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Peace With God

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The free gift of righeousness gives us peace with God


The American life is full of wonderful luxuries, but included with these conveniences we have are bills. Bills…bills…bills. There is a jubilant feeling we experience when we are able to pay them, but when we are not, we get stressed and lack peace. It seems as if nothing is worse than owing someone money and not being able to pay up when it is time. I know for myself, when demons named DirecTV or Capital One starts ringing my phone, and I do not have the money, I do the same thing as you all. I avoid the call. Paul is encouraging his audience in Romans chapter 5, that they can have peace with God because their debts have been paid.

Christian Standard Bible Chapter 5

5 Therefore, since we have been declared righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. 2 We have also obtained access through him by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God.

As we see in Romans 5:1-2, Every Christian can experience peace with God, by following the guidelines set forth in the text.
Main Points:
Rely on Faith
Faith declares that we are innocent. We are legally innocent in the site of God regarding sin because Christ bore our sins in his own body. Justification is a legal term. Law in America lives by the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” In God’s court system, we have all evidence against us, and the prosecutor Satan is pushing that evidence in court. He even questions the Judge of his own righteousness because the case should be over already. Satan reminds God that the wages of sin is death. The Judge reminds satan that this person has died with Christ. He was crucified in the sacrifice of Christ already.
Rely on Grace
The righteousness of Christ sustains us. it actually says that we stand on God’s grace. What if someone deposited an unlimited supply of funds into your bank account. So much so that you could not spend it all. It’s your money now. And you cannot run out. You can not default anymore, or even overdraft. God’s righteousness works this way. God has deposited his very own perfection to you.
Rely on God’s Glory
God’s glory is the victory we will experience when he fully consummates his kingdom on earth. After a nation wins the a war there is a period when the fighting ceases, called peace time. All enemies have been neutralized, the economy has been recovered, and everyone can enjoy peace. God gives us this peace and we can access it right now. The war against sin and sickness has been won. We can enjoy our lives by hoping in the promises of God.
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