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Stay Alert For Hope

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Staying Alert For Hope

How long Oh Lord is a question everyone is asking right now how long
The bible can help us to keep alert in any time. It can help be a comfort in these times and can give you hope.
Rom 1:21
Yet we are a generation of people that know God perfectly well, we know that He exists we know that, he can help, we say that God works in misterious ways.
Yet we refuse to treat God with the respect that he deserves. We refuse to worship him.
We will worship, our Work, Our Execrise, Our Money, Our Positions and Our Beauty.
Yet we refuse to worship God.
Many have said why would God create this virus.
Some are going onto say how can God bring this corruption within our goverment system.
Yet God never did any of this. We did.
We did this when we chose to ignore God
When we chose to say I know it all.
When we chose to say Im a good person Ill go to heaven
When we chose to say I dont believe in any of that but I believe there is a God.
When we labbled God the universe.
When we refuse to believe that there is something in our lives that is higher than we are.

The Bible

Is Like...
Let me describe it like this, Its like a Car with a Petrol engine, the car is working perfectly fine taking me from here to there.
From one destination to another.
Yet then me not being a mechanic and not knowing the first thing about cars
I decide I want to take the engine out and fit a different one one that runs on oil.
I look it up on youtube and decide its easy enough I dont need a mechanic I can do it myself.
So I go ahead and do this and manage to get the engine in but then the car doesnt really work as well as it did. It kind of goes it has problems though Fails to start sometimes
Fails to get me to end destinations
To the point that I then have to take it to the garage and get the mechanic to fix it, and pay more than what I would have if I just got them involved in the first place
Thats what we have done with our world we have removed the mechanic from the equation and our engine is just spitting out rubbish instead of speed.
Then its leaving us to cry out to the mechanic How long, how long must I stand this pain for.

Todays Story Of Hope

Thats whats happening as we join David in this story today.
David is on the run from Saul this has been going on for some time.
Saul is wrongly accusing David of taking his throne from him and is trying to Kill him.
David has now been in hiding trapped in a cave no where to go for months.
David can see no way out. His cut off from his family and his best friend Jonathan. His no longer able to walk freely around the kings courts.
This is where we are as country there is talk of one day coming out of this but its not certain.
We was all hopeing last Sunday that the restrictions would be lifted enough so that we can see our family members.
Yet in the end at the end of a long story, David is avenged God comes through for David and helps him get out of the problem and brings David Justice.
Saul dies and David becomes King.

You and I

For us right now we can feel like David trapped in our houses, asking how long, how long must this go on.
Yet there is another promise of Hope in the bible and it comes from
It talks about how God is a loving God, a father to us that will not forget us your name is written on his Hands and your always on his mind.
He will come through for us all.There is Hope because there is a bigger being coming through for us.
How do we access this Hope, well like David we can call out to God and say how long, oh lord how long!!
This is known as prayer, prayer is not some religious exercise Prayer at its simplest is a conversation with God. Anyone can have a conversation with Jesus.
Prayer is known as the Ladder to heaven, it can come from your depression, your anxiety the deepest troubles and dark places of your soul.
You can cry out from there and create a lader via prayer to heaven and have access to the Father who has your name on his hand ready to swoop in and save you like he did David.
Dont carry your worries or anxieties in your heart let them out through prayer to God
Remember that Christ, Jesus is by all of our sides, leading you through these trouble times to the Kingdom of God that surpasses all understanding but is able to help you.

What you can do Today

Having prayer requires Faith, faith is the praise to victory in the battle, to say one day this will all be over and my family and I will be okay.
One day I will be able to sit once more with my family You can Pray about it and God the Father of Jesus will anwser your prayer. You can bring the
Mecahnic back into the equation And he will fix the problem for you
Except you have to use the tools to get the Job done,Prayer and conversations with the Mechanic (God)
The Bible is like the manual for life keeps us alert for our times.
Then and only then will your life begin to make sense
Then and only then will our lives begin to work
Then and only then will the goverment and its economy begin to turn round.
God has to come back into the equation and be put in his rightful spot.
The Worship of God the father through Jesus
Then and only then will these problems actually pass us as a country and there will be no more plague.So can you do that today
Can you bring in the Mechanic into your life
Can you bring Jesus into his rightful place
So that you can have Hope for a better future
Let God the father with your name written on his palm come into your life and help you today.
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