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The Case for the Resurrection

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A series on the cases for the veracity of Christian faith.


What is the resurrection?

When we refer to the resurrection, we either mean one or two things:
The historical resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The prophetic resurrection of the dead.
For this Webinar, we will be discussing the first definition , which is a central topic in what’s called “Christology.” The second definition is a central topic in what's called “Eschatology.”
When we speak of any type of resurrection, we are speaking of “the raising from the dead.” According to some objectors, what differentiates Jesus from Egyptian gods like Osiris and fictional beings like zombies? The difference is that Osiris and zombies wouldn't be classified as “resurrected brings” according to what Jews and Christians have believed for millennia.
Osiris and similar gods are divine beings restoredpiece by piece” after being killed at the hands of another god. Zombies are humans revived from death in a reasonably inferior state by some natural phemomemon. In contradistinction, Jesus was a true human being that physically died in whole and was physically brought back to life in whole.
Key Takeaways:
Biblical resurrection is centered on Jesus.
Biblical resurrection is the supernatural raising human beings from death.

Why is it important?

The resurrection of Jesus is an important topic since it is of utmost centrality to our faith. Paul says that the resurrection is historical and that it is the foundation for our faith. (1 Cor. 15)
If the resurrection is not historical and not real, then that means our faith is in vain.
One important thing is that most of us will be raising kids within the next ten years. And they will encounter lies from their culture, peers, and leaders. It is important that we know how to protect this primary foundation of our faith so that we safeguard the faith for future generations.
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