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When you pray

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When you pray. Mt 5:5-8

Into: Sermon on the Mount: Mt. 5-7 Being of Jesus ministry. Beatitudes, salt and light, marriage, loving your enemies. Etc…
In these verses leads to the “Lords prayer” Model prayer. Luke 11:1-4 “Lord teach us to pray”
Lets get right into these verses:
VS 5 “When you Pray” (when you are praying)
1. Not if, but when.
Luke 18:1 NKJV
1 Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart,
a. Jesus expects us to pray. Praying is not got a Christians responsibly, we are commanded to pray.
b. We cannot have an close relationship with God without a prayer life.
c. There is a time for long prayer, there a time for short prayer. (Peter, Lord help me)
d. It’s important to pray in the right manner.
HOW TO PRAY: Or in this verse, how not to pray.
Not like the hypocrites. Play actor: Wuest. “Not as an actor on the stage of life”
e. They pray to put on a show. Look at how spiritual I am.
f. Elab when someone as a kid in church. This may happen in a prayer meeting.
g. God is not impressed with our words. He wants sincerity. (This no way condemning public prayer)
VS 6
When you pray. KJV Closet; OG Chamber.
For your quit time, a personal time alone with God, go somewhere that’s private.
a. We need times of praying together as a church. But most importantly, time alone with God in prayer.
b. Look at the results.
Reward: Answered prayer.
VS 7
Wuest: Moreover, when praying, do not repeat the same thing over and over as the pagans do”
a. There some regions that just repeat to the words over and over. It becomes just words.
b. Pray the bible: PS 23
VS 8
1. Don’t pray like the ones who are praying to impress, like the ones who really have nothing to say.
a. God already knows our needs before we ask. But he still wants to hear from us. We need to hear from Him
b. There something God will gives us even when we don’t pray. But there are somethings we want receive unless we do pray.
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