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The Weeds in the Field

The Parables of the Kingdom  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  29:20
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The Parables of the Kingdom: Study Guide - The Weeds in the Field – Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 The enemy sows weed seeds. It is not helpful to be literalistic and try to identify individual people as ‘seeds of the devil’! It is better to see the general principle that the devil is influencing, sowing weeds of evil; stirring temptation and opposition to the LORD and HIS people. The good seed in this parable are the people in Kingdom of Heaven. Again, a parable is not to be pressed too literally: GOD doesn’t send CHRISTians down from heaven to plant them into the world! But by the work of the Gospel, JESUS raises up people of HIS Kingdom who are like wheat growing to produce fruit and be collected at the harvest time – at the end of this age. The Sower of the good seed is identified as the Son of Man: The LORD uses this phrase to describe HIMself. It is based on Daniel 7:13-14 [He also quotes from Daniel 12:2-3] • Read the selection of verses below – what picture do you get of ‘The Son of Man’? Matthew 9:5-6, 12:8, 13:41, 16:27, 19:28, 24:30 & 8:20, 20:28 • Matthew 13:24 Reveals the main purpose of the parable. What is the purpose? • What does this parable then reveal [in a sentence or two] about the Kingdom NOW? • How do you need to respond NOW and / or change in the light of this? • 39b-43 Reveals the transition from the Kingdom NOW to the Kingdom as it WILL be. Again, sum up [in a sentence or two] what is shown. • If someone really believes this, how should they respond in the light of what will come to pass? Questions for reflection and prayer: In this age, the Kingdom of Heaven is not as it will be! There is an enemy at work – he sows sin and lawless behaviour – trouble for GOD’s people. Is your heart and mind set to fulfil your Mission on earth – to be faithful and fruitful until The Son of Man sends His angels to gather you to His ‘barn’? There are two destinies for humankind: either an eternity of ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth’ OR ‘shining like the sun in the kingdom of their Father’ What specific evidence is there – in your use of time, energy and money, that you really believe this?
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