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Living Water

Let Your Light Shine, The Gospel of John Devotions  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  10:19
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Welcome back to our devotions through the Gospel of John. Im very excited as we get into this lesson on the women at the well. Today we are going to look at the introduction of Jesus, and next we will look at here response.
The Location

Jacob’s Well.

This is a very historic location that we see in the book of Genesis. This is a familiar place that God had worked in the life of Jacob. We also know because of this it was an important piece of herritage for the Jews and the Samaritans being part Jew.

Jesus asks for a drink.

Jesus in asking for water from the women was putting her at a status she could not understand. In asking her for a drink he was crossing a cultural barrier that seemed too much for a person to understand.
It put the women in a position to question why would this jew give me any care? The next thing we know we can see with the women is she came to the well at times that would avoid her interacting with other people. Because of the life she lived she normally was the outcast of the people. She was in a position that others avoided here and she avoided other people. Yet Christ was willing to communicate and ask for a drink.

Jesus explains here need.

The women had water and had things she needed to live but didnt have the peace of God. She was still in her state of sin in desperate need of Christ, the Living Water.
The women at the well knew about the messiah was waiting on the messiah and by the end of this exchange would realize she was with the Messiah. But first had to be introduced to that which is greater than water. She had to be introduced to the living water.

An Abundance of living water.

Those that receive the living water will never thirst for it again. It is permanent and it is abundant. It is like a well of springing water. It should have an effect on an individual much like a spring they have to share it and cant keep in contained. Its overwhelming joy and is permanent so permanent that it leads all they way to and sustains eternal life!
I would encourage you to remember when you accepted the living water. Do you remember the need you had? Or maybe as you listen to this you still have that need. If this is you, today is the day to drink of that fount by accepting Jesus Christ as the payment for your sin.
Remember that if you have the living water there is no better day to share it than today. I would encourage you to make it a goal to share Christ with someone today. Ask God for the opportunity to allow you to share with someone today.
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Thank you again for joining us and look forward to going through the book of John with you more next time!
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