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Humility the Key and the Sign of Spiritual Maturity

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Who I am
Story on person acting wise but is foolish
James talks about people like these
Book of James
If you are going to grow in maturity and peace you must become humble
Read 3:13-18 then pray
Big idea: True wisdom is based on humility
Wisdom displayed (13)
In James 3 it begins with talking to those who might be become leaders and teachers in the church. read 3:1 Its for everyone.
So when we come to 13 and James ask who is wise and understanding and saying, Okay so all those striving to be a mature christian and teach and lead others let them show they are wise by their good works.
There are so many ways people try to look smart or like they are ready for the next level in their job.
If you were to do a google search today and ask what should I do to get promoted or move to the next level of leadership you will get all kinds of responses.
The world says make yourself the better you and make sure it shows. But the God’s way of showing maturity is very differently.
You first must humble yourself before being exalted.
Cause here is the thing. How do you know someone is a mature Christian who is ready to teach and lead in the church? You know it by their good works. By their fruit.
The Book of James is all about real Christian and real faith leading to real fruit.
It’s like when a grandchild says they love their grand parent. But never calls. We know our actions should match our words.
But James goes a little deeper here. Our hearts need to match our works. look back down in verse 13.
Basically, the verse is saying. Mature wise Christians daily do their good works humbly.
Somebody can do good works all day everyday and never do one good work. When someone does something and then boast about it. let people know how much good they have done.
Good works are to be done from a humble posture. You have to recognized 2 things. God is holy and you are sinful. You are not going to be producing around and saying you got this. You will be humble. and that humility produces gentleness.
Imaged if you were going on a hike. A know it all. Get lost and that person quiets dow. they become gentle.
When we have a humble heart we will be gentle in the way we do good works. So we see someone displays there matutiy and wisdom be humbly and and gentel doing good works from the heart. But the heart also poses dangerous to us. Next part
Dangers of false wisdom (14-16)
we see in 14 the two main dangers for wisdom here. read.
Bitter Jealously
What is Jealously? Jealousy is wanting something that somebody else has. I want that… I deserve that… they don’t deserve that… I must have that… Then you sin in other ways to get that or destory what the other person has.
Ed welch said, Whereas God’s jealousy expresses his love and faithfulness, bad jealousy reveals our zeal for ourselves.
selfish ambition
You get focused own what you don’t have how that doesn't make you happy you start to worp your whole worldview. I won’t be happy unless I am wealthy like my brother. I won’t be happy unless I am beautiful like my roommate. I am will remain angry until people at the church recognized I am such a better person then paul or pete or meag.
And you just get self centered. And everything you do in your family, church, life turns into a way for you to get what you want.
That why we are told in verse 16 read verse
English Standard Version Chapter 27

Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming,

but who can stand before jealousy?

If you struggle with jealousy or self centeredness don’ go boasting about all the good works you do. Because true good works true spiritual maturity true wisdom is marked by a gentle humility.
Now what exactly does gentle humility look like.
A picture of true wisdom (17-18)
Pure, there is no flaw. When I think of pure I think of how Jesus lived his life. Did Jesus do good works? Did he relied on God’s wisdom? Yeah, perfectly. He didn’t heal people so that people would praise him on street corners. He did so God the father would be glorified and the people of God would be saved.
Now, the remaining charterisics are really how wisdom from God is pure. SO if you want to know if what you are doing is godly, if the way you are serving is God honoring. If you want to know hey am I a maturing Christian? These charatics are what you need to look for and work towards.
They are broken down into three parts
peaceable, gentle, open to reason
Kind and not easily offended. Not looking for a fight, but is considerate. Open to reason. This word littally means to be easily persuaded. You not closed mind. Brandon and JT
full of mercy and good fruits
God’s mercy. Always looking to not be harsh and exacting. Always wanting to do good in return.
impartial and sincere
Does not matter who someone is, race, wealth, or anything you treat them well and with a real heart.
Oh we love people of springfield but you know that side of town is just trash.
Now at the end of this list James tacks on what seems to be some kind of proverb.
Its this idea that those who create a life where they have the peace of God in their life that all of the above rightouse will be a part of their life.
Field we saw. It takes a life time.
Closing and the gospel
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