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A sense of pardoned sin

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Grind podcast and Ministry of Faith Baptist Church the daily podcast Monday through Friday on our daily walk with Christ hosted by Stephen and Eddie Betts. Go myself. Today. We're going to be using our Bibles as well as he 365 days of Spurgeon devotional. You don't have a Bible readily available. You can download the Logos Bible Software from You can also purchase the 365 days of Spurgeon devotional. The first text we're going to be reading today is Psalms chapter number 32, feel free to pause the podcast while you find that new Bible. In Psalms chapter number 32. We see a Psalm of David Michelle blessed. Is he whose transgression Is Forgiven whose sin is covered blessed is the man unto whom the Lord a computer is not an equity and in whose Spirit there is no guile when I kept silence. My bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long for day and night. The hand was Heavy upon. My moisture is turned into the drought of Summer Cielo. I acknowledge my sin unto thee and mine iniquity have I not hid I said, I will confess my transgressions under the Lord and I forgave us the iniquity of mice in Selah for this show everyone. That is Godly pray unto thee in the time when thou mayest be found Shirley in the floods of Great Waters. They shall not come nigh unto him. Thou Art my Hiding Place. I shall preserve me from trouble. I'll shout can pass about me with songs of Deliverance Selah. I will instruct thee and teach the in the way which Thou shalt go I will guide thee with mine eye, but ye not as the horse or as mule which have no understanding whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle less. They come near under the mat many Sorrows shall be to the wicked. But he that trusteth in the Lord Mercy shall can pass about him be glad in the Lord and rejoice you righteous and Shout for all joy all ye that are upright in heart.

Very good the title for today's message is a sense of Pardon sin sense of Pardon sin on the 21st of May 2020 the Charles Spurgeon delivered this message in the morning of May 20th in the year 1860 at extra Hall and strand. We are saved by faith and not by feeling we walk by faith and not by sight yet. There is as much connection between fate and hollowed feeling as there is between the root and the flower faith is permanent. Just as the root is ever in the ground feeling is casual and has its reasons just as the ball does not always shoot up the green stem. Far less is it always crown with the many many colored flower? Faith is the tree the essential tree. Our feelings are like the appearance of that tree during the different seasons of the Year. Sometimes our soul is full of Bloom and Blossom in the bees hum pleasantly and gather honey within our hearts it is then that our feelings bear witness to the life of our faith just as the buds of the spring bear witness to the life of the tree. presently our feelings gather still greater Vigor and we come to the summer of our Delights again. Perhaps we begin to wither into the dry and yellow leaf of autumn sometimes the winter of our despondency and despair will strip away every leaf from the tree in our poor Faith stands like a blast at a blasted stem without a sign of greenness. And yet my brother. As long as the tree of faith is there we are saved whether Faith Blossom or not whether it brings forth Joyce fruit in our experience or not. We long as it be there in all its permanence. We are saved yet. We should have the greatest reason to distrust the life of our faith. If if it did not sometimes Blossom with joy and often bring it forth fruit unto holiness. Spurgeon's pulling this phone as a text from the Bible at Isaiah chapter number 38 verse number 17 behold for peace. I had great bitterness but thou Hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption for thou has cast all my sin behind by back. The first point we want to bring you to is that true Joy cannot exist without having them without Saving Face. from 1st Peter chapter 1 verses 8 and 9 whom having not seen you love and whom down now, you see him not yet believing you rejoice with joy, unspeakable and full of Glory. Receiving the end of your faith even the salvation of your souls.

So what we have here today? Is we're talking about our our daily walk specifically with price of the sense that it is joy. To be there's joy and a blessing and partaking that daily walk. But also at times you may not see the fruit. You may not see any blessing you may not see. Any NES greenness like Spurgeon was addressing our flower. and you know times of struggle in times of Despair bring us to a point of making a choice and it's it's really a personal choice in it. And I'm not talking about a choice of your salvation. I'm talking about a choice of continued faith. And and it's a decision that we make when we are pushed against the wall when our back is against the wall and we feel we can't go any further back and we know that things are climbing or crawling or are laying upon us. We really have to dig down and confirm and sometimes rededicate our faith. Now. What do you mean Steve while I'm talking about rededicating yourself for Christ. I'm talking about taking the step into taking a step forward of of where your back is against the wall and you know that you know, your relationship hasn't been what it should have been and it has been a distance and you see any Christ sees you at a distance and it's not that is not as close as he would like you to be. You need to make a decision to rededicate yourself to Christ. And I'm not talking about salvation. Once again, I don't want anyone to get confused that there's a lost of Salvation there is not the loss of salvation. But what I am saying is there is a red 3 dedication like for example, let me bring into an illustration a married couple they get separated. They move out of each other's homes or one leaves one home and the other one stays they live in separate addresses in the city in the same town or city. And then throughout time after they work and pray and fasting. have communication they decide to rededicate themselves back together. And that's what I'm dressed in here with your relationship with Christ. And maybe has it may have been a while. Since you even heard or spoken the word of God.

I read the word of God. It may have been a while since you have praised or worshipped to Christ. It may have been a while since you stepped through the front doors of a church. May have been if maybe been a while and you stumbled across this podcast right now. Maybe I have your attention and I want to talk to you directly if I do. Read dedicate yourself to Jesus Christ reunions reunions with Christ right now today. Don't let him into go by. Say Lord. I am sorry I have forsaken you I have not put my attention to you. I have not had my focus upon you please forgive me of the sins and I want to repent and I'll repent from those sins. I will change my mind. I'll change my way of thinking I'll change my way of life to please you because Lord you are the source of my life. You are my focus of my life. And I want your will Lord. I I've tried it on myself Lord. I've tried Love this life this daily daily day-by-day life. I tried to live this minute-by-minute life and Lord. I cannot do it in my strength Lord. I just asked you Lord take me. Hold me and let me be with you once again. And I'll tell you the most beautiful thing out of all this is Christ is looking. Looking for you right now. He's there looking he's wanting you to go to him and to reach for him and to rekindle that relationship. Turn on the dryer your attention back to 1st Peter chapter 1 verses 8 through 9 whom having not seen you love and whom though. Now you see him not yet believing you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of Glory. So Rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of Glory Boys that a piece is that anime is that a feeling of knowing you have that closeness again with Jesus Christ you have that Fellowship in that walk with him again. And did you have anything?

Two things first on Spurgeon in second on the verses that were reading here. So if we go back to spurgeon's text. All the way back to the first slide. We are saved by faith and not by feeling we walk by faith and not by sight yet. There is as much connection between faced and how it feeling is there is between the root in the flower face is permanent. Just as a route is ever in the ground feeling is casual and has it Seasons just as The Bull but does not always shoot up the green stem for the rest of the text to Spurgeon expounds on this and talks more about no seasons and ups and downs and it's very similar to Faith in heat. That's why he drew the analogy that when you know a good Arc or say wavelength would be you know, when you first get saved, it's this massive Spike and then it starts it starts to go down and let you know said that the line starts to go down if you imagine waves and the line starts to go down and then you know disciple Of course and it starts to go up and then you know say you start reading your Bible more Nazis starts to go up a little bit more and then you know, maybe maybe for some reason something personal comes up in your life. And you know, you did you don't read your Bibles much are you don't pray as much and it starts to go down and it starts to Appleway and then maybe you know something happens and you decide entirely that God isn't for your life your ear still saved. You still going to heaven but you've decided that God does not belong in your life. And that's where Spurgeon Assange faith is permanent. Just as the route is that burrow in the ground that means even though your faith without works is dead as a doornail and it's not being used. It's still there a route that is that is dyed the root of a tree that has died is still there. It's dead. It's a dead roof, but it's still there a hundred years from then it might be decomposed. But if you got a microscope and you got a biology major, you could probably find it. That faith never goes away. Even if it's not used. Okay, and then to the second point which is in 1st Peter chapter number one vs. 8 vs verse number eight. Just looking at that verse specifically aimed specifically at the first part whom having not seen you love in whom though. Now you see him not yet believing you rejoice with joy, unspeakable and full of Glory. This is this is speaking to our Salvation of a person that we have not seen we believe in with our lives that he took our sins and that he died for us, even though we haven't seen him with our eyes we believe in him and this destroys me to to the verse in Hebrews that I can't remember the exact verse, but I can off the top of my head. Okay now is phone to my head now Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of speaking of things not seen that this verse is very similar. Faith is the substance of things hoped for this something that you want to be true that you believe is true. Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen you draw that in the same context. Is this for whom having not seen so when both versus IT addresses the fact that even though you haven't seen it you hoping it in Hebrews and then 1st Peter you love it. So you hoping it you love it you believe in it and it's never gone. It's always there. Hope that love in that belief is never there in that rejoicing is always there as well. That Joy is always there as well. And I think that's something important that the Christian can hold on to that. Hope that belief and that love and that Joy is always there even if it lays dormant, even if it's not used it's always they're receiving the end of your faith even the salvation of your souls.

And but sometimes are saved salvation needs to have its Joy restored. And if we looked in Psalms 51 verse 12, it says restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and hold a man in uphold me with thy free spirit. If you remember when you accepted Jesus Christ that joy that you had when you accepted him how possible you felt like you can float in the air that there was that there was a relief that there was a lightning that that's joy and that Joy of that salvation is still is still alive and and uphold me with thy free spirit. That means that just be willing to to listen and be willing to move with the joy of the Salvation of knowing that being like we spoke of yesterday the inheritance of being a Son of God or the the Regeneration known you have the rebirth that you have a no sin in your life, and I know all your past and what I mean is your past present and future sins are forgiven you'll still send but I'll Your past present and future sins are forgiven and just knowing that you can move forward and not with the chains of the devil holding onto you and dragging you down. And did you have anything on this verse right here? I think you covered it really well restore unto me the joy of thy salvation. This is you know back to what we were just talking about, you know, the the admin the flow of the Christian walk sometimes, you know, the situation just feels so devoid of joy. That you know, you really don't see a reason to do anything else except sit in a corner and close your eyes and just hope nothing ever happens again, and you know, we've all been there at that at that point where we just don't want anything else to happen good or bad. We just don't want anything else to happen. That's what this verse is talking about restore unto me the joy of thy salvation in the best way for that joy to be restored is I believe prayer and reading a Bible. Those are the two things that really helped. That is well. Yes. Okay, that's what we got for you today, and you can always click on share and I'll share the podcast to as many people as you know, and also you can reach us at Faith Baptist, El Paso. Org at Faith Baptist. El Paso. Org. We do have a Bible study that is online on May. We started on May 19th. It is at 7:30 mountain standard time. It is every Tuesday night at 7:30. Also. We are on Facebook at Faith Baptist, El Paso, and we looked forward to hearing from you. As always. Thank you and God bless.

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