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Christianese: The Bible

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Let’s talk about Christianese.


I thought about doing this video when I was preparing for another one.
Show reenactment, black and white, on computer from side
Show front, coffee cup lifting to mouth, then my eyes drifting off thinking
As I was putting together my thoughts into this other transcript, I kept interrupting myself with other thoughts like, “Will someone who is new to my faith even understand what I am saying?”
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Christianese is this lingo that’s pretty common among Christians and we often make the mistake in assuming that everyone understands what we mean when we say things like, “Ephesians chapter 2,” “sanctification,” “The Fall,” “Jesus,” “ the hypostatic-union.”
So I wanted to put together my version of a quick breakdown of the Bible and some helpful pointers to understand some of the jargon I use in future videos.
Show Bible on log
The Anatomy of the Bible
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The word Bible comes from a Greek word that actually means book
This book is divided into two sections
Zoom on Old and New Testament
Two Testaments
Old Testament, which was written originally in mainly Hebrew, with a little Aramaic speckled in a few places, and New Testament, which was written originally in Koine Greek, which was the language of the common people 2,000 years ago
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Testament = The word testament comes from a Latin word that essentially means Covenant. So basically we can look at the two sections in the Bible as the Old Covenant and New Covenant
If you don’t know, a covenant in the Bible is basically a divine agreement between God and His people
These testaments are made up of what we call books. These are books of law, history, poetry, prophecy, biographies, and also epistles (formal letters)
Protestants have 66 books
Roman Catholics have 73 books
Eastern Orthodox have a few more than the Roman Catholics
If you’re wondering, we all have the same New Testament, it’s just our Old Testaments that differ, which I can explain at another time, if you would like.
These books written by One Author, but through many writers. God being the Author used a variety of writers, from kings to fishermen, to give us His Word.
This is what Christians means when we say that all Scripture is breathed out by God.
Zoom on Chapter and Number
The books of the Bible have in them a lot of numbers that we call chapters and verses. These were not a part of the original writings, but were added much later on to help us navigate through the Bible more easily. So while not breathed out by God, they are a useful tool in helping us study the Bible.
Zoom on John 3:16
So if I were to say, I want to talk to you about John 3:16, John is the book, 3 is the chapter, 16 is the specific verse that I want to speak about.
Now as I said before, the word Bible means book. So what what or who is this book about?
The Bible is fundamentally a book about a God who became a man to come and rescue humanity from destruction.
And of course, that man is Jesus.
As I had said, the Bible is divided between two Testaments.
The Old Testament prophesies or predicts about Jesus
The New Testament reveals Jesus
So when you hear people say that the Bible is about Jesus, this why.


So that’s it for now on my breakdown of the Bible, hopefully you found some of that helpful and if there is something specific that you want me to speak about, let me know in the comment section below.
Until the next video,
I’m That Barbuto Bible Guy, take care and be blessed
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