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God alone the salvation of His people

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Grind podcast a Ministry of Faith Baptist Church. It's a daily podcast Monday through Friday on our daily walk with Christ posted by Stephen and Andy butsko myself. Today. We're going to be using our Bibles as well as the 365 days of Spurgeon devotional both of which can be if you don't have a Bible readily available. You can get the Logos Bible Software as well as the 365 days and they are both available. Com. May 18th God Alone the salvation of his people who's preaching 1856 Mark chapter 9 verses 1 through 8, and he said unto them verily I say unto you that there be some of them that stand here which shall not taste of death till they have seen the kingdom of God come with power and after 6 days Jesus take it with him Peter and James and John and latest them up into on high mountain apart by themselves and he was transfigured before them. And his Remnant Raymond became shining exceedingly white as snow. So as no Fuller on Earth can white them. And there appeared unto them allies allies with Moses and they were talking with Jesus and Peter answered and said to Jesus Master. Is it good for us to be here and let us make three Tabernacles one for the one for Moses and one for Elias? For he was not what to say before they were sore afraid.

And there was a cloud that overshadowed them and the boys came out of the cloud saying this is my beloved Son hear him. And suddenly when they had looked around about they saw no man anymore saved Jesus only with themselves. interesting piece of the scripture right there

You're sitting there at imagine that you know, they were talking with Jesus and talking about where they're going and then all the sudden Jesus becomes this shining individual shining from every plate of food. Is Pho shining from every part of his body and he's sitting there talking with you standing there talking with, you know, your teacher in any teachers just think of the teacher then all the sudden there's a bright shining individual talking with two of the greatest prophets in human history. That'd be an interesting experience. I think that I'll tell you that.

So what we're going to be reading today is an excerpt of a sermon delivered on Saturday morning, May 18th, 1856 by the Reverend Charles Spurgeon at Newpark Street Chapel in South work. And the texted is God alone is a rock and We Know It are we not bound to put all our trust in God to give all our love to God to set all our Hope on God to spend all our life for God and devote our whole devote our whole being to God if God be all I have sure all I have Shelby God's if God Alone is my hope sure. I will put all my Hope on God. If the love of God is a loan that which saves me sure he shall have my love Alone come let me talk to the Christian for a little while. I want to warn the not that two Gods to Christ two friends two husbands to great Father's not have to fountains Two Rivers two sons or two Heavens, but have only one I want to bid thee. Now as God has put all salvation in himself to bring all thy self under God. Come let me talk to me in the first place Christian. Never join anything with Christ wood-style Stitch die old rags into the new garment. He given Woodstock put new wine into Old bottles would stop put Christ and stealth together down Mighty down Midas as well yocan elephant, and then and they could never apply together. What would style put an archangel in the same harness with worm and hope that they would drag me through the sky how inconsistent how foolish what they self and Christ. Sure Christ would smile Nae Christ week to think of such a thing Christ and man to get Christ and Company know it she'll never be He will have nothing of the sort. He must be all know how inconsistent it would be to put anything else with him. And he pulls this from the verse Psalms chapter number 62 verse 2 is only he only is my rock and my salvation. He is my defense. I shall not be greatly moved. So we talked a lot about about the Christ and not having your old rags tied with the new rides are not being the old person corrupted. You know, it being tied with the new 3 to that Christ the created through his his salvation. But it's something we got addresses or one thing that I've noticed with the first reading that we had. We looked first look at Peter and I'm talking about the first text that we had a Mark chapter 9 where they're up there at the mount and the transformation takes place in the first number five is as in Peter answered and said to Jesus Master it is good for us to be here and let us make three Tabernacles one for the and one for Moses and one for a Elias where he was not what to say for they were afraid. And during that time. The God was present there was nowhere thing fries and and there was such a transformation that took place that was unseen or unheard of before and amazes me that the first thing that Peter talks about or thinks about is I got to be Hospital hospitable and in build a tent for these people. I mean he wouldn't he's with the creator of all he's with the most knowledgeable individual in this world and he thinks about getting him a tent and you know the focus of uterine and I'm not trying to blame Peter here. I'm just trying to use as an illustration Petersburg main focus was to make sure there are comfortable. And I think that's what that happens with our Christian churches today. We think about you know, is there a Fresh coat of paint? Is there beautiful pews do I have 75 inch screens at least a half a dozen of them. Do I have you know the best sound system that possibly have you know, do I have the biggest church I possibly can have we think of all these other external things? But our focus is to preach the word of God and to reach others with the word of God. Now, I understand we want to make the house that got the best possible place with possibly can and make it as beautiful as Focus for the word of God as we possibly can. I understand. I'm not arguing that but I'm saying if you're called to be a preacher if you're called to be a minister if you're called to reach others for Christ. The focus is the word of God. The focus is learning the word of God. The focus is meditating on the word of God. So I don't want people and again, we got to keep the main thing Jesus Christ as the main thing and that's where we need to push regardless of what position you are in. I mean, even if you're just a Layman like myself and you just work 9 get paid, but just volunteered to be a part of the church. Make the main focus on Jesus. now that being said going to a Spurgeon. Do you have anything to say any of that Andy is my rock and my salvation he is my defense. I shall not be greatly moved to think about the time. When this was written this was written by David. She's written before Christ came to Earth before he died on the cross David sang. He is my salvation. He is my defense. I will not move from what I believe in God. I think that's important. He was believing in a messiah to come we believe in one that has already come died. And risen again yet. The Viewpoint has not changed. No matter if it was David's time believing oven in the Messiah to come or us believe in the Messiah that has come in risen again point of view is that he is still our Salvation. He is always been our Salvation he is he is our defense. He has always been our defense and we shall not move and we will never move. I think that's an important few Point. That's an excellent view point because that's basically this is a promise that are that our God is a rock and he is our salvation and he won't be moved and I think a lot of people think of this rock as a pebble and it's not a pebble. It's a glacier anchor down. It's not going anywhere and you know a lot of a lot to be put into that but also when you talk about the time. You know Paul Paul David, it's going through a struggle was just pretty much him crying out his heart towards God. It's one step of being away from the lamentation in the sense that he was going through a struggle and he was he was pleading towards God and really rejoicing and what he had with his fellowship with God and even though he was getting killed in his game tracton by Saul and everything else. I'll take some place that he still had to focus which was on on God. It was God that time and still thousands of years later. Into eternity and Beyond no matter what we go on through life. We still have that Focus which is on the Trinity, which is God Son and the Holy Spirit and that Jesus Christ has arrived and he has rose again, and that's our salvation. But to bring it to another point of view. Don't let spurgeon's going for. Is what candidates for an equal share of the devotion due to the Trine. Do you face give them the same answer as Jesus gave Satan. So what do you think? They're handy? I'm think I'm thinking that you know Charles Spurgeon is talking about, you know, if you take the word candidates and put the word distractions what distractions for equal share of the devotion do only to the Triune of God. Do you face give them the same answer as Jesus gave Satan? Okay, so he's saying what other distractions are in your life that's preventing you from giving your all Devotion to God. Can any stain give them the same answer as Jesus gave Satan Satan curtain, you know, turn turn turn away from from Satan Satan get behind thee all those things. Is that how he dressed in all the devil in about you know, when when Jesus and Satan were were talking together when he when he was here when you know when Satan took him up onto a high mountain and you know, he's Jesus said get behind me Satan he sang. I have a focus get behind me. You are not my focus. And I think that's important is sometimes we have to say to our distractions. You are not my focus get behind me. I have a mission. Okay, when when when you're out in the field training, you know this distractions, you know, you have them If you have to go do something it's always a distraction. I think of it sometimes you know, I I do karate. I have a mission via email performing a Takata or whatnot. There's always, you know, my toenail hurts or you know, oh I didn't take a drink of water before but you know what that's not your mission. That's not your focus that all those things could be true. But you need to keep your focus in line with what really matters it for the Christian walk. You need to keep your focus on Christ and what really matters in your walk with Christ everyday. Yeah, and I think you brought up a good point we hear when yes When Jesus was on the on the mountain with the Satan and he tells Satan get behind thee when things we got understand is that we can't tell Satan to get behind the okay. We are we are we don't have that power where we don't have that strength and when things we got dinner fires that it's only Christ that has a strength in that power and it's for us not talk directly to Satan. But if they get behind thee it's for us to talk to Christ and saying Jesus. I'm having to struggle right now. I'm having a problem and it's for Christ to get sitting behind you yet. Okay, that's that's some of the things that yet kind of murky into the weeds here, but it's one thing that's very true under our Sovereign God is he is in control of everything and we have to address that God and that God will take care of us and a lot of times us as humans and again with her. Pride we think we have that power to talk to Satan or to talk to these evil evil spirits to get behind or get out of our way. It's through the power of Jesus Christ Alone that these that mountain moves. Okay. So I just wanted to dress. I think that's a very important thing especially when we talked about the song mercy of God and we talked about, you know, and relationship of principalities that we have the ultimate power the ultimate the king of kings and Lord of lords, which is Jesus Christ some of the other things that we that he did mention in Spurgeon. We was talking about this excerpt of the sermon. Weather Tynan the old rags with the new Rags for a pretty new wine into Old wineskins sacks. And one of those things is the struggle that we have in our daily walk with Christ and the sin problems that we deal with and sometimes when we accept Christ as our savior, we don't repent from The Sims. Okay salvation is is accepting Christ and believing Christ died and rose again for payment of arson, but also there's a change of mind in the venu creature meaning that we repent of those passes send and sometimes Got that itself is a struggle. It shouldn't be because we have the Holy Spirit within us and I'm not trying to Doctor Li. Cut everything up right now, but I'm just trying to make the address that we need to be new creatures for Christ and with the Holy Spirit and with the focus of our new relationship with Christ. We need to cut away from rolled since now you may not have cut away from your old said you may have a sin in your life that a secret right now. This is an encouragement for you to attack that's in again. I want to re-explain here. We don't have that power. Okay. Let me have it example.

Okay smoking your body is a temple of God you believe smoking is damaging the temple of God because it gives you cancer okay, or it's it Alters your relationship with Christ because of the nicotine. It creates a buzz within your brain. So you don't have a clear relationship with Christ. Whatever. The reason may just be let's let's use that as an example that you want to stop smoking to better your sin to be a new creature Ford price and

United you can't attack the cigarettes or tobacco itself, okay, but through Christ and and conversing and praying to God and being close to God God has the power to remove that Sin from your life. Okay. So that's the example that I'm using but I just want to clarify anything and that that that's going to be it for today. I just want to remind everybody we do have them reverse Every Time chapter 4 verse 10. Ben said Jesus unto him get thee. Hence Satan for it is written down shalt not Thou shalt Worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou sir. This is Jesus giving that speaking directly to Satan. And that that that that was his answer again. That is Jesus giving him that answer you. Can you can you can use the words of Christ or words of the Bible in your in your benefit when you're battling with sin, but the strength is through Jesus Christ, and that's through prayer so here at The Daily Grind. We just wanted to encourage you to share our podcast to as many people as you can also click on the follower button become one of our followers and support us support us any way you possibly can if it's not the with monetary value. You can definitely share this with other people join us at Faith Baptist, El Paso. Org and over having a Bible study starting Tuesday, May 19th from 7:30 to 8:30. If you wish to participate, please go to the Faith Baptist Church in El Paso Facebook page, which is Faith Baptist, El Paso. The name of the Facebook page and there is a video there on the top 10. The top telling you how you can enroll to be part of this Bible study. It's going to be a wonderful bible study on Jacob. We give you all the materials we give you everything you need. All you got to do is make sure you're there at Tuesday at 7:30 Mountain Standard Time also like we are also on faith life. We have a community their faith, El Paso. And as always we thank you for listening and God bless.

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