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Resurrection Means Mission

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The Resurrection gives us a mission to live for and to live out



My conversation with Shana Pote. She is a Jewish lady who married a Lutheran man of American Indian heritage. They chose to raise their children with respect to all 3 faiths.
She had a very thoughtful explanation for how her belief could work. Yet, when I challenged her to consider the exclusive claims Jesus made she dismissed them. When I asked her how Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection would change things she backed up and said she simply doesn’t accept supernatural occurrences. She feels if she accepts the possibility of some in one faith as proofs, she would have to accept all faiths and their supernatural proofs.
In a sense the Resurrection provides a supernatural cap to the already supernatural ministry of Jesus. Jesus raised the dead, healed the blind, gave legs to the lame and accurately predicted his own death and Resurrection. In the Resurrection Jesus capstones his teachings in his death, burial and resurrection.
In the last days of his time on earth Jesus spoke with His disciples and gave them a command to carry them forward past His physical presence with them. You see, for three years the disciples had followed Jesus, listened to Him and watched Him perform incredible miracles.
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