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FOR KIDS: Mother's Day

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What is the main passage we are reading today?

The main passage that we are reading today is Joshua 1:12-15

What is the passage about?

The passage of scripture is about Joshua getting the people ready to enter into the Promised Land.

Why is the land called, the Promised Land?

It is called the Promised Land because God had promised it to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob over 400 years earlier and these were the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

What are we learning about God from this passage?

We are learning that God wants his people to have rest in their hearts by trusting Him. This means that God wants his people to not worry but to have faith in Him.

Why is this part of the Bible so important?

One time a husband wrapped a gift for his wife in a super big box. The wife opened the box, and inside of that box was another box. She opened that box, and then there was another box. She opened the box again, and there was another box. Eventually, the wife got to a very small box inside, and when she opened that, there was a beautiful, priceless ring with a diamond inside of it.
The reason this part of the Bible is so important is because it is like the really big box. God was giving the land to the nation of Israel, but inside of this land, there would be a part of the land called Judah and inside of this land would be a city called Jerusalem. Then over time inside of this city, there would come a king named David. David would eventually die, but 1,000 years later, there would come someone in the family of David named Jesus who is the priceless Son of God - who came to live perfectly, die for our sins, and rise from the dead. Through Jesus, we can receive the priceless gift of eternal life.....Romans 6:23
Romans 6:23 KJV 1900
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
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