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Baby Moses

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Born in a time where Egyptian law said that all Hebrew male babies would be killed, this must have been hard to carry a baby for 9 months and not know if it was going to be allowed to live or not.
Now we know that Moses had older siblings and Aaron was a boy and he was allowed to live, so Moses must have been born towards the beginning of this new law
When Moses was born, something about him stood out to his mother so she disobeyed the Pharaoh and kept Moses a live. She couldn’t hide him forever, so she got a basket - the Hebrew word used here is tebah which is the same word used in Genesis when God tells Noah to build an ark.
Moses’ parents had more faith in God than they had fear in the Pharoah.
Moses was found by the Pharaoh’s daughter and grew up to do some really big things, but if his mother would not have looked after him and protected him he would not have had the chance.
Moses’ mom was very brave and through her actions God used her son to bring His people out of slavery.
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