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Empowered to Encourage

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Robin’s nest - encouragement
spring is here
babies time to fly
What things have encouraged you this past week / month?
In what ways have you encouraged those closest to you?
Last week we saw Peter and John stand in the opposition of the religious leaders
They were threatened not to speak in Jesus’ name
They come back to the believers…what would their response be?
How would they encourage Peter and John?
Subject: How can the church be a source of encouragement?
Textual: Acts 4:23-37
Peter and John released
go to their friends
report the situation of Acts 4
Disciples pray
Sovereign Lord - creator God
Psalm 2
threats against Jesus - predestined by God
threats now - grant to your servants
miracles and healings
Holy Spirit fills everyone
place of gathering shakes
they spoke the word of God with boldness
Unity of believers
one heart and soul
no individual ownership - everything in common
Apostles gave testimony to risen Lord
Great grace upon them all
Not a needy person among them
Owners of land and houses sold them
Brought money to the apostles
Apostles distributed it to needs
Positive Example: Joseph - Barnabas - “son of encouragement”
sold a field that belonged to him
Subject: How can the church be a source of encouragement?
Prayer - Come boldly
Provision - Give willingly
Illustration: Thermostat or thermometer
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