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Jesus is the apostle

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The writer calls us to consider, fix our eyes on Jesus, the apostle and High Priest that brings us into a holy brotherhood and gives us as his brothers and sisters a heavenly calling to live out the gospel in real time. Jesus is greater than Moses.




isolation and distance tempts us to depress and forget that we have a calling and a purpose. For those who felt a sense of calling and purpose before the rapid change of life they can easily begin to feel like they’re failing at life because all the ways they were achieving results prior to the shutdown are now unavailable or off limits. You’ve got to think and act differently about almost everything you were doing 2 months ago and that can be extremely overwhelming.
It’s also possible that some of you are super excited about all that has happened (minus the deaths and suffering of the sick) I mean the change of lifestyle and context for you is rather invigorating…maybe doing school differently for you is fun and new and even the challenges you’ve had are something that gives you a renewed vigor for


The Lexham English Bible Chapter 3

Therefore, holy brothers, sharers in a heavenly calling, consider Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our confession,

The Lexham English Bible Chapter 3

2 who was faithful to the one who appointed him, as Moses also was in his household.a 3 For this one is considered worthy of greater glory than Moses,


Therefore is there for a reason…We’ve been building towrd this passage and the author is about to drop some solid truth on us. Because Jesus is Greater than all other things, Because he is the one who came down and was made lower than the angels, because He died and by his death we are all able to raise up with him in glory to a higher place, an eternal place of rest… because of this therefore the author calls you out with and for a purpose.. He says that you were…
you were created by God to be part of a family of God
you were created by God to share in a Divine Purpose
you weren’t created to be considered the hero so let yourself off the hook
Fixing your eyes on broken and failed systems and people will not give you the strength you need to walk through the suffering or the success of this or the next season…I’m challengin you to fix your eyes on Jesus in the midst of the suffering and the success. on the summit of the mountain or in the valley you need to fix your eyes on Jesus who is the ONE who can fix your eyesight.
What you fix your mind on will determine how you fix your problems.


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