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Genesis 1 (2)

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1 - 11 = God and the World
12-50 = God and Abraham’s Family
V. 1
Probably one of the most important verse in the Bible.
As soon as you start reading the Bible, you are brought face to face with the fact of God.
A.W Pink Said, “false religions and human philosophies begin with man and, in some cases, seek to work up to God. But the Bible begins with God as the One who was in the beginning, the One who made all that is. We must, in all our thinking, begin with God. He is the Source of all else.”
Someone once said, If you are able to believe verse 1, you will have little problem believing the rest of God’s Word.
Either you believe that God was in the beginning and created everything… Or, you believe in matter.
Created = Bara (out of nothing)
So, we see that God created everything out of Nothing.
Evolution says that there was a big bang, where nothing created something…
But, we know that nothing can’t create something.
Everything that has been created, has had a creator.
You guys didn’t get created out of nothing… You were created because your mom and dad.
Even if I didn’t believe in God, I doubt that I’d believe evolution, because it doesn’t make sense.
V. 2-5
We see God moving and creating everything.
Where is says “one day,” that word is Yom.
IT’s a literal one day.
When God created the earth, it is likely that he created an older earth.. Like, how when he created Adam, Adam wasn’t a baby, he was older.
Likewise, the earth was most likely older, trees and animals were placed on earth.
So, here, it seems like there was a water canopy surrounding the atmosphere.
It would make the earth like a green house, so every place on earth would share the same climate.
Which would make sense since man lived so stinking long.
Also, it would make sense because of the flood. God broke the protective canopy and it flooded everything, and now climate has been radically changed.
V. 9-13
Here, we see that God is all powerful...
The israelites neighbors, who were polytheistic, believed in many gods. However, none of their gods were all-powerful, they just had limited power and authority.
Whereas, the true living God, had dominion and control over everything at all times.
Before God created man, he created and abundance of food supply.
He knew what He was doin.
Where other cultures worshipped the sun, moon, and starts, we see that those things are servants to God.
No other god compares to the True God.
These lights fulfill 3 roles
Separating from night and day
Marking seasons
Providing light on earth
V. 20-23
We see God create these sea and air creatures.
Other cultures worshipped these creatures , but they were nothing more than a creation.
V. 24-31
Here we see the climax, mankind was created...
Man was created in the IMAGE of God.
We share his attributes
Life, personality, wisdom, love, and so on.
Only mankind is made in the image of God.
We don’t see animals, trees, bugs, or anything made in the image of God.
Human life has more value than animals… but today, people care more about animals than they do humans.
It’s backwards.
There are at least three aspects to the idea that we are made in the image of God.
It means humans possess personality: knowledge, feelings, and a will. This sets man apart from all animals and plants.
It means humans possess morality: we are able to make moral judgments and have a conscience.
It means humans possess spirituality: man is made for communion with God. It is on the level of spirit we communicate with God. - David Guzik
God created man and woman…
There are only two genders, but now people have come up with a bunch...
That just shows how far man has fallen from God.
God gave the command to be fruitful and multiply.
God created the desire for sex, but within marriage.
What God created for good, man has used it for their own pleasure.
Animals have sexual relations for reproduction.
Humans have it for that but also for creating a oneness.
When you have sex, you’re creating a bond with that person. It’s not just a physical thing, it is emotional and spiritual.
Before the fall, it seems that man was vegetarian.
So, we’re going to be vegetarians in heaven, most likely.
God saw everything and said it was good!
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