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God knows Who & What

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Tell Story about picking teams in kick ball and basketball.
Close with be careful when you pick your team. Tell Somebody God knows who to pick and what to use.

Doubt and Pruning

Gideon had doubt and sometimes when God asks us to do something so crazy we naturally have doubt. First in the 6th chapter Gideon said if it’s really you God then show me by allowing the fleece on the floor to be wet with dew while the ground is dry and God did that. Second Gideon oh Lord don’t be mad, but let me make sure it’s you and allow this time for the same fleece to be dry and the ground wet and I will know that it is you. The next day it was as he said. Now Gideon grew in faith and the people.
He assembled 32,000 men to fight against the Midianites. Now it was God’s turn to test Gideon. See Gideon tested God, now God needed to see if Gideon could handle God pruning him. After he assembled this massive army God said there are too many.
Who are afraid leave now 22,000 more than a third left in one sweep. Now there is only 10,000, and God says there are still too many. I know Gideon was like What?!?!?!?!?
He said those who lap like a dog now there is only 300. Now Gideon is shaking in his boots, because he thought victories came in numbers. God is trying to show him that Victory comes through God not numbers.

What and Close:

God says to Gideon if you are still afraid go down with your servant Purah and I will give you confidence. The Bible says after he heard the people say they were afraid and having dreams that he Worshipped and got ready for battle. Some of yall missed that. After he received affirmation from God he Worshipped first. Then he set out for battle! Watch this but then God said what I need you to take are three items. A trumpet, and empty pitcher, and a torch. God is saying to somebody today don’t trust weapons trust God. In this time everyone is enamered with being strapped, but God is saying you need to be saved. Some folks are worried about being armed, but God is saying all you need is to be obedient. All they needed was a trumpet, because the trumpet was the sound of victory and churches need to be the sound of victory before the battle. We need an empty pitcher, because a full pitcher cannot carry anything. Thats what’s wrong with lot of folks they too full for God to put anything in you. You need a torch because we need the fire of the spirit to provide the heat and light we need to conquer our enemies. Notice that he did not say a sword or other battle clothing why because God knows who and what we need, because God has already fixed the fight!
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