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Hello and welcome to the Daily Grind podcast Ministry of Faith Baptist Church the daily podcast Monday through Friday on toes to buy Steven and Andy bitsko myself. Today. We're going to be using our Bibles as well as the 365 days of Spurgeon devotional. If you don't have a Bible readily available, you can download the Logos Bible Software at You can also purchase p365 days of Spurgeon devotional. However, we will be changing curriculums in the next week. So that's probably not a good idea unless you plan on doing this devotion on your own as well.

May 20th the hope of a future Bliss the hope of a future Bliss since you're a historian what was going on during 1855. I don't know OK or Wars no. Pretty sure some state was bought at that. Of time. I really don't know it on her first text for this day is Revelations AutoZone Revelations chapter 7 verses 13 through 17 and you can pause the podcast you could just wait and I can just talk here until you find in your Bible. I can hear you turn the pages right now or rubbing a finger across the screen or you swipe the finger across the screen. Is that what you're supposed to do if your computer I wouldn't imagine no you be using your mouse. So you're clicking on the screen not across the street. Okay, that's enough time Revelations chapter 7 verse number 13 through 17. 13 is in one of the others answered saying that to me, what are these which are arrayed in white robes and whence came they And I said unto him sir down newest and he said to me these are they which came out of of Great Tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Therefore are they Before the Throne of God and serve him day and night in his Temple and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them. They shall hunger no more. Neither thirst anymore. Neither shall the sunlight on them nor any heat?

For the lamb which is in the midst of the throne. Shall feed them and shall lead them on to living Fountains of water and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

Text that we're going to be raining today is from a sermon named the hope of future Bliss delivered on Sabbath evening, May 20th, 1855 by the Reverend Charles Spurgeon at Exeter Hall in Strand and the excerpt is he will be satisfied. The song says when he wakes up and God's likeness satisfaction. This is another joy for the Christian when he shall enter Heaven here. We are never thoroughly satisfied through the Christian is satisfied from cell. He is within which which is a Wellspring of comfort and he can enjoy solid satisfaction. But Heaven is the home of the true and real satisfaction when the believer enters Heaven, I believe his imagination will be thoroughly satisfied all he's ever thought of of he will All he has ever thought of he will there see I don't understand that sentence every holy idea will be solidified. Every Mighty conception will become a reality every glorious imagination will become a tangible thing that he can see his imagination will not be able to think of anything better than heaven and should he sit down through eternity. He would not be able to conceive of anything that should outshine the luster of that. Glorious City. His imagination will be satisfied. Then it's into lights will be satisfied then shall I see and hear and know all I desired or wished below who is satisfied with his knowledge here are there no secrets. We want to know deaths of the secrets of nature that we have not entered but in that glorious State we show know as much as we want to know the memory will be satisfied. We shall look back upon the Visa of past years and we shall be content with whatever we endured or did or suffered on Earth there on a green and Flowery mount my weary soul my weird stall shall sit and was transporting Joy's recount the labors of my feet. Hope will be satisfied. If there be such a thing in heaven we shall hope for a future eternity and believe in it, but we shall be satisfied as to Our Hope continually. Brought from Charles Spurgeon brought this in this text of Psalms 17 verse number 15 as for me. I will Behold thy face in righteousness. I shall be satisfied when I awake with dye likeness. You know Andy Charles Spurgeon was talking to him. We just right before that. We had scripture Revelation and you know, really? We have to take into consideration while we're walking on this earth right now really is all worth it. It's all worth it. No matter what struggle we go through no matter what pain we may receive what element of sickness we may overcome. Whatever monetary value we may have. We as a Christian to say it's worth it. No matter what blessing. We receive no matter what honor we bestow no matter what achievement we have. It is worth it. And what's worth it is we're going to be in that glorious city of heaven and that in that place where we're going to be in rejoicing and in fellowship with Jesus Christ himself and all the other believers and you know, sometimes we have taken respect that while we're here on Earth we need to dwell and think about what's our future and this home at this place. We call home right now is oh for such a short time. We're just going to be here just a little bit of time compared to what we're going to have for eternity. And we have to keep our focus upon Christ in our in the gift. We received of eternal life and spending time with him in heaven. And I know me personally I sit here and I sit and think about all the different people be able to see all the the Joshua's and all the Moses and all the Davids and all the people in all the heaters in all the Timothy's and all the Paul's and all the apostles and all those people that I'll see up there in heaven. That I'll be able to interact and build discuss and you know, maybe I won't have such the Deep biblical discussion that I'm thinking about here on Earth because I'll probably be so happy there and I'll probably be so fed with the food place that you know, I just know it's just to keep us in focus of what's what's to come for us as the Christian and how we should Rejoice into what's coming and given towards us. But also on the other hand. For the for the Christian, I mean for the non-Christian for the one that doesn't believe in Christ. All you have to look forward to is really a judgement. a judgement of you being in written in the Book of Life or not having your name there. And not having your name there. Is Cast Away to hell?

And how harsh that sounds and how it breaks my heart that there are still people today still people on this Earth still part of the world today that have not accepted Jesus Christ. And so many times and no matter what great of Technology. We have no matter how common the name Jesus Christ is still there is that person of hardened of heart and a mind that refuses to accept him as their savior. Espousal easy. It is to accept them as a savior.

And looking into our our study. Charles Spurgeon brings out that the difference between now and then is beyond our finest imaginations, which I thought which I which I explained. But also in 1st Corinthians chapter 13 12, it tells us for now. We see through a glass Darkly but then face to face now I know in part but then shall I know even as also I am known we go to First John chapter 3 verse number two says beloved. Now are we the sons of God and it doth not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he had when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is and I want to talk about this lowercase S & Sons of God King James version o b a lowercase s in sons of God and those Sons Are the Believers those sons are the ones that accepted Jesus Christ and not from this verse we have the honor of being a Son of God a lowercase Son of God. And with that we get the inheritance of God. Now, let's just stop and think about what is the inheritance of God? What does God have to pass on to his son's it does amazing thing if you think sit here and think about it, it's really everything. It's really The Joy the Perfection everything. And that's what we have the Bible says the sons of God with their is the Bible talks also about the Regeneration the rebirth The Inheritance that we have were adopted by God.

Where are you? Do you have a father? Do you have a mother? Yes, but you also have the greatest heavenly father that you can call Ava to directly. And you have the rewards that would be passed down to you.

A lot of times a Christian just looks looks at things as I checked that box. I got saved and what Andy and I are going to discuss in the next following week. There's a lot more to your Christian life than just checking a box. There's a lot more joy. And knowing where you stand as a Christian and what is spoken of through the word of God as being a Christian have you know, you're a son of God. You wrote. Do you know that when you accepted Jesus Christ, you know, you are now a Son of God and you will you have his inheritance.

That's amazing. It amazes me.

That we have that father. That's preparing a place for his children for us in heaven.

He's preparing a place for us as we are down here. No matter what. Economical status. You're in no matter what social status you're at no matter where you at how much suffering you have right now how much heartache you may have how your heart is broken? You are a son of God and one day you're going to be in heaven with him. One day. You're going to have a mansion for you. One day. We sitting at the supper supper of the Lamb. You're going to be sitting at the table with him. Do you know that that's a position of royalty? To be able to sit at the table to eat with the King not just any teams with the King of Kings. Does that just threw up your heart a little bit does knowing that that's what you're going to have.

It is amazing. And I I want I want this podcast to be a specific purpose for the Christian to rejoice and no.

It may be rough right now and it may be tough. And you may be hurting you may be dying. You may be broken.

Listen to these words. Once again first John chapter 3 verse number to beloved loves us. Now. Are we the sons of God and it does not yet appear what we shall be. We don't know what's going to happen to us. We don't we don't But we have a positive knowing that but we know that this is what we know when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is at least talk about this appear, you know, he's going to call us to he's going to he's going to call his Believers. You know that I hope you know that that's what's saying. He's going to call us. He's he's he's going to call us by death syrup on Earth or is it going to cost in the sky? Call The Rapture. We have so much to look forward to one point on the last verse in 1st Corinthians for now. We see through a glass Darkly but then face to face now I know in part but then shall I know even even as also I am known just take the first part of that verse now when on Earth we see through a glass Darkly Amir per say we see through man. We can't see clearly then when we go to heaven. We see ourselves as Christ sees us. We look in that mirror and we see the face of Jesus Christ cuz he covered our sins with his blood and we look in the mirror and see Christ and see Perfection. I think that's something important to notice.

Yeah, I think that's an excellent point. If you were covering really well in the other two points. We just covered. I do want to mention one thing today is Tuesday for the podcast for Wednesday.

It was all told this morning on Facebook that the Ravi Zacharias passed away this morning, and I just want to mention what a blessing his ministry has been to the Christian believer today. And I don't want any bitterness out there with the people. But he he definitely he's one of the leaders or one of the people that have spoken to my son through apologetics. And you know, I I thank him. I know you will live on through his a human written word. I can put it that way. I don't want to set anybody up on a pedestal but I do have to appreciate a man of God in the work-study does for God there's there's a respect there that that we we have to respect we have to give thanks to and I just want to close in that because I think you know, I think you know, he made a huge impact on just some of the books and some of the reading I I know you read a lot more books of him than I did and I've seen your apologetics and how you defend the word and how you dissected and you know I have and I never got to meet him face-to-face. But you know, I just want to say publicly you don't I want to thank him for it for then.

When it comes to being a Christian often times were very defensive. Of the way that we believe in anyone who disagrees on any particular Point even slightly has to be alienated in every way and I think Rob is that Christ was a good example of heat when it came to things that we didn't necessarily concern salvation directly. You know, he he really didn't it didn't bother him too much if you disagreed with him slightly. He still wanted to talk to you if you still wanted to tell you about what he believed to be God's word and he relished disagreement a lot of times and you know, some people didn't like them for that but I think she was a good example of even when you disagree with someone about what you believe that doesn't mean you have to totally disregard what they say because even when you disagree with someone they could still be writing something to say, you know, I was reading with some of the commentary today. And I think it's probably say maybe nine out of the ten or seven out of the 10. I know that's a big percentage difference is some math mathematical individuals out. There are one listener who is a mathematical PhD holder, but they all say that he had a gift of delivering with love and you know, like you said when that fool is off the subject of south. I mean, I've heard him talk on salvation. There is no question about it. He would he would hammer it out. But on other topics it was a very compassionate conversation. There was a two-way conversation that you know, a lot of people can't have it to a conversation. They just want to have a one-way conversation specially when they're trying to prove their point and he is very skilled in the the communication and when the things and I know you mentioned to me and I read about it earlier when the things He loves that he loved the King James Bible, but English wasn't his first second or third language second or third language. So for him to understand the English text because it wasn't his first language. She read another version which I you know, I was like, you know what I never thought of that if this is your second or third language, you know, so he wasn't taking it on the thesis of yellow Hebrew or Greek or even going to the whole debates of everything. He just said like this is my third language. So, you know, I know he's in a better place I pray for his family. And you know, I know God has a plan to fill that void. So there's probably a little boy tonight studying his Bible and praying and you know, God's called that person to fill that void. So I just I think you all for listening and no as always share our podcast to as many people as possible. I also become a follower click on that follow button your follower get to listen to us Monday through Friday. What a blessing and join us on Faith Baptist, El Paso. . Org. Org Faith Baptist El Paso. Org that's our churches website and we did have our very first bible study on Tuesday, which was yesterday for listen to this Wednesday podcast. It went. Well. We had a couple about a handful of people show up. We would like to have a lot more if you would like to join our Bible study again. This is open to anybody all that I ask you to do is just go to our faith Baptist Facebook page and click on the video on how to enroll and have a good night. That's all I'm going to say for today or have a good day as always God bless.

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