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— ‘fowler’ or hunter
— ‘noisome’ is something deadly (GNB); causing destruction (HCSB); causing so much damage that it brings a thing to ruin (cannot be repaired). This word ‘noisome’ reveals the psalmist’s fear of physical illness (see verses 5, 6).
— ‘pestilence’ is a plague or epidemic disease with a high death rate. Therefore, the pestilence is what’s being described here. It is described as the ‘terror by night,’ an ‘arrow that flies by day,’ and as ‘destruction that wastes at noonday.’ In other words, at ALL hours of the day and night pestilence is at work, causing terror in darkness (at night) and destruction at noonday. Moreover, it brings swift and sudden death as arrows that fly by day!
verse 4 (Psalm 35:2 )
— ‘cover’ or defend (protect); ‘He will cover you’ (HCSB). The Lord covers those who dwell in His sanctuary, shutting them off from danger.
— ‘feathers’(pinions) are a bird’s flight feathers or feathers it uses to fly. This is different from plumage, which represents a bird’s body feathers.
— ‘wings’ is an extremity (of a bird); something spread or extended over you (uttermost part, overspreading); something used to provide care (GNB); ‘under His wings you may seek refuge’ (NASB). Wings are a metaphor for ‘cloak’ or something that provides protection (Psalm 57:1 )
— ‘truth’ OR faithfulness (ESV, NIV, GNB); ‘His faithful promises are your armor and protection’ (NLT); ‘His faithfulness will be a protective shield’ (HCSB). Those who seek God’s protection will be shielded by His faithfulness!
— ‘shield’ is used to block arrows; ‘His arms will fend off all harm’ (MSG)
— ‘buckler’ is literally a surrounding, or something that surrounds a person like: armor (GW), or a protective wall (NET). Therefore, on the one hand, God will deliver His people when they are ensnared by trouble. On the other hand, He will shield and protect them from trouble in the future!
Verse 5 (Psalm 23:4 ; 27:1 ; 121:6 )
— ‘terror’ is something that causes great fear or danger; ‘Do not dread disease nor disaster’ (NLT); terror can refer to anything that exists (roams) in the night, including: thieves, wild animals (MSG) or even evil spirits.
— ‘arrows’ are projectiles that cause swift and sudden death (GNB)
Verse 6
— ‘pestilence’ are plagues or epidemics (GW). Plagues can refer to anything that threatens man’s life or the life of animals. Also, ‘pestilence’ is often personified as a person (really demon). People in ancient times often associated sickness with evil or evil spirits.
— ‘walks’ or travel from place to place; stalks (ESV, NIV, HCSB, NASB, NRSV); strikes (GNB); prowls (MSG). The psalmist is seeking refuge, not only from thieves and wild animals, but he is seeking protection from anything that exists in darkness including evil spirits!
— ‘waste’ or cause an undoing; devastate; destroy (NIV); kill (GNB); ravages (HCSB, CSB); strikes (GW)
We have all heard the phrase PPE (person protection equipment). Well, I want to remind you that believers have been given our own PPE. In other words, God has given us things to equip and protect us from the curse and the plagues of this life.
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