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(Draft) Bible Study - Christ Cares About Cities

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Christ Cares About Cities

The account of Nehemiah rebuilding the city of Jerusalem (Neh. 2:20) may seem like a footnote of history, but it illustrates a fundamental principle that has implications for every Christian living today: Christ cares about cities.
A key passage for understanding this concept is Paul’s New Testament letter to the Colossians. There we learn that Christ is the Lord of all of life, whether public or private. He not only transforms us personally, but uses us in the global arena to transform societies and systems as well.
Therefore, Christ wants His followers to participate in public institutions for the benefit of all. As believers, we can use the systems of the city—education, health care, transportation, housing, community development—as instruments for good. By doing so, we can help create healthy cities that promote healthy neighborhoods that encourage healthy families and lead to healthy individuals—and vice versa.
This was the sort of work in which Nehemiah was ultimately involved. He was concerned about far more than a wall. He wanted to see his people restored and revitalized. He wanted his nation to return to the covenant with God outlined in the Law. The rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem was the first step in that process.
Are you committed to the city in the way that Christ is?
How might you use your resources—job, money, relationships, influence—to accomplish tangible benefits for people in your community?

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