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Why Is The Church So Important?

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What is the Church?

The church is an incubator for spiritual disciples and leaders. It is where men and women of God learn, grow, and mature. It is where they are mentored by more experienced, mature believers to do what Jesus did.
Why Should Believers Gather?
God said to! - Hebrews 10:25
We bear better fruit - John 15:1-5
Supernatural things take place - Acts 2:41-42
Relationship and Discipleship - Matt 4:19; John 15:13, John 13:34; Acts 2:46-47
Bear one anothers burdens - Galatians 6:2
Get involved - Ephesians 4:16
How am I getting stronger for the team/family/church stronger and making it stronger? When a teammate gets stronger, better, and healthier everyone on the team is benefitted. The chances for victory increase. The results increase.
What’s the win for us? Everyone crosses the finish line.
No man left behind.

Jesus Went To Church

When He was 12, He celebrated the feast as was His custom. - Luke 2:42
As His custom was - Luke 4:16
He gathered with disciples as was His custom - Luke 22:39
He ever taught in the synagogue - John 18:20
He gathered and taught the people as he was accustomed - Mark 10:1
Paul went to the synagogue as was his manner - Acts 17:1-2
Your Church Will Have Its Works Known. Jesus says, I know your works
Rev. 2:2
Rev. 2:9
Rev. 2:13
Rev. 2:19
Rev. 3:1
Rev. 3:8
Rev. 3:15
Altar call - Heavens agenda is being accomplished by Heaven’s agency and agents, the church and the saints.
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