus says this. He says I am the True Vine and I am in my father is the vinedresser every does not bear fruit. He takes away in every branch that does not bear fruit. He prunes a fruit see Jesus in a picture if you're not playing fruit has got to go.

And I am here she is the Bears much fruit.

Everything that we're looking to in this life that it isn't, right.

That our hearts as the father has loved me. So have I looked you up in my love. Where Hearts need to be is just resting in his love a demonstrate for us in the gospel on the tree of the Cross where we need to be that's where we where charges are attention to what you're saying to me is that you are enough for me. Someday all the Earth is going to pour out their praise to God and that's what I want us to do right now for us to recognize that is it is God that gives life the key is love that she is the light in our darkness and then it will shout his praise and that our hearts are going to shout his praise right now. So I traded in your heart after a spray. And we would just get on her knees and our hearts and lift up our hands and praise him for who he is and what he has done.

Thank you for your goodness. Thank you for

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