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Hello and welcome to the Daily Grind podcast Ministry of Faith Baptist Church the daily podcast Monday through Friday on our daily walk with Christ posted by Stephen and Andy bits. Go myself. Today. We're going to be using a Bibles as well as he 365 days of Spurgeon devotional. If you don't have a Bible readily available that you can use you can download the Logos Bible Software from or the App Store. You can also purchase the 365 days of Spurgeon devotional from

Title of the sermon forgiveness very simple. This is for May 19th 2020. Yes, priest on 20th of May 1855 8 verses 26 through 40 again. That's Acts chapter number 8 verses 26 through 40. Feel free to pause podcast while you find that in your Bible. In an Acts chapter number 8 verses 26 through 40 and we see and the angel of the Lord spake Anna Phillips saying rise and go toward the South under the way that goes down from Jerusalem and Gaza, which is Desert and Gyros and went and behold a man of Ethiopian eunuch of great Authority Under Candace Queen of the Ethiopians who had the charge of all her treasure and had come to Jerusalem for the worship was returning in sitting in his Chariot read Isaiah the prophet then the spirits set under Philip go near and join them self to this Chariot and Phillip Randall there to him and heard him read the prophet Isaiah's and said understand us that without Reedus and he said, how can I accept some man should guide me and you desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him. The place of the scripture which you read was this he was led as a sheep to the slaughter in like a lamb dumb before his sheer. So open not so open. He not his mouth and his humiliation his judgment was taken away and who shall declare his generation for his life is taken from the earth and the eunuch answered fill up and said I pray thee of Home speaker for the prophet himself or some other man, then fill up open his mouth and begin at the same scripture and preached under and Jesus and as they went on their way, they came and to assert water in the Unix SED see here is water. What does hinder mean to be baptized and Philip said if they'll believe us with all thine heart. Me and he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he commanded the Chariot to stand still and they went down both end of the water both Philip in the unit and he baptized him and when they were come up out of the water, Spirit of the Lord cutaway Philip that the eunuch saw him no more and he went on his way rejoicing but Philip was founded as Otis and passing through he preached in all the cities till he came to set suria Yes, so titles a message is forgiveness sermon that was delivered on the morning of May 20th in the year of 1855 by the Reverend Charles Spurgeon an extra Holland Strand and this is an excerpt and excerpt is there are some passages of scripture which have been more abundantly blessed to to the conversation of souls are conversion of souls than others. They may be called salvation text. We may we may not be able to discover how it is or why it is but certainly it is the fact that some chosen versus have been more used of God to bring men to the Cross of Christ than any others in his word.

Certainly, there are not more inspired but I suppose they are more noticeable from their position from their particular phrase phraseology. More adaptive to catch the eye of the reader and more suitable to a prevailing spiritual condition. All the stars in the heavens shine very brightly, but only a few attract the eye of the marina and directs his course. The reason is the reason is this that those few stars from their peculiar grouping are more readily distinguished in the eye Easley fixes upon them. So I suppose it is that those passages of God's word, which is especially attract attention and direct The Sinner to the Cross of Christ. If it's it's so happens that this text is one of the chief of them. I have found it in my experience to be a most useful one brought of a hundreds of your persons who have come to me to narrate their conversation to narrate their conversion and experience. I have found a very large proportion who have tracked did the vines change which has been wrought in their hearts to the hearing of the precious Declaration of solvent Mercy read. In the application of it with power to their souls. I even I am he that blotteth out my transgressions for my own sake and will not remember that I sense. Aspersions message he used that. He used the text of Isaiah chapter 43 Verse number 25. I even I I am he that blotted out my transgressions for mine own sake and will not remember thy sins. So Spurgeon and his text was talking in his sermon.

I was talking about what text or words of the Bible draw men and women to Salvation. There are many of them. I know me personally. I remember in room 311 and building 127 at spangdahlem Air Base during a track and it had the Romans road and so many times throughout my life. I have looked back and shared the the scripture from Romans to others to witness to them. But it was more peculiar one peculiar verse that that told me that for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God as a military person Perfection is the name of the game. And had the realization that there is no one perfect and except for Jesus Christ and that I was a sinner. As I drawn in through the years of my Christian growth in my relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ. Some of these other verses have come to my mind. Before Andy and I explain and share these verses with you. The author of Charles Spurgeon has two other verses that he would like to share that he uses throughout his life. In the first one is Mark chapter 16 verse number 16. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned.

and in first Timothy chapter 1 verse number 15 Give me this is a faithful saying and worthy of all the exception.

That Jesus Christ came into the world to save Sinners of whom I am chief. The first verse that I'm going to discuss is is from my life. I remember this verse the first spoke to me or Drew my attention. I was right after a Matthew was born. This was some 20-something 20 years ago almost 20 years ago. And I was sitting at the the coffee table in the morning reading my Bible fret fretting about and worrying about you know, my future of my new position as being a husband. And obviously being a wife my wife and I are married for two years during that time. And this first stuck out to me. And it was at the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord as the rivers of water heater North it with whithersoever. He will Proverbs chapter 21 verse 1 And I remember being at peace after reading this. In fact, I remember thinking in my mind because I sold so often throughout the years have had my memory come back to this where the piece was. He's in control of everything. It's it's not my it's not my doing but it's his will. and this verse has a spoke to me throughout the years through the struggles and tribulations another verse I come that comes to my mind. is

Actually, this is Angie's verse right here. I'm sorry I learned and I don't know after I forget where I learned. It could have been devotions. It could have been patch pirate club could have been some sermon either but is Proverbs 9:10. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom in the knowledge of the Holy is understanding when I think about it, I like to break down into two parts and I like to replace word fear with utmost respect. The upmost respect of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You can have wisdom without looking to the Lord for it in the first place and the knowledge of the Holy is understanding you can't understand anything truly understand anything. Until you understand what God wants you to do and I think those are two very important things that I always thought. You know, we're very important to me and also another verse that more recently. I've been I've been trying to work on and Implement my life 1st Peter chapter number 3 verse 15, but sanctify the Lord God in your heart and be ready always to give an answer for every man to every man that asked if you were reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. This is for for those of you that may have been Christians for a long time. This is where apologetics come from in the talked a lot on this podcast that we have to answer why for so many things about being a Christian. Why were you acting we do why we believe the way we do and I think that this verse is very important. It's God directly telling us we need to be ready to answer why for everything and to give an answer for everything that we can and we're not He's going to have the answer but we should always be looking for the answer. And I think that's one of the most important things that I'm working on doing right now. So many times, you know Christians through their to their years of walking with Christ, you know, they hit a dead-end are they get they fizzle out how sad it is the only understand certain things and they've never received it. For example, they get saved but they don't go to a true church or both will say they do go to a church, but they don't go to A discipleship course are they don't go to an elder or a leader in the church to learn and to to study the word of God with it's a shame that people think that you know, you have to go to Bible College or to Seminary or to be able to get an understanding of the word of God, but the amazing thing is that God gave you. his teacher to your city to your town which is called your pastor and he could he could teach you but I'm also there's many Sunday school. I know we talked about this with you know, many Sunday school teachers and so forth, but you know, it it's it's amazing how there's these there's people in these positions and you know, we have the congregation of the member need to go to them and to ask these questions because I truly believe there is a hunger in the Christian in the Christian today in the Christian passing the Christian future. There's a hunger for knowledge and and closeness to have with God's word and especially with price and there's a lot of things in a lot of questions that can be answered and be able to be received from the word of God, you know, you start off with milk, you know, it's a fall was talking about starting. Milk, and then you have meat so they're there is a process that has to take place. Obviously. I'm paraphrasing keep the quickness of time. But yeah, you get that milk, you know, you get that bottle. Let's put it that way then from that bottle you go to a sippy cup and then from a sippy cup you have a Cheerio. Okay live from a Cheerio. You have a cracker, you know, and then eventually you're going to have your peas or applesauce with carrots. And no finally you're going to get in something that you chew wealthiest got to be really get that meat. So there's that process that growth process that takes place is so many people they're fired up. They want to learn if they want to know but They don't get past that milk. They they don't come back to church or they stopped to have that fellowship with that Christian or they stop when the pastor comes knocking on their door. They're Duncan behind the couch, you know is you have to you have to realize that the Savior Jesus Christ. He did it all for us. He gave us that that gift of eternal life. And without that gift. Maybe it would have a destination to Hell which is fire and brimstone and gnashing of teeth in darkness. And because of that gift of this free of this free life of Eternity. I would want I think you want that. I think there's other Christians that want to have the best steaks to have that answer readily available and to be able to give an account. And you know, it's not always witnessing to Andy. I just want to point the number. I'm having this conversation with you. It's not always witnessing that have that answer to witness to you know, that lost soul. It's also to have the answer as being a Christian to have a knowledge as being a Christian of why I believe in this or why I follow this is why this Doctrine explains this or why we have that ordinance or why we have this most powerful God or why he is in control of everything in this world, you know having that answer to have that answer to to a friend to a even your wife your son to your daughter to just to be able to say, you know, I'm a Christian because of this chapter and verse drama Christian because of this answer. I dare not to be that Christian or if there is any a Christian say, you know, what? Wait a second. I don't have an answer call my pastor. You know that. I think it it's one of the one of the sad things. You know with being a Christian sometime is you have to make a choice a conscious decision. Do you want to learn or not? You know because like with anything else it's not just going to pass through, you know, your brain on waves and you know, you're suddenly going to learn the information without actually putting in any effort. You actually have to put in effort to think about a good example is something I'm working on studying right now is why do I know that there is a God and I touched on it at the believe a couple of weeks ago on why do I know that there is a God and then the second question. How do I know that this guy is the right. Those are two very important questions that need to be answered first instance. If you're talking to an atheist who doesn't believe that there is any things in Called Supernatural you need to be ready to give an answer why there is a God and how do I know that? My God is the God those are two very important questions that you need to answer that. I'm working through right now. And if you're if you're Christian, you take a moment you think about it? And you know, you can't really think of a good answer then I would encourage you to study your Bible. I would encourage you to go look for resources, maybe get on your Logos Bible software and look look at some stuff, you know find something look for an answer don't just be passive and wait till the question comes and then be dumped out of the Jehovah's Witnesses are very good at this and I have had personal experience where they'll come and they'll knock on your door and they'll throw you some questions out of left field. Did you never thought of before but you stopped to think about it? You don't really have a good answer and in reality the answer the question is Twisted a time so that there's not really right answer, but you really have to think about it, and if you think about it, you don't have the right answer that they got you, so you always have to be constantly looking out for an answer to all the different kinds of questions, and if you're not safe, think about, you know, if you've been listening to this podcast for a little while or if your if this is your first podcast you have these question know you can go to the Faith Life or you can go to the Facebook, and there's people that would help you answer those questions. I'm going to do a plug here tonight. We start the Bible study. We do we start the bible study tonight at 7:30 Mountain Standard Time to wear one listener. There's a video on our Facebook page for Faith Baptist Church in El Paso. That tells you how to enroll but we are going to be doing a study of Jacob and it's amazing how the lineage of Jacob how to how God sets that that family. Okay right there and how is all how he know God has the impression and how God is his overall in control of that is just the answer to that family of what is their true. You know that you know that Isaac and you look at the different things that came out of Jacob but there's a reason there's a reason of his Heritage and lineage that takes place and that all comes towards the focal point of God's Not to take away your point. I will save a lot for the Bible say that's taken care of tonight at 7:30, but I think you know, we we did a lot of Discussion here. I know I'm going to I'm going to open it up right now and I'm going to discuss with them that we're going to start doing something different next week. Right? What are we going to start explaining what we're going to be doing two are one listener? Which one are we talking about that the missionaries or we talkin about the different curriculums the different curriculum, then I'll talk about Commissioners changing up the curriculum a little bit maybe something that's a little bit more discipleship style of Creek elem little bit more devotional style. Then a little bit shift from Evangelistic style of podcast curriculum to something a little bit more devotional style more of a more of a discussion discussion discussion of the sense of to to to learn to be part of the conversation as we take a deeper dive into God's word marvel apologetic stance. I don't want to get to theological knees in those big words, but you know just to be able to give more the meat to the people per say what are the other things that we try one listener out there you're going to have to do a lot of work is post and find me missionaries. I need missionaries that are that are able and have the technology to send me the video of the presentation video. For I can go ahead and review them because what I would like to do with this podcast is have a dedicated week a nothing but missionaries where we get ready and I we can interview them we can talk to them do a little Q&A back and forth but also allow them to have a platform for one listener to be able to explain that. They're they're calling to what part of the mission field that they're going to I don't want this to be a blessing in two folds. Number one, I would like to equip that missionary. with a copy of this podcast or this audio that he could also use as a tool to send to other churches to be able to give his heartbeat of his ministry to a church and also to other other other important people that he or she may be needing to communicate with and also number three and number two is I want to be able to have a tool for the church because so many churches went down because of the

how to stream or how to be able to eat first of all utilize the internet and number two They didn't have the equipment. are the tools who would I would like to do is is able to have this this podcast to be a part of their churches tool kit for say and you know, obviously with our ministry we can help and it be able to form and be able to leave them in the right direction on how to do a website and how to embed this podcast or how to embed the many resources that we have on our online platform. And if you haven't been a part of our online platform, you're really missing a lot because our online platform really truly is a virtual virtual. Church in the sense that you are an actual member of that group of that church where you get to communicate with all the other members with the pastor and the pastor's wife and we have other activities. We have we have movies. We have Bible studies. We have different videos. We have different Seminary content if you wish of a scholarly aspect, but we try to give as much as we could on an online platform to be able to reach others and really it's just not for Faith Baptist Church. It's really for others a place where if you don't have a place to go to to call home or the call church or church cannot communicate to you on an online platform. This is the place for you. Also in the sense of we're here to just Minister and to just help you during your special time of need. I know me personally as a military member and traveling all over the world. I always needed to find that online platform to be able to hear my messages or to hear my sermons. So we're just providing that for you. So those coming to some of the things to our one listener that you're expected to hear from us by starting about next week. We're going to be doing the curriculum and next couple weeks after that. We'll probably start start as soon as we start receiving these missionary videos in We can pinpoint it down when we can do the interviews and be able to produce that for you like always you can visit us at the faith faith the Baptist El Paso. Org. That's our website were also on Facebook at Faith Baptist. El Paso. You can find us on the faithlife the community online platform that I discuss with you at forward slash Faith, El Paso at Faith, El Paso. I like always we're praying for you. We thank you. Thank you for my one listener to listen to us. Please be a follower again under another email. Look forward to hearing from you. God bless.

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